Tesla Model Y/3 Orientation! Complete Center Screen Walk-Through.

Publicado el 16 jul 2020
So many people have had questions about how the center screen works and what it can do since Tesla is currently doing contactless deliveries. So here is the orientation that I have given so many people about all the functions! Want to see a Model S/X walk through? comment below!
The Model Y is currently on version 2020.24.6.5. Some things may change in future updates, but the bulk of it should remain.
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Comentarios: 368

  • Thank you thank you THANK YOU!! I pick up in 6 days (first time Tesla owner) and I was pretty nervous about the touch less delivery. This for sure makes me feel better. 🙃

  • One tip that stumped me for a little while (excitement of getting a new car) is on the map screen there is a compass at the top right. At some point my car was facing North and that compass was touched, which locked the screen to always face North. I was driving home to the South, but everything on the screen was backwards. The tip is to touch the compass to lock in the direction or touch it so the screen will always rotate for the direction the car is travelling.

  • Taking delivery in a few weeks and this was immensely helpful! Really well done with explanations and suggestion and reasons. Great job. Thank you!

  • Thank you dude, I will be receiving mine in another month. I'm very excited, and very confused still. I'm sure I will be able to assume control of everything eventually. I don't understand though why simple items like the glove compartment have to be electronic as well as the doors. The more electronics, the more things break. I guess I can't have everything, Steve

  • Thanks for the informative and very thorough walk-through!! I won’t see my Y until September, but I keep reading up on and seeing information about functionality… This ties together the functionality with where to find controls for all the amazing tech that this vehicle has to offer. I’m guessing it was less than exciting to present, but this is great stuff for someone who needs to be able to hit the ground running with a touchless delivery.

  • For example, since your brilliant video, you now have scheduled charging, and also precondition at departure time as two separate things. Really useful for me as my cheap rate is 00.30 to 04.30!

  • Nice job, Eric. Much better than a couple others I have seen. I could actually read the screen and you got through it pretty quickly -- right to the point.

  • Thank you for another great video. One question...can you use the right scroll button on the steering wheel on the Y to adjust the fan speed for AC like you can do for a S and X? Thanks.

  • Thanks for video. We just picked our Model Y 3 days ago. I was looking for some tips on the center screen. Your video summarization gave me full walk through all sections. Thanks

  • Extremely helpful walkthrough!

  • Just got my Y. With touchless delivery, this was extremely helpful!

  • Awesome! I just got mine today and thought I knew it all, but I learned a few things. Thank you!

  • Thank you Erik, that was extremely helpful!

  • Thanks for the details explanation of model Y, I love it! Thanks again!

  • Extremely helpful would love to see how autopark works on the model Y!

  • is there a way to adjust font size and/or icon size? or readjust the window that shows the speed so we can see it bigger?

  • Very, very helpful!!

  • Great video and perfect timing as I'm taking delivery on Tuesday! Thank you!

  • Your my hero. Thankyou for doing this. I just signed on a model3 and it’s from a traditional dealership who has no idea who it works. Thanks!!!

  • Our Y is on order & this is very helpful! I’ll watch it several times when it arrives. Thanks, Erik