The Russian Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

Publicado el 16 ago 2020
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  • Russia: has poor farmers, and rich, partying nobles

  • Not gonna lie, the priest was such a pure spirted guy he even did a protest


  • I like how he says Stalin has the “second most known historical mustache”

  • "Russia, undeveloped and stuck in the past"

  • Nicholas seemed like the guy everyone wanted to be their friend, if only he wasn't the Tsar.

  • YESSSSS Oversimplified upload it’s like Christmas!

  • The thought of Bernie Sanders incinerating Elon Musk with laser eyes with Tchaikovsky music playing in the background is now forever embedded into my brain

  • You seriously need to do a video on the Russo-Japanese War, it is already a ridiculous conflict, and with your ability for storytelling it would be amazing!

  • “The last Russian Tzar”

  • "Russian revolution merch" is one of the best ironies on ESmain lol.

  • Hearing "Get your Russian Revolution merch!" hits different now...

  • "and even people like you, can get a girlfriend"

  • “ so he went to Japan, got an edgy Dragon tattoo, got his head sliced off by a police man, and then came home.” Dang, what did he do to get his head sliced off?

  • I heard Alexander II's last words to Nicholas actually were what was in the video. He looked at him all wide-eyed and bloodshot with a heavily scarred face and said "Look at me boy! The people did this to me! And soon, they will do it to you!"

  • Dropping this comment as a time capsule to say that Tsar Nic's war with Japan has effectively repeated itself.

  • Some facts about the January 9th (or 22nd) of 1905, or as it called, "the Bloody Sunday"

  • The day oversimplified covers an event that I lived through is how I'll know I'm officially old

  • It isn’t a communist joke until everyone gets it.