Setup Wars Episode 216 - Laptop Edition

Publicado el 4 oct 2020
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  • Ed, if you are reading this I just bought a glorious model o with the money I won on episode 200, I use it with my laptop and it is great, thank you so much

  • Who else liked this setup wars being longer🤷‍♂️

  • This is honestly the most inspiring ESmain series and the 10 setups was an epic bonus! :)

  • (Aäron) Thank you for featuring in the episode. Totally agree with the things you said. The webcam is a little too high up I know, but when I’m streaming I like to view my peripherals and not my head. The desk is totally trash and I’m going to buy a new desk from IKEA which is 2 meters long so I can make my schoolwork on the left side, and the gaming setup on the right side. About the lighting in general, I’m pretty high level in rocket league, so I almost turn them off. The power brick should indeed be on the outside on the desk and not on the inside. And about the vertical monitor thingy, I found it to be the cleanest this way, because the horizontal monitor took too much space. And if I don’t put my laptop on a stand, it will overlap my mousepad, but maybe that’s not a bad thing. Anyway, ty for featuring me and it was a good episode after all. Have a great day Ed!

  • Hi I doubt you’ll see this but you’re literally the best ESmainr you’re just amazing at everything so much love from England and from me :)

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  • I wonder when the “phone” edition is going to drop and it’s a tour of full gaming houses.

  • Just want to thank Ed for letting me participate in this amazing show that I've been watching for years now. I'm very thankful because I never would have imagined to post let alone see my own setup on one of his videos. I would also like to thank everyone else for the awesome comments/support! Cheers~

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  • "Hey guys, I train my students in boxing and mma next to all my expensive electronics and glass!"

  • This is a great video to be inspired for laptop gamers, I have a 5 year old gaming laptop that I have been using but I want to make my own PC one day but paying the bills make that pretty hard. But this video has given me some inspirement as to how I can doctor my setup and make it much more satisfying to play on. Thanks!

  • “Laptop Edition”

  • I love this show so much, the only reason I watch this is to admire how amazing other people’s setups are because I’ve never had enough money to get anything like these people 😂

  • This was one of the best episodes in awhile, I hope we get more of these longer format ones

  • TechSource you are a major inspiration I watch you to calm down and I started watching you about 1 week ago because I have been going through lots of stress with my friends but I am always happy knowing that I can come home to watch your great videos keep up the amazing work!

  • I love this channel and I’ve been watching it for about a year and setup wars still doesn’t get old

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  • Ed: It’s time for laptop edition.

  • i love these laptop setups. probably my favorite edition of SW!