Stray Kids "CHEESE" Video

Publicado el 10 sep 2021
Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "CHEESE" Video

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  • Felix my god, u killed me again

  • Next, skz sorry i love you

  • In the morning is still Itzy's best song for me

  • I.N is perfect for role of grandma and pyscho, give him a drama or smh😩

  • their little smile with these lyrics is enough to burn heart of haters literally they will lose( only in haters dream) han's this line omoooo

  • This is prolly my 6th time watching this m/v today

  • Very innocent song🤡

  • CHEESE✌😁

  • 3racha are lyrics genius

  • I kinda like this more than thunderous now🌚

  • Blue cheese? 🌚

  • Hana, dul, set, cheese~

  • I.N's expression are scary, i love it😭

  • Every b side video feels like a comeback this era🌚

  • çok iyike 🧡

  • 2:10 - This I.N's verse And Felix's "du du du du" MADE ME MELT !!!!💜❤️

  • Esta fue una gran patada para los haters, definitivamente stray kids sabe cómo manejarlo todo a la perfección

  • Beautiful song 💗

  • احبكمممممم

  • فخممممم

  • Wooooooow😍😍😍😍😍

  • happy 6 m

  • Блин, какие они все красивые!!! А считалочка Чонина вообще ранила в самое сердце 💓❤️

  • 🔥

  • I don't know if I'm a fan or not, I have been listening to their songs since 2018. Actually the one who got me into kpop was bts. I became fan of bts in 2015 during dope era and then after that i slowly started to listen other groups too. Idk if i can say I'm in a multifandom as i know everything about bts like inside jokes, nicknames,memes everything but not too well in other groups. But i can say i have heard almost each and every song of most of kpop groups, solo. People say you are only fan when you know their real names, memes, birthday etc. Recently i have been watching shorts of stray kids as I'm getting to know them more. P.s : English is not my first language so pardon if i have said any word wrong

    • Welcome

    • well you can be a fans even you dont fully know abt long as you support them

  • I.N. is bias wrecking me every second of this mv😭

  • Cheese !

  • Cheese

  • Stray kids

  • 6M

  • porque es tan buena? amo

  • I.N's acting in this MV is great! Looks like a new opportunity is shining for the maknae on top..

  • *Anyone realizes how big of a genius they're w the concept and the lyrics?* and Felix's parMeSan cheese tho 😳😳

  • Haters vocês deveriam agradecer stray kids por esse hino e de brinde tomou uma na cara com essa música, é como já dizia a música Boxer do skz isso foi um "nocaute" em vocês.

  • 5.995

  • למה הם כאלה חתיחים ומושלמים והכול🥰😍🤩😘

  • Stray kids the besttt love you forever stay😘🤩🤩

  • whos the guy at 2:19?

  • 😘

  • Cheese eres fabulosa!!

  • Me gustaría saber si se encuentra bien

  • Está canción es de mis favoritas del álbum

  • ja hana dul set CHEESE

  • I love Cheese

  • Hyunjin's visual is killing me

  • ¡¡Cheese!!

  • 2:14 Lee Know!!! Do you wanna kill Stay's?!?!?! What the hell are those eyes, the reason for a heart attack!

  • as a -baby- infant stay my frnd sent me an ss of lee know saying you find du du du du funny and i was like w h a t i s t h i s m v and now its completely diff frm what i thot n i rlly like it

  • Ame ❤️😍

  • I think this is I.N's era

  • sk den sonsuza kadar sadece bir şarkı dinleyeceksin hangisi olurdu ; benimkisi cheese

  • Blue CHEESE

  • 963,930

  • Cheese

  • I gues jeongin watched to much Vincenzo with changbin

  • FELIX!!!!

  • 6M kajjaa!!

  • I cant stop me, its so perfect 😫😋

  • I say disco U say party Disco Disco Party Party

  • Taş fırın ekmeği

  • Aşık oldum sekiz kişiye

  • felix and his freckles ❤️💫

  • this got me cracking, cheese🧀 BTS: Butter🧈 STRAY KIDS: cheese🧀 I luv u guys so much thank you for being an inspiration to me💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • yall are so pretty oml

  • I'm I the only one who can get over Bangchans smile

  • 6 m les go ^_^

  • Wowww

  • Oh yes

  • canim cekti cheese ugrawak

  • Are they really talk about cheese???

  • 2:12 leenow i uzun zamandır bu kadar karizma görmemiştim. Yakıyorrrr

  • Eyyyy han's lyrics is the best danm i mean ... He took the haters apart

  • killing part of jeongin so addicted when he's said "one, two, three cheese" so savage

  • wow skz made a song on cheese

  • Cheese

  • Jadi pengen keju

  • Ja 123


  • Felix saying parmesan i am living for it and i come here everyday just to hear that.

  • I can't get over hannie click click bang

  • 6M

  • domino mv gelmeyecek ikna oldum su an

  • lan arada cheese izleyin

  • felix ve hanji nin rap parti hayatimi kurtardi

  • knk bi kere kotu bi is yapsaniza merak ediyorum nasi

  • of dunyanin en iyi mvsi ve sarkisi

  • 1:44 han's rap was so 🔥

  • This song gives a psychotic vibe like 😬 in A good way

  • We lost Minho's cookie😭😭

  • Haters are lucky to even get this good of a song just for them

  • These people who pressed dislike button.. We're not sorry becaus this song is for you ^_^

  • lets go 6 m !!!

  • cheeseeeee

  • F*** TO MY school

  • 5893

  • Poor antis must be crying rn

  • Sigamos con más fuerza

  • so good💘