Shawn Mendes Carpool Karaoke -- #LateLateShawn

Publicado el 4 jun 2018
James and Shawn Mendes hop in the car for a commute across Los Angeles singing some of Shawn's classics and new music. Shawn and James also debate the merits of buying a pair of Justin Bieber's underwear and dive into Shawn's deep love for "Harry Potter" before practicing some road rage technique and hitting the ice for some hockey.
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  • Really wish James would stop trying to sell his undies to our guests :-/

  • I love JAMES BEST HOST!!

  • 4:29 he look like Tom Riddle 😂

  • james is the he really needs to learn everybody"s songs

  • Are we not going to talk about 7:58

  • Please ask Shawn Mendes to teach me how to skate.

  • You can’t tell me that Shawn mendes doesn’t look like young Sidney Crosby

  • They are rocking the same watch😂

  • Shawn is such a darling! He's got the looks, the voice/talent and he seems oblivious to how charming and captivating he is.


  • No other celebrity goes that crazy on their own songs except shawn cuz they have such a good beat that makes everybody go crazy

  • Iron man 2

  • who else guessed that lost in japan was definitely for camila cabello? like that was literallly my first clue lol

    • After why, Because I had you, When you are ready and if I can't have you I knew almost every song is about camila 😂😂

    • Same 😂

  • Marshmelo dj

  • I really can't hear Shawn's voice on the radio HAHAHAHA

  • I miss this Shawn :(

  • When he dress like dumbuldor I was fall of the laugh jajajaja

  • 3:39

  • He is just the cutest thing on two legs. I am obsessed with Shawn and his music. He is hilarious with James Corden.

  • S - super H - handsome A - awesome W - wonderful N - not mean That's Shawn Mendes!

  • I love you Shawn!!!!

  • Let's see how many of y'all watching this on 2021

  • James missed his calling should of been a singing artist

  • 8:27 OMG HE SAID AYE (if you don't get it there's a thing going around saying that Canadians say aye a lot)

  • Harry potter yes i watched harry potter 50 times and never bored

  • wow

  • Me sitting in 2021 and saying where the hell wonder is and then realizing this video was made in 2018

  • Me sitting in 2021 and saying where the hell wonder is and then realizing this video was made in 2018

  • imagine Driving down the road to pass Shawn Mendes sticking his head out the window yelling at you “Wrong lane asshole!”

  • 💛💛💛🌷

  • Shawn mendes: 2 years ago: wants to buy Justin underwear Now: he collaborated with Justin Bieber

  • I love him madly!

  • idk yall BUT IM OBSESSED with 7:52

  • sorry shawn...harry styles is still better

    • Don't compare They both are great and kind singers

  • O Brasil te amaaaa😍😍😍😍

  • shawn gave me the idea to write down all the spells and potions and wands and stuff and now that book is one of my favorite things I own

  • At 3:08 what is Shawn doing with his hand? 😬😳😅

  • Did anyone else see James armpit sweats while dancing to the first song? 😹🤫

  • This comment section is still active after 5 years.

  • IDKHow Green Day Iron Maiden Judas Priest The Strokes The Cure The Killers AC/DC Evanescence Metallica Fall out Boy Megadeth Shinedown TXT Korn Muse Depeche Mode Lana Del Rey Pierce the Veil Sleeping With Sirens Imagine Dragons Black Veil Brides Red Velvet Florence + The Machine AC/DC Guns n Roses Charli XCX OneRepublic Skillet Monsta X Slipknot Melanie Martinez Anne-Marie Arctic Monkeys Zara Larsson Paramore Nickelback Blackpink Avril Lavigne Avenged Sevenfold Coldplay Bon Jovi Halestorm My Chemical Romance 30STM Taylor Swift Camila Cabello Carpool PLEASEEEEEEEE

    • 😂

  • does anyone ever wonder where the heck they are driving to (my mom says they are just being pulled by a toetruck but idk)

  • i am surprised they didn't play stitches

  • WOW

  • Slowly turning into harry Potter and Dumbledore. I have the same obsession with Harry Potter lol

  • the fact that he didn’t want to be famous before until his sister finally convinced him to try

  • The wrong lan as*h**e kills me every time 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • when they showed Shawn in the beginning, all i could hear was girls screaming and freaking out

  • thats me and irish

  • lol but omg its shawn mendes

  • James tho

  • EMMA WATSON ! I want to meet her and shawn too

  • I been with Shawn for 6 years.. he really has changed l. My dream is to see him irl. (covid bruv..)

