Ranking Minecraft's Rarest Occurrences...

Publicado el 21 feb 2021
Ranking Minecraft's Rarest Occurrences. Everything in Minecraft happens by random chance, and some of the RAREST occurrences in this video are absolutely INSANE.


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Considering creeper lol found the rarest mob in the game, I don't think dream cheated in his speedruns / manhunts

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  • I found the emerald short by 1

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  • Can someone tell me the fact how I mine straight to bedrock?

  • The real rarest occurrence is getting killed by the real herobrine


  • I got a girl tho

  • Serious question tho… what about the odds of finding a baby zombie jockey riding on another zombies shoulders?

  • 10:30 guess what

  • One time I was playing a board game with 2 dice and I somehow got 2 then 12 then 12 and 2 again, which is like a 1/2,000,000 chance

  • i don´t like the end :

  • ive had a cave full of diamonds....

  • Hold up.. I found a seed.. with an Iceland desert jungle forest and wayyyyyy to many fallen trees. Also a few floating blocks and one floating island.

  • dum auto correct

  • 5:18 i was pretty lucky it actually happen like 10 times the lakes some of them even line . Into a a circle i am pretty lucky

  • Lol imagine if you were speedrunning RSG and you took the effort to get 12 eyes of ender and found a stronghold with all 12 eyes. That would be a weird feeling lol

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  • These numbers just kept going up and up

  • Looks like Tommy was that 1 in 81,000,000. If your wondering where I got that from just look up tommyinnit gets struck by lightning.

  • I always get the rare house in a village from the thumbnail

  • 10:30 you hurted me

  • I found a boat completely on land and it was made with every type of wood except the nether wood of course. How rare is that? I’ve only had boats made out of 2 types of woods.

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  • Did i get the 1 in 5 trillion-

  • 10:31 well then i am gonna talk to her

  • Me and my brother found 9 emeralds in a cave before

  • I’ve seen a couple natural snow golems, turns out I actually am lucky

  • that last roast tho... jokes on you punk im a straight girl UWU love ur videos man keep it up :)

  • At the end I understand why only a few % are subscribed lol

  • How rare is it for to get the same server Herobrine was first spotted in by random? Not lieing

  • Can someone explain to me wtf is a girlfriend?

  • Z Did anyone realize that a remaining’s video popped up

  • The chance of randomly finding the stronghold

  • A villagers house with no mossy cobblestone

  • 10:34 no,but yes😕

  • What’s the music? 5:50

  • 10:30 HOW DARE YOU!? YOU ARE, ACTUally, right... :(

  • Mario: I'ma kill you ina sleep

  • i just got 3:29 lol


  • 1, 81m (0.0000012 %) 2, 370,000 (0.0002702 %) 3, 149B (0.00000000793%~) 4, 1T (0.00000000001%) 5, 1T (0.00000000001%) 6, 5T (0.000000000002%) 7, 140T (0.000000000000136~%) 8, 20Qa (0.000000000000005%) 9, 36Qa (0.0000000000000036~% *10, 4.3972e78 (4.3973e75~% / 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000251%)* 11, 0 (0%)

  • dreamluck

  • The rarest zombie I’ve found had a diamond chest plate and an iron helmet

  • Jokes on you those odds will always be zero because I’m gay.

  • Me who at the time of this video had a girlfriend

  • fun fact: 2b2t's seed has a natural snow golem

  • The last one doe....shes literally in th kitchen

  • I spawned in a badlands biome near a village how rare is that

  • Minecraft gameplay:😊 The way minecraft is coded:👹

  • I got a full netherite armor baby zombie

  • i have seen the modified jungle edge before , only twice tho...

  • **14** emerelds

  • 6:14 this real talking lightning???

  • About that villager house.... I just ... wth i found those village with many house with those appearance. And i just deleted the world >:(

  • The rarest occurance is all of that happening at once.

  • newborn baby watching the last sec clip be like: bro that should be some infinite numbers

  • Hilarious story. I was flying around, randomly killing sheep in creative mode. I flew by something and saw a blur of pink, but then heard the death sound right when I realized it was a pink sheep and not a pig.

  • 6:51 youtubers off camera mining 🤣

  • My favourite seed is ?

  • the lighting bolt thing happened to tommyinnit in one of his streams

  • The alpha one with block sticking out is lovecraftian as fuck.

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  • I find a lot of clay villager houses

  • and a simple toy cube from 1980 has less chance of "solving on the next turn" for any random permutation given, than that of a baby zombie full diamond max enchant :)

  • 1:20 o: i just yesterday spawned to that looking place

  • A mooshroom cow will also become brown if struck by lightning

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  • 10:30 jokes on you i already have one

  • the video of creeper laugh out loud finding that mob is a joke I watched that video it said its a joke

  • 1:19 I have same world ... 😎 Lucky

  • The skillful fox really note because german cephalometrically note since a coordinated jelly. dusty, acoustic t-shirt

  • BastiGHG vibes

  • I have seen a zombie with enchantment golden armor and iron and with a iron enchantment shovel

  • On my x box all the skeletons and zombies in Minecraft had pumpkins on three head

  • not to brag but i just started a new world and spawned in the badlands😫

  • I found a world on beta bedrock that had Hal of it just pushed up and you couldn’t tell and the clouds looked like fog

  • true

  • On my Nintendo, I opened a creative world and forgot to put flat and spawned in a jungle. NOT a modified jungle tho. Anyway, I decided to for some reason do mining and I found this cave. Thee were a bunch of spiders there but I was in creative soo... Welp anyway there was a spider spawn cage thing and there were two chests. I opened them and they both had NAMETAGS! Btw this happened ALL in under 10 minutes. Am I lucky?

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  • LOL tommyinnit got struck by lightning and that was 1 out of 81,000,000 million? LOL

  • What about a baby zombie with a pumpkin 🎃 on its hed with full Dimond armor riding a chicken 🕷 🤔 I found years ago in xbox 360 but I don't know if its rare I have a screen shot on my Xbox

    • @Kristian Stefanov it was enchanted but I don't exacly know if thats good or not I play mincraft alot and pretty good but I don't know stuff bout rarity

    • does it have an enchanted sword or enchanted diamond armor if so you are the luckiest man in the world

  • My brother got 64 diamonds inside a chest in a stronghold

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  • I spawned in the modified jungle edge a month ago

  • Also 4.3797e-75 or 5x10^-75 can also be written as: 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000043797

  • even though there's a 1 in 81 million chance of geting struck by lightning I still got stuck 6 times and 3 times in a row

  • 10:30 yeah I’m disliking 😂

  • What about baby piglin on chicken?

  • True, only with Terraria you get a gf.

  • ohhhh so thats why i got 0 enderpearls in the end portal?

  • If you think you are the luckiest guy than find Minecraft rarest place without their seed

  • Ok

  • plot twist: the rare village on the thumbnail house on made on creative.

  • Happened to me today

  • one time I spawned on a small island with a sunken ship sticking out of the island at ground level

  • My friend and me found a pink sheep.

  • Cheese

  • 9:20 Philza’s worst nightmare