The Toxic World of Tess Holliday and Fat Activism | Politics, Lies... and Health?

Publicado el 2 oct 2020
Tess Holliday has inspired millions of women with her 'Body Positive' message. Unfortunately, that isn't the only message she's spreading.
In this video we'll discuss how Tess Holliday became the gateway to Health At Every Size - and how this toxic culture of lies, politics and cherry-picked data is affecting the health and happiness of those who join.
I started off thinking that Health at Every Size (HAES) was a Health Movement - and left thinking it was entirely political. Mostly due to Lindo Bacon, the author of the Health at Every Size book, who is incredibly problematic.
In this #documentary style video you will see that #HAES is essentially just Fat Acceptance in disguise. We will look at the history of the HAES movement and how it has grown over time through the influence of #tessholliday.
0:00 Intro
4:00 Tess Holliday
6:29 The Cosmo Cover
9:04 BOPO Definition of Health
14:24 Reality of Obesity
17:39 Influence of Tess
21:44 HAES
25:52 History of Health At Every Size
26:48 The "Fat Underground"
29:49 Toxic Culture
36:04 Lindo & "Science" of HAES
38:30 Obesity Paradox
41:50 "Clearly causes disease?"
46:00 Metabolically Healthy Obese
48:56 Lindo Bacon... Not the Greatest
51:08 Doublespeak
52:59 Conclusion
Here's a link to the Doublespeak video I mentioned by What I've Learned:
As well as some interesting references:


  • It really comes down to the difference between "It's ok to be fat" and "It's ok that you're fat". One promotes an unhealthy lifestyle, while the other recognizes that you're still a human and it's ok that you've let yourself slip, but there's always room to change.

    • @Puppet Its ok to be an addict because its a illness and its alot of factors that drives addiction. However its not ok to ignore the fact your an addict and not try and get clean. The point is not to shame people which will make it harder for them to make better choices.

    • @yltraviole yeah, and if its from a place of self love you're also more likely to choose healthier ways to lose weight, which is also important.

    • @Rock30815 and we are completely human for that. it's ok. if you fail it's not the end of the world you can keep trying. just because you're fat doesn't mean you're not worth the effort of becoming more healthy

    • The fact that this comment got 20k likes is disheartening to say the least. Ask yourselves, if this was 30 years ago, do you think it'd still get 20k people liking it or people agreeing with the sentiment of "it's okay to let yourself slip"? You guys are only liking it because you're too into your feelings. You like that it's a nice and sweet sentiment. But how helpful is it in the long-run? This is why people are laughing at our generation, not just old people, but people from around the country looking at us here in the west. We've gotten so soft and short-sighted, focusing on the "feels" here and now, that we're just setting ourselves up for destruction.

    • No...I'm sorry but I disagree. Both of those statements have nothing to do with recognizing that a person is still a human. Drug addicts are still human. It's not okay to just slip. And anyone telling a person that it is okay is a destructive enabler. No, we don't brow beat people and go out of our way to make them feel bad about themselves. But don't do the opposite, by making them feel "okay" about life choices that will lead to a sad ending.

  • Genius!

  • It's like a car that looks to be going a nice 50km/h. But on the outside you can't see that the engine is on as hard as it can go and this isn't just a comfortable pace. And they're surrounded by other cars also going 50 and looking the same, but their drivers only have their foot loosely on the pedal. I own a small car and when you drive it you can really feel the difference when there are 4-5 people in it and when I'm in it alone. You can't see it on the outside, but I can feel the car is struggling.

  • Makeup 💄 does Wonders. And let that Pouty Little Girl come out and SOLD to the highest bidders!!!!

  • Ok Im fat Im not even ashamed of being fat because I gained weight due to medications and depression. However I do understand that being obese is unhealthy and I do my best to try and combat the weight gain. Body positivity should be about self love and motivating people to love themselves enough to take care of themselves, not being delusional.

  • I just wanna say I appreciate that you use Lindo’s proper pronouns while criticising them.

