The Richest Kid In America Took Me Car Shopping... *Bugatti Chiron*

Publicado el 26 sep 2020
The Richest Kid In America Took Me Car Shopping... *Bugatti Chiron*
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  • Bro I dad can lift 150 pounds an I can’t it’s way more heavy then 15 bruh now

  • The fake richest kid in America, because he's wearing a buddy tshirt

  • He can’t be 14

  • yo haters gonna hate just keep grindin

  • Watching this late but my guy.... it takes weeks for sarms too start actually doing something

  • The most spoiled kid ever, spending mommy's and daddy's money and thinks he s a boss lol

  • hi

  • Ayo I saw that Bugatti irl

  • bro you strong

  • i would buy the bat mobiel if it was there

  • i love these vids

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  • You lozerd a la Ferrari

  • Tanner a Honda civic lol

  • Say tanner fox just do u and dnt listen to everyone who talk shit!because it is possible to gain weight fast if u eat right.just to give u some pointers oatmeal with peanut butter that would put weight.2.roman nuddles with peanut butter tht works and work out all these thing would get u big.just like myself i got big in prison and i went in?weighting 128 came out weighting 205 with dnt pay no mind to these dum ass!they maybe hating cuz they might have dunuts rolls so they gotta try to bring someone down like they the way u have an amazing mom!that is down to do anything just to help u with ur videos.well god bless...

  • Oooh you see the drip and I’m fitted up

  • it's literally a bullshit that he is buying a 2 supercar. such a lie

  • can donold get me a gear bike mabey

  • Song name please at 10:50

  • 🏎😎💰🏦🤑

  • The richest kid doesn’t have a custom pc lol

  • Cool I would go for the McLaren p1 and the Bugatti

  • Homeboy should have got a better car than that toyota

  • OMG

  • He's not the richest kid in america, apologies about your luck.

  • Lol ok

  • Why are Grandma home

  • If car has to be pluged in that is gas dont buy it

  • But he really isn’t the richest kid in America look it up on google

  • Bro why didn’t he buy anything

  • Well he is not lieing it is made by Volkswagen

  • If you could choose any 2 cars from that line up what would yall choose? So hard but I would take the 2 Yellow cars... lol

  • Super Bugatti chiron

  • lmao I gained 50 pounds in 13 weeks y'all its possible (I lost about 25 of it now but still)

  • He doesent have enough money for any of those cars

  • What a scam

  • That guy isn't 14 bro🤨

  • click bait

  • My dream car is bugati😈😈

  • Thats cheap for me im rich to thats why im seing that😎😎😎🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • should have said to the guy " These are nice but where's the Jetta at?"

  • I like the car

  • Songs??

  • "The title says me car"

  • Donald wants the cheron

  • Why didn't you show the A/C tho😅🤣🤣

  • Maclaren

  • I have a question what did donald buy?

  • This video was filmed on my birthday

  • There is like a new richest lid in America every single frilen week

  • They say he's the richest kid in America but he has a keyboard that's like $3 and a mouse that's $2

  • How many times is this dude gonna say “indeed”

  • I'm 12 bro ur not the only one with abs notice me mann

  • Bugatti cheron

  • faygo?

  • You wish tanner

  • U guys should have gone to koenigsegg

  • yo it looks like tanner gainned 0.00001 wheight you inspire me

  • that whip is a pice of my shit

  • 1 dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Them driving super cars my dad driving a honda.

  • You really think he's more rich than Mrbeast🤣🤣🤣

  • X Æ A-12 Watching This:Am I A Joke To You

  • The so called richest kid in America is so spoiled while he’s looking for a personal driver people are starving to death

  • Lmao means laugh my ass of

  • try

  • You did a car shopping video

  • Yo wasup bro

  • Kids a douche. SNM. If my son turns out like this he's disowned. I'd be ashamed to call this 🍋 mine

  • My guy tanner literally made a Toyota ad at the end of the vid tho

  • get the la ferarri

  • If you’re seeing this sub to donlad

  • Warning you males can get an increase in testosterone when working out with weights and can cause acne exc.

  • Mencave? There is way to much light and not enough beer for that. Anyway, i love watching these ballin vids. I prolly cant afford the vacuumcleaner these guys use.

  • dog water

  • me as a german laughs at how they say Volkswagen

  • He looks like Justin bebeir on drugs

  • Bro ur so weird😂 if u trynna spit game with that girl ur down bad u make it awk

  • gg

  • We got click baited

  • donald is a wee prick

  • Can you don’t be cringe and savage pls?

  • This is so funny how Donald just like that almost good enough

  • Lmao means laughing my ass off

  • This shaky filming is making me sea sick, but I still find myself watching...😏😂

  • Donlad not donald

  • He isn't the richest kidin America

  • When they slamed the Doors i DIED inside

  • talking about a legendary mercedes like it is some vw golf, no respect for old craftsmanship... 😒don't take this to0o serious.

  • I saw that same kid driving a old camaro-_-

  • Damn 25+? I don’t even have 50 Dollars damn lol

  • What’s this girl @? She so fine 1:53

  • nice vid :)

  • And 30 nambo eventfor and 100 borshs

  • Im a billaonaire i bouth 10 lambo

  • Tanner It’s laughing my ass off

  • You mean you saw a Bugatti Chiron

  • Can we talk about how he is the richest kid in america and still has apple mac pc lol

  • Chiron

  • If this kid ain't Adderalled up I don't know what.... 😳