RM - Bicycle

Publicado el 6 jun 2021
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  • كيم نامجون كيم سوكجين مين يونغي جونغغ هوسوك بارك جيمين كيم تايهيونغ جيون جونغغكوك بي تي اس

  • Bicycle

  • RM

  • Namjoon sung this in his mono voice

  • Whenever I miss joon I come here

  • ادمنت اغنيه نامجوووني احلى قائد ءنـہ حَبڪـٰہ

  • RM is an Angel 👼

  • Highly underrated song ❤️

  • Rm the best writer

  • Coool

  • Bravo

  • Такой умничка, ты лучший 🥺

  • Wow joon~eee

  • My joonie your voice is just perfect 🌙🖤

  • Tu voz es tan hermosa

  • Tu voz es tan relajante

  • Amo esta canción

  • Naaaaamjoooooniiiiii I love you The song it's beautiful Your vocal melting my heart 💜

  • I need English subtitle..

  • Yassss...This Song is so calming Thank you so much RM for this BEAUTIFUL SOOTHING Song.

  • Enjoy

  • Guys we are predicted to fall at 2 this week. Tracking week for stream and sales already end but radio doesn't it will end up as sunday. Please be consider to request radio (via website and twitter). If you are not US army you can request by website.

  • I don't like most BTS songs. Some of them are pretty cool but this one hits the spot for me. I really like the vibes.

  • 𝚗𝚊 𝚗𝚊 𝚗𝚊𝚊𝚊 ♫︎♪♡︎



  • It's raining and this song with this voice .... is this called peace..Yes! it is

  • Omg bicycle it's like omg so comfortable calm relaxing idk I'm a failure in expressing but it's such amazing thank you raaaaaaap monster ( with kook voice lol )

  • i really love this song, just because it's from Namjoon, and Nam never fails

  • My playlist Butter BTS Do you RM Bicycle RM No dream BTS

  • Nam: “cuando estés triste montemos Una bicicleta” Yo que no se andar en bicicleta (al menos que tenga llantitas (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ nunca me enseñaron a andar en una bicicleta y cuando me iban a enseñar se canceló todo F por mi

  • Can someone please put this on Spotify 😭😭

  • No merecemos a este hombre Es demasiado para nosotras ಥ‿ಥ

  • amo demasiado esta canción me trae paz de una manera infinita

  • Thank you for this song again RM

  • Namjooning

  • This songs makes me feeling so comftarble Thank you joonie for this precious gift i love u so much :") 💜

  • Who else just saw this and is now obsessed with namjoons beautiful vocals

  • Perfect=Namjoon

  • Peace in Myanmar743


  • 💜💜💜✨

  • Kim nam joon

  • RM

  • perfect song

  • king

  • RM

  • BTS's Leader

  • because of this song I wanna learn riding bicycle :"))))

  • That na na na hits different..


  • Namjoon I miss you Soo much . Do a vlive 💜💜

  • Love yourself Relay4044


  • RM tiene una voz hermosa

  • Wow! RM is a lyrical genius! I love it!!! 💜💯

  • Al escuchar las canciones de Nam viene a mí una paz y tranquilidad que nunca he sentido antes Estoy muy agradecida Nam te amamos 💜💜✨

  • اووه

  • This is just soothing! I can't-

  • Du bareul gureumyeo Bol su eomneun geudael majuhae Eonjenacheoreom nal Majajuneun myeot senchiui tteollim I wanna keep the bass down low Beolsseo nae maeumeun jumal mode I don't see no open cars, no open bars Nappeuji ana onjeonhi honjain road Seomcheoreom tteoinneun saramdeurui maeum Eojjeomyeon oji aneul deuthan bam Jipyeongseoneul georeoga tto gulleoga Uriga jeonghan jeo sosiljeomeuro Seulpeumyeon jajeongeoreul taja Barameul du bal arae duja O jajeongeoreul taja Du pareul jayuroi beollimyeo Na nanana nanana Nanananana Nanana nanana nanana Nanananana Gakkeumeun gulleogage dwo Jajeongeo bakwicheoreom Chajeul ge isseo Ohuui gansikcheoreom I jageun sunganeul wihae saraon geot gata Du bakwi wieseon da sasaroun hannajui kkum Feel the roof, smell the truth Meolji ana gijeogeun Eotteon eolgureul haedo jigeumeun gwaenchana Jinjja sojunghan geon nune boiji ana Ttangeseo bareul tte Jeo saereul daleun tae Seomcheoreom tteoitgiro hae Barameul ttara chumchwo Yeah ureodo dwae Wollae haengbokamyeon seulpeo Seulpeumyeon jajeongeoreul taja O jajeongeoreul taja Du pareul jayuroi beollimyeo Na nanana nanana Nanananana Nanana nanana nanana Nanananana Nanana nanana Rarararara Nanana nanana Rarararara ♡

  • This Is a masterpiece. Namjoon always creates art AND his voice makes me feel delighted and relaxed 🥺✨

  • ...namjoon ssi, i dont like riding bicycles---cant stand the buuurrrnnnnn on my calves. lmao. i prefer walking (i cant even run. couch potato, so no stamina) but it does seem calming riding a bike with a loved one (im abt to cry rn, n its nice imagining spending quality time with a loved one like you described in this song)

  • Bicycle 💜

  • песня прекрасна, но когда Намджун поет про велосипед это еще прекрасней

  • i love you so much

  • Está canción me da paz

  • Presente haciendo stream♡⟭⟬

  • 남주나 사랑해 Ayı labu yuuu namjooon lol

  • Army'lere böyle güzel bir şarkı verdiğin için teşekkürler kim namjoon \♡ㅁ♡/

  • Truly wonderful. Thank you for making music infused with sincerity and healing properties.

  • Namjoon babamız yine döktürmüş

  • Estaba sintiendo fatal pero gracias a tu canción nam puedo dormir tranquila

  • This is really a very comforting song😌💜... Thanks for the song... Can't stop listening to it 🎧

  • *BTS's LEADER*


  • *Nam Joon*

  • 남준 정말 멋지네요

  • *Kim Nam Joon*

  • *My Leader*

  • *RM*

  • Gracias a las armys que son ot7.

  • Namjoonie, tu existencia me hace inmensamente feliz, gracias por todo realmente esta canción me pone sentimental y muy feliz, perdón por tan poco, hago lo que puedo...

  • 10 millones, ¡Vamos por mucho más! Nuestro líder se lo merece el es precioso por dentro y por fuera...

  • This is the closest we will ever get to having namjoon in a form of a song

  • Let's steam this in Spotify as well.

  • Amoooo

  • My Man❤️❤️❤️

  • Namu espero tengas un hermoso día, te quiero mucho, ánimo el mundo es tuyo

  • Q hermosa canción siempre la escucharé

  • Thank u namjoon

  • Te amo Namuuu

  • Perfect song😻🇧🇷🎵🎶

  • Te amo namjoon

  • Namjoon i love you forever Mi dios griego

  • calming myself with this song before writing the test

  • Ah siento que cada que escucho la voz de Nam es como si mi cerebro dijera "es hora de calmarse y reconfortar"

  • qwwwe un

  • Meu deus eu quero ouvir isso toda hora todo diaaaaa

  • He’s the one that helps me heal.

  • Namjooning is my favorite thing to do.