  • Wait until she gets diabetes, heart disease, or has to be carried out of her home by 20 firefighters.....she won’t be so healthy then....🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️fat isn’t healthy it’s lazy.

  • That lady "doctor" looks like the female version of the Heaven's Gate cult leader, except she's not encouraging people to wear Nike sneakers

  • I really appreaciate people like you that have interest in informing people with actual facts about why some mainstream "movements" and nonsense ideologies are fucking stupid. Sorry, they are and it is sad to and madening to see some humans accept and preach about this stupid way of thinking and living. Thanks for the very educational information :)

  • I completely support that media should promote healthy lifestyle a but criticizing somebody for promoting obeasity and not criticizing somebody for promoting gambling and cocain addiction just blows my mind. While partying and alcohol are being socially accepted and even promoted (unhealthy lifestyle), when somebody does it with obeasity everybody are throwing rocks on this person shouting "Healthy lifestyle! Healthy lifestyle!". Jordan Belford, the real Wolf of Wall Street said that he felt that the movie about him was promoting cocain addiction, it has been presented as something cool and classy, it was not only that has been socially accepted, it was even presented as part of being popular. Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan have been presented as a cool chicks. Yes, they were being put on a wall of shame but nobody ever made a huge publicity shouting “Healthy lifestyle” about their addictions. So guys, let’s stop being hypocrites and keep promoting healthy lifestyle without judging anybody. Can we just say “This is not correct” and ignore somebody’s unhealthy behaviour. Do some change and take care of your own health, body and - life.

  • Sounds like this Lindo is a shrewd business person who has found a surefire way to sell books, etc. Brilliant! It (Lindo) is clearly exploiting fat people to great personal advantage....and these poor obese people are believing every word, because they want to.

  • A morbidly obese woman is NOT attractive (personal preference). On the other hand, if westerners are getting fatter then why are the seats on subways and on airplanes getting narrower? Maybe these fat acceptance groups should challenge the travel industry on their seat sizing.

  • Kiana, the video is great and I appreciate your research massively, but an ad every 5 minutes is a bit much. This is Amber levels of ads.

  • I LOVE Lindo’s facial expression in every single photo of them. Their eyes look so dead, their smile so plastic. Like a goofy ventriloquist doll. It was hard to keep in my laughter when their picture shows up on screen

    • lmfao thats exactly why i included those photos. i'm so glad you appreciated them 😂😂

  • Why isn’t’ Lindo obese, if it’s healthy and enjoyable being obese?

  • A friend of mine in the medical profession had a theory about the studies (apparently) showing that fewer overweight/obese people died of heart problems than healthy weight people, which makes some sense, I think. His argument was that people of a healthy weight who died of heart problems more often die from their FIRST and ONLY heart attack, because they were caused by something unrelated to their weight. Overweight/obese people, on the other hand, DO tend to survive multiple heart attacks, but their overall health and quality of life is reduced after each one, and they require a lot of long-term aftercare - which costs the NHS a lot in terms of money, time and resources, until they finally do die. The 'positive spin' Fat Activists put on this is that obese people are somehow 'tougher' than those of healthy weight, for being able to survive multiple heart attacks, while conveniently forgetting that a) their heart problems are WAY more likely to be *a result* of their weight, so therefore could've been avoided completely if they'd taken more care of themselves, b) their life becomes more restrictive, they're on more medication and suffer more long-term problems with each heart attack they survive, (i.e. life sucks a bit more, until they're dead,) and c) their long-term health deterioration has a knock-on effect on family and other loved ones, who have to take care of them.

  • 18:30 stop taking pictures and get the whale back in the ocean it will die!!

  • Does anyone know where she got the clip of the fat underground video from?

  • Read in many comments people saying there has always been fat people...true but nothing close to the percentages that exist now!! I’m 61 and know for a fact obesity was unusual decades ago which can be verified by anyone that WANTS to know the truth...or stay fat and ignorant.