  • Harry style chorando skdkkdkd

  • Alguém em 2021 ???

  • James: *on a scale from 0 - 10, where would you be?* Shawn: *9.5* Me: *Its 9 3/4 thank me later*

  • """MENDES vs BIEBER """ ice hockey!!! tickets would sold out 😂

  • *Timestamps:* 0:15 - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back 2:53 - In My Blood 5:05 - Mercy 7:07 - Treat You Better 10:08 - Lost in Japan

  • pov: ur here again

  • you could cut meat with Shawn's jawline

  • shawn : THERE'S NOTHIN HOLDING ME BACK!! but that seat belt tho-

  • just me 2021 ok

  • Unpopular opinion my fav guest James has had are : Harry , Niall , Louis, Liam , Shawn, Ariana and billie

  • Me just looking at the Sweat under James corodons arms cD

  • If 1 direction ever came back I want Shawn to be the 6th member😌

  • No. His voice cracked. He's super gay. And very scared about PR.

    • I don't know why you still him and his relationship they been dating since almost 2 years now enough with the pr go and check his documentary how can you hate someone with such a great heart Don't you have any other work to do other than hating someone 😡

  • is anyone else watching this in 2021 ?

  • James please make a carpool karaoke with the why don't we band🙏🙏🙏

  • I remember like it was yesterday when stitches came out😂

  • Shawn is a true Canadian doesn't even honk

  • Wish I had shawns face like if u want too

  • Justin bieber watvhing the part about the underwear thing be like:👁👄👁

  • how do you get these celebrities to come and make a video with you

  • Image if Tom Holland, Shawn Mendes, Damon and Stefan Salvatore, Klaus and Elijah Michelson and Kai Parker were all in one room 😍😍🤤🤤

  • maybe shawn thought all the time, when he sang, about camilla?!

  • Am I an idiot for smiling the whole time

  • i loves HARRY POTTER

  • 0:15 - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back 2:52 - In My Blood 5:05 - Mercy 7:07 - Treat You Better 10:10 - Lost In Japan

  • if justin bieber saw this

  • This is my dream. To be successful and jam out in the car to my own music with James. Just be happy and sing my heart out

  • Does anyone know the name of the first song they sing?

  • Actually, James has a really good voice

  • What a nice kid, so much better than that bieber joke!

  • Your videos r amazing I love them😍

  • I couldn’t help but realize Shawn is wearing a thumb print necklace. I have multiple.

  • they r wearing the same watch

  • That conversation about Bieb's underwear tho

  • Ya know I’d be honoured if Shawn Mendes yelled ‘WRONG LANE ASSHOLE!’ At me

  • Every time I re-watch Harry styles carpool karaoke I remember Shawn Mendes and Every time I re-watch Shawn Mendes carpool karaoke I remember Harry styles

  • Shawn Mendes is so cute ❤❤❤❤❤I love harry potter

  • I'd love to hide behind in the backseats and just listen to that amazing music

  • the fact he loves Harry Potter makes me love him even more-

  • Greg and rowley 15 yrs ltr

  • How he can sing every single song with the brightest smile on his face ...soo good

  • He is my dream like is my fave singer I love all his songs

  • Make some noise!!!!!

  • Give it up for my boy Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!

  • Their hands and hair ↗️↙️↘️↘️↙️↗️↩️↘️↪️↙️⬅️↖️↕️⬆️⬇️↔️↗️⬅️↘️➡️↙️↗️⬅️↙️↙️↗️↙️↘️⬆️↕️↘️↖️↗️⬅️↗️

  • The fearful fearless drum dolly pat because sound amazingly whip failing a bustling poultry. aback, certain william

  • James me representa completamente.

  • I know all the songs