  • Are there people that think those tattoos are pretty? Grotesque

  • Did any body else find it funny that the doctor was called linda bacon

  • I love that golden lamp behind you. Could you please tell me the brand or any info so that I can get it online which would be great.

  • If she truly loves herself, she would understand that she is not healthy.

  • While I enjoy your work and understand the need for ads, there were just too many to follow your thoughts.

  • such an amazing video

  • So this is a weird hill to die on. Someone's personal health is not up for debate. Just treat people the way you want to be treated.

  • Here’s my thing, there’s a huge difference (no pun intended) between being slightly pudgy and morbidly obese. There are different levels to being overweight, and the “healthy” at every size movement is treating morbid obesity the same as having a little excess body fat. This lack of nuance is genuinely killing people, and it’s kind of gross to see.

  • This ESmain channel is cool. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • Thankyou for making this video, you are doing a good job.🙂❤

  • she is a big boned independent woman

  • If Buffalo Bob had met Tess he would have had one victim and two outfits

  • Lol morbidly obese can be healthy 😂😂😂. It means death fat - deathly fat .... cmon people you’re going to have to come up with something not so blatantly stupid and a lie

  • this is kinda weird. In the Pacific, being heavy doesn't rly exist as an unattractive shape/condition/size.

  • Well done.

  • In the first 10 seconds of the video all I could think was "oh God if she loses weight her tattoos will be ruined"

  • I also appreciate the fact that I can make out what your face actually looks like because you aren't wearing a pound of makeup.

  • 19:09 you don't just 'happend to be fat', you have choices every day to change your lifestyle and diet

  • Being Obese is painful. It might kill you but it adds lots of stress on your joints.

  • Self delusion on a dangerous scale. If you disagree think of this - if you swapped the excess food she ate for alcohol, calorie for calorie, what would you call her then? Exactly you'd call her an alcoholic and that she NEEDS HELP.

  • Tess has à 50 BMI, she has overpassed even morbid obesity

  • Alternative Facts

  • Tess Holliday is *only* around 300 lbs.?? I'm just shy of 300 lbs. and not particularly healthy, but my arms and legs are nowhere near that big around. Yeee. Also, part of this is reminding me of the flip side, the "getting above model weight means you're crippled" mindset that led to a cover about Oprah saying she'd gotten up to (gasp) 200 lbs. (IIRC) and "could barely waddle out to the mailbox" -- which is when my mom and I, 200-ish lbs. at the time and skaters, looked at each other and laughed. (Even now, at 300 lbs., I could still skate, I just get winded pretty quickly.) Somehow we've gotta find a healthy balance. Get rid of the health care stigma ("it's useless to try to get help for my current issues, they'll only focus on my obesity and present me with plans that don't work with my current circumstances, energy level, or budget"). Encourage people to make better choices about their health, and provide space for overweight people who *are* making better choices (e.g. Planet Fitness's "Judgment-Free Zone" ensuring that people of any size feel comfortable exercising there). And, of course, reduce or eliminate the negative emotion effect. That's the biggest takeaway I've seen from the Body Positivity movement: A lot of fat is caused by emotional issues, and *making those issues worse* -- making people feel even worse about their own bodies -- is not going to magically make them able to lose weight. Almost everybody at that size is already aware of the negative effects it has on their life, at least on the surface level (e.g. my boobs getting in my way; back pain; getting winded easily), if not the internal effects. It's not that we don't know. But if underlying emotional issues are part of the problem, then making us feel worse is doing the *opposite* of helping solve the problem. (In my case? One of the key emotional issues I've had to grapple with is the training I received, while young, that if I don't eat the delicious treat now, *I will not get it at all* -- my dad would eat mine before the next day, and if I complained about it, he'd just say "Life's not fair." This led to a sort of scarcity mindset, where it's very difficult for me to go "I don't need to eat that right now; I can eat it later, or only a little piece of it, or not at all." Draining my emotional batteries reduces my ability to withstand the emotional "but I'll lose out" effect.)

  • This is a very informative video, but getting interrupted by ads every 5 minutes is making it hard to focus on what you're saying. Please change your ad settings. (It might not be something you did specifically; I've heard from multiple content creators that ESmain changed their ad settings during some update fairly recently. One two-hour gaming video I was watching literally threw in an ad every four minutes until I couldn't stand it and just found a site to download the dang thing instead. Interrupting content that frequently is ridiculous.)

    • @alex Ads every five minutes is not normal for ESmain, or hasn't been until recently (when, as I mentioned, it appeared that ESmain, not the creators, changed the settings to increase the number of ads to a quite noticeable level). I follow quite a lot of content creators who put a lot of effort into their videos. Most of them don't interrupt their own content anywhere near that frequently. And I don't anticipate that she did so on purpose. If she did set the ads that way on purpose, well... that's her choice. But I got the impression from other creators that this was a change they weren't aware of and didn't like being done without their knowledge to their own videos, so.

    • she clearly put a lot of effort into this video so it's ok that she tries to make the most out of it, I didn't find it hard to focus at all

  • This all hits personally to me. My aunt died of obesity and I watched her suffer my entire life.

  • Honestly, my sister has said some of these things. Mostly thr anti diet stuff. It hurts me when Im somewhat overweight but want to exercise and eat better. She's normal weight and had recovered from a childhood eating disorder but she knows Im not doing it for that, I lost weight before (we moved and had troubles that took more focus than health for a while, i regained all 30ish pounds) and I felt so much healthier and happier and almost at my first goal but when I say that now she says Im just normal and need to stop or Ill make myself unhealthy and regain the weight again. She tells me I shouldnt change my body cause I feel gross (and after getting some blood tests done I very much do need to work on this again) but I promise if her friend said "im trans and want surgery" she would 100% say "go change your body if you want!" Maybe she just doesn't understand what this feels like, but it hurts. At least my mom is with me and said she wanted to get healthier with me so neither of us is alone in it.

  • wow its a cult

  • "Lets talk about obesity" *unskippable ad for grilled cheese*

  • You put this together very well. It looks nice and you brought your point across without getting to personal or attacking people on their appearance (I've seen other youtubers do this while taking about overweight people). I liked the length of the video, it have you plenty of opportunity to get your point across. I enjoyed it

  • I think when tess holiday decide to change herself to become fit woman, her follower probably will do the same thing i guess.

  • You dont HAPPEN to be fat, usually, you have an ADDICTION TO FOOD. Im sorry it shows the hypocrisy in society that we see a person like a conventration camp survivor addicted to drugs and shame this mental illness, while in reality the fat, the alcoholic, anorexic or drug addict, it all counts as the same mental illness and this amounts to denial of a killer disease.


  • If you don't like fat people just say that 🤧. Being skinny doesn't make you healthy.

    • but at the same time, if you have obesity-related health issues, losing weight may help you. but a lot of people in the health at every size community will shame you for trying to better yourself by losing weight.

  • Fat acceptance! You mean I'm just to lazy to go the gym and make bad lifestyle choices and not eat healthy. But I don't want people to be mean to me and tell me that I'm unhealthy so I want a whole movement to stop people having an opinion on me.

  • Ashley Graham! Thank you! THAT is stunning plus size woman! Who is genuinely healthy,beautiful and brilliant! THAT is your plus size role model!

  • there's a difference between being 'curvy' and being 'fat'

  • I am 5’3 and I weighed 230lbs at the beginning of 2020. I had problems breathing to the point where I was coughing even when I laughed. I was tired and unhealthy. It even got to the point where I developed pancreatitis and it’s changed my whole life forever. I am only 23. Thankfully now I weigh 179lbs and I’m working to lose more. I was one of the unlucky ones where the weight ruined my life/body when I was young. People who are older than me who are overweight I please urge to make a change before it’s too late, like it was for me. I’m so grateful I didn’t lose my pancreas or gallbladder, but I know that I could have. Please please take care of yourselves everyone 💖

  • the audacity these people have that they live in a society that has so much access to food that they gorge themselves and claim to be oppressed while most of the world will never have that luxury. That's fat privilege. You are flaunting to the world while some people can barely scrape enough food for themselves. Poor you.

  • Being just a little bit underweight is much more unhealthy than being quite over weight. Seems like people care much less about health and much more about appearance. I never see people targeting underweight people that are portraying health which is far more common.

    • it's just as unhealthy. very few people actually think someone with anorexia is healthy. but being underweight is just as unhealthy as being morbidly obese.

  • another point you make is that fat activism (which i don't support) is telling fat people society hates them you go to any school in the nation and 100 percent of the time you will see that popular children are usually fit and fun and the children picked last for lets say dodgeball usually are overweight. This has alot more to do with how they accept themselves due to the perception of society. I for example was amazingly popular and went on dates and was even very accepted by the cheerleaders, student government, football teams, and even today you talk with anyone from my high school days of why I was popular is because even when i looked like a fat uncoordinated bafoon when I was made fun of I hit back with laughter and didn't let my self get depressed and this is the test kids or children will test other kids and children if they make fun of someone if they take offence they will continue to hit because it makes them look superior to them, which of course isn't factually true that they are, but if you have someone that hits back with a fundamental flaw that is true they also have a choice. if they have good personality they will brush it off as just a joke which is how popularity is made I played to my own weaknesses the same way that eminem plays to his weaknesses in 8 mile where he does a rap about all his fundamental flaws and than throws an insult at the other rapper who was lying about who they are society judges obese people harshly and most obese people because they are not socially capable cant handle it which makes them unpopular thus they go to someone like tess holiday you want to eliminate fat activism maybe look at how society makes fun of fat people.

  • I will say while you may be right about how fat can be unhealthy, I do think what is more unhealthy is the way society treats fat people. now to preface I'm overweight in the class 3 morbidly obese category in which I know I'm not healthy the question becomes am I able to overcome the challenges of doing so the answer is yes. recently within the last year i got a new job doing IT, I was afraid i would be unable to complete the job duties due to the societal standards that were put on me. much to my surprise I went in with confidence and now everyday for work I walk around 10,000 steps everyday going around the office helping people. which is up from the initial 2,000 steps in a sit-down call center job, I also carry computers all day I climb stair i go underneath desks I do a lot of physical exercise that normal people my weight don't do I'm exhausted a lot of the days and by no means am I quote on quote "healthy" but i have lost 60 pounds since February which is good for me. but society would believe that i would not be able to do that job so my question is to you if someone like Tess Holiday has a career and doing something good for herself why do you discount that? is it more that you care if she dies from one of the many factors that can possibly effect her one day maybe or more that society pressures you to blatantly say fat people should not be doing these kind of careers? I think anyone of any size as long as they are doing something positive for themselves and as long as they are not worsening their condition should be told by society that they are accepted because when it comes down to it the popular are not the obese people in fact people who believe society about obesity will kill themselves because they believe that obesity can not be changed.

  • Just found out she's also racist too

  • No no no no no no no 600 pounds does not just come naturally. 1:23

  • "Body positive" people dening that obesity is a health problem meanwhile antivaxxers trying to probe that autism is a mental illness... What has society became to

  • The fact that people dislike this makes me so sad for them. Do they know not liking it doesn’t make it not true?

  • We are all unhealthy in one way or another. I am a petite person who has heard “sweetie, you need to put some meat on your bones”! a hundred times. I am at my normal weight for my size. No one can really win. And we’re women, already.

  • Hey, are we sure that the Doctor is actually a human? When I look into her unfeeling expressionless eyes they look superficial. I'm calling it now, she's a robot.

  • This reminds me of veganism. When somebody stops being vegan, when they go ex vegan for medical/health reasons the vegan community is ready to lynch them.

  • This will be the downfall of humanity Mark my words

  • I’ve lost almost 80 pounds in the last two years and I’m still about 10 lbs over a “healthy BMI.” I feel great, my bloodwork looks great, and I’m so much happier when I look in the mirror. I’ve still got a pouch that might never go away, but being able to put on a pair of jeans in a size 6 and have it almost disappear is a huge boost for me. I was making healthy choices when I was obese in order to lose the weight to be healthy in general. HAES supports that behavior; I knew I was unhealthy at 200lbs and therefore I made healthy choices to get my weight under control. HAES shouldn’t mean that I could be 100% healthy at 200lbs. It should mean that I was getting healthier with each pound I lost.

  • "at risk for a number of diseases" - ok at risk doesn't mean you have them though so it still stands that fat doesn't mean unhealthy it just means at risk but more importantly here your health is really not anyone else's business

    • true, and I wish that were the message of health at every size, being that you can decrease your risk of disease if you aren't obese

  • "happened to be fat or happened to be a different color" SHE DID NOT JUST FUCKING-

  • 💕

  • This fat acceptance “movement” is so dangerous we are really normalizing being sick

  • Obesity or “Binge eating disorder” has been categorized as an eating disorder in the DSM-5 which I find pretty interesting

  • Any of these girls heard of the word Physics?

  • 'Dr' Lindo Bacon will haunt my dreams. Jesus Christ she looks like a reptile in a Dr coat.

  • I don’t do diets or restrict intakes due to my anemia and struggles with skipping meals and binge-eating. Unfortunately, my BMI is considered “overweight” due to loose skin from childhood years, although my body fat percentage is from “fitness” to “acceptable”. Then again, I’m on my feet most of the time due to my job and do some workouts at home. I’m not skinny and not trying to be skinny anymore. I actually learned how to be ok with being midsized with an hourglass figures. That doesn’t mean I wanna be like Tess Holliday. I just want to heal from my ED.

  • What an incredible doco you have made here!

  • I want to lose weight and I do hate my body. Thats stuff I personally need to work on but... I don't love myself. I do want to live a long life for my family, my children and personally death due to something as dumb as food really irks me when it comes to myself. I don't want to look at my kids on my deathbed and have to explain to them that "I did this to myself." Do I care if anyone else is fat? Not really. Maybe a sibling or a close friend, but I know from experience that even gentle or subtle communication of concern comes across as judgmental or rude. I also smoke and I for sure don't pretend that it's something someone should do. Making changes is taking a lot of time, but I'm being patient with myself and once a change has been made it has been permanent. I have lost weight and kept it off. I have cut back on my smoking. I have made steps over the last 2 years and if it takes 5 or 10 years to come to fruition, the results will still result in a much longer life than if I stayed on the same path.

  • i feel like there's a big difference between "fat activism" and "body positivity/neutrality". fat activism is saying that obesity is healthy and that you can binge-eat whatever you want and it doesn't matter (which is just frickin wrong). body positivity is saying that it doesn't matter what you LOOK like, it matters how healthy you are (and that matter is between you and your doctor ONLY), and your size doesn't determine your beauty. so i say i'm body positive, but that's very different than being a fat activist.

  • She has a brand. Her brand depends on her being fat. This is just a moneymaker atm she will be discarded when it is not controversial any more. That is sad. I am a size 10 and I am on a diet my whole life. If you mean being on a diet is you eat vegetables and fish. Or vevetables and meat. I eat potatoes and rice in moderation. I have to watch alcohol consumption. I have to not eat too much cake or sweets or soda. Everyone has to do this because fast food and sweets and alcohol are bad for you and offer no nutrition. I want to eat them all the time too. Is there a diet culture or is eating healthy actually hard. Its is hard because that food tastes good, its addictive and its everywhere.

  • Tess Holliday needs to be harpooned! The body positive movement was supposed to be for disabled people until people who eat to much cheesecake stole it.

    • i think it should be for everyone. we all need to love our bodies

  • Great video!

  • Ever cuddle with a fat chick? They are always cold to the touch. Dont recommend it. Yuck

  • Have you ever gone down on a fat chick? I dont recommend it. Disgusting.

  • lindo is fucking scary-

  • She knows what she is doing and she is making money out of it. Morons like us are discussing it and watching all this stupidity instead of moving our asses.

  • I loveeeeee how lindo is not obese

  • Being underweight is just aa unhealthy as being overweight, but few have issues with “glorifying” skinny.

    • Lmao have you SEEN Kiana’s video on hrh? She knows there are issues with both, stop reaching, maybe exercise. You realize these fat activists are the one’s who preach about Health at Every size?? Doesn’t that mean it’s THEM glorifying underweight and overweight?

  • thin, normal, fat, obese are all different and the obese needs to realize that. i hope everyone is taking care of themselves. good luck.

  • im 5'1" and when i was 130 I did NOT feel well. i always felt horrible, heavy, sluggish and had a difficult time moving already so i cannot even imagine being more. oh gosh. i am now 110-115.

  • when she starts to lose weight that's when you will know she got a health scare. from my own experience people wont change their eating habit and lifestyle until they get a health scare. I'm not obese but I work at a place where clients who are finally losing weight only because they got a health scare.

  • America is weird.

  • Loving your body is to take care of it

  • My mother is dangerously overweight and has been for most of my life. She has told me multiple times that it's okay to feel confident in your own skin but she wouldn't wish obesity and the problems that come with it.

  • I genuinely wonder if people who preach "health at every size" also apply it to severely underweight people or if it's only for overweight/obese people? 🤔

    • From what I have noticed it's only for obese people. Most these people who preach about "health at every size" literally just bully skinny people, calling them stick figures etc. 🤷‍♀️

  • Another banger vid

  • The BMI is bullshit though. Based on those numbers most baseball and basketball players are obese. Also it is bias against towards short people. Our bodies aren't built the same way. If I were to actually to follow the BMI, I would look skeletal, really bony. Not a cute hobbit at all. 😥 The same goes for extremely tall people. The BMI being a government propaganda is correct for many tall and short people.Don't get me started on hypothyroidism. I want to stab multiple times at every idiot who says "You can change your weight." No I can't fucker! Hypothyroidism makes it impossible for one to stay at 122 without resorting to severe methods such as eating below 800 calories and exercising non-stop for 6 hrs straight. That isn't living to me. No, I can't afford to go seek medical help retards!!! If I were able to go to one, I would've had this fixed a long time ago. 🙄Seriously, get to know people before jumping the boat. That is why I want to take one of you dumb asses and stab your face in and say "You can change your face. Go seek help." 😡

    • @bl91978 thing is though, everyone isn't average, they just average out to an average. the world is full of extreme cases so a general measure is never helpful. a body fat measurement is far more accurate and less general

    • LMAO can’t believe you said “get to know people before jumping the boat” and then go on to THREATEN STABBING SOMEONE. You preach about health and then use retardation as a insult and proceed to shame skinny and short people by calling the hobbits. I’m 4”9/144 cm tall, it works just fine. Ever heard of health insurance and exercise? Let me guess, you’re a trumpy Karen too?

  • Tess Holiday is beautiful & I wish her well. Its 2020, and she's currently 35 years old. But, she's already developing problems. As a model she poses properly. But in photos that are not posed, she already has a shoulder roll forward and a slight head-forward posture. Notice in unposed photos that her palm isnt flat against her leg, but rather the back of her hand faces forward. In good posture, your ear should align with your shoulder and solid straight vertical line. Hers isnt straight due to the upper arm fat pushing against the side boob. She will develop thoracic back pain that will likely be exacerbated by the arthritis that we all develop. It can result in acute chronic pain. That is simply one problem of potentially many that she is likely to develop. As the world moves toward universal health care, be aware of the costs of treating obesity related diseases. The UK is battling budget shortfalls due to the obesity epidemic along with retrofitting clinics and hospitals with larger beds, wheelchairs, ambulances, lifting equipment, doorways, and the hugely expensive diagnostic equipment like cat scans and MRI's. We may not like the medical care that we receive under those conditions.

  • I really enjoy your channel. Do you have a podcast by any chance?