The WORST Hotel Room In The World

Publicado el 7 may 2021
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  • no disrespect to doug!! love him. all disrespect is directed at the room

    • Thanks for clarifing. I was about to pop off on you

    • @Jesse Kendrick yea, I've been watching on InstaFlixxer for months myself :D

    • Not sure if you guys gives a damn but if you're stoned like me during the covid times then you can watch pretty much all the new movies on instaflixxer. I've been watching with my brother lately :)

    • That's good move buddy . Cuz you don't wanna mess with Doug .

    • I love doug

  • The fake medicine cabinet is literally upsetting to me. Want some heartburn relief? Just kidding! It's a piece of art!

  • Aliens are laughing at this bro, how did we stray so far 🤣

  • The dude showing the hotel room is big Ned Flanders vibes

  • watch the cube pillow commercial and let me know what you think…please.

  • Doug is trying so hard not to roast the room 💀💀💀

  • Why does the begging of the video look like they painted bologna and then glued it to the wall😂😅

  • i love the fact that doug is also like subtly making fun of this atrocity too like hes just so baffled at the interior of this god awful room lmao

  • i will not take doug slander.

  • Mr beast after watching this: 😦💡

  • That’s the Damien Hirst suite (he’s the artist) and those sharks are not fake. That’s his art. The Palms is now closed.....cause of covid. I imagine when they re-open, it won’t go for 100k/night They did a $650 million renovation into the Palms in 2018

  • Rare aesthetic warning!! ⚠️😍😍 🏥💊 *dystopian hospital core* 💉🩸

  • Is nobody gonna talk abt user 1 or 2 👁👄👁 as if there would be 2 people on the toilet

  • I love Doug lmao. Didn't know he looked at other things besides cars tho

  • as a vegas local, i can confirm palms SUCKS ASS with guests and experience.

  • This is the epitome of “money can’t buy class.”

  • Me at the end of the video still trying to figure out what the sharks have to do with the theme

  • As a recovered drug addict, wtf were they thinking.

  • Rather start a business

  • I love how it just really quickly turned into Cody roasting Damien Hirst

  • nightmare fuel

  • Cody, Doug is like the most popular car ESmain for a long time haha he’s the funniest dude

  • I swear Cody is literally the most sarcastic little shit I’ve ever seen.

  • This is a Predator Paradise 🤯Who Tf you think rents this shit out lol

  • if the architect of this hotel room is a millionaire. i bet a 4 year old can also be a millionaire

  • Cody ko, can you react to will tennyson?

  • The only thing you can do with that pill wall is identify what type of pill you need to survive that room for an hour

  • Who ever designed this must of been on something……no wonder the theme is pills

  • i’m sure doug is a nice guy but he’s irritating me today

  • hospital rave orgy room: casual

  • Doug Demuro is actually the biggest car reviewer in the world. He has driver everything from Bugattis to old soviet cars and he reviews everything dressed as a middle aged dad. We love Doug.

  • the drug theme was chosen to symbolize that u gotta be tripping balls to pay to stay in this room

  • why is nobody talking about the fortune cookie pill on 10:57

  • its actually only like 500 a night you just waste the rest on the bottle they gave cody

  • The art by Damien Hirst and its basically a greatest hits of his artwork (Formaldehyde animals, medicine cabinet and pills, butterfly kaleidoscopes etc etc). He was a baller when he was part of the Young British Artist movement in the 90s, (check it out, some great fucking work made in that period) but as he got more famous, he started churning out one-liner bullshit, culminating in this ultimate sellout for the tackiest hotel in the tackiest city. In summary - Hirst is an art sellout that produces pseudo Warhol BS and hasn't been relevant in years.

  • This is probably an orgy house

  • I’ve never understood the hype around Damien hirst’s taxidermy shit. It’s one of the least creative things ever. Even less creative than his polka dot work cuz at least that takes some color selection and orientation

  • i am laughing harder than i have in weeks once he got to the medicine cabinet 'art' i was lmao, then he got to the used 'medical supplies bar' i was dyin 💀

  • I love Damien Hurst but I would never say in a hotel room with his work for 100k

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  • Doug doesn't sound like he believes in half of the things he's saying. He sounds like he wants to be out of that room as soon as he can xD

  • Doug is the man. Love his videos on reviewing unusual cars and showing all the "hidden quirks n features" learned alot from Doug that I would other wise never have known. You don't have to understand the get up but that's doug double tee shirts and all.

  • Don't hate on Doug De Muro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • First thing I thought of when I saw the pillars was damien hirst. Although there are lots of odd things about the room, I do like the damien hirst installments!

  • Doug the type of guy to study for a blood test

  • Who designed this!? Who signed off on this!?

  • $90,000 of the money you pay is for the toilet

  • I watch this mans car reviews 😂 he’s dope

  • I would probably throw up if I entered this room. Not worth the money at all

  • Why

  • Cody bruh why is there more ad than video sir?

  • Damien Hurst is a garbage person

  • *If that bottle wasn’t bigger than the hotel it’s self it wasn’t worth it-*

  • Don’t be talking shit about doug, our his quirks and features.

  • How does Cody not know who Doug is? Everybody knows the man with quirks and features. 😂

    • "But first you need check out CARS AND BIDS which is my car auction website..."

  • Fuk palms

  • The bathroom is 90% of the price 😂

  • My 65 yr old dad and 55 yr mom love ur vids and that makes me happy


  • doug sounds like a slightly older linus tech tips

  • Wasn't expecting to watch a Cody Ko impression of Doug DeMuro today. Nice.

  • It’s DOUG ❤️❤️

  • How does one bottle cost thousands?

  • Did this used to be the Playboy suite??? I randomly rewatched Girls Next Door & this seems like a sad “revamp” of that suite??

  • Thank you for noticing his shorts being half wet 😂😂😂

  • it’s weird seeing doug demuro being featured on this channel

  • You read my mind I’m a recovering oxy addict and I would be on that case of pills looking for the little blue pill in seconds!

  • This whole thing was designed by Damien Hirst.. An absolutue psychopatch modern artist

  • i am quite a fan of like abstract/strange/interesting art ig but this hotel room sucks

    • the weird medical supply counter and the other stuff should be in art gallery not this expensive hotel room lol wtf it's so unnapealing as a hotel room especially for the price what is going on

  • Feels like we were more innocent before this tour. 😅 Turns out this room totally deserves being called a dump.

  • I just don’t get why there’s a theme of intense illness specifically in the 100k hotel room

  • Be nice to Demuro! He reviews cars 99.9% of the time. He’s awesome though lol

  • Uuuuh, actually my hotel room does have a bar, it’s super awesome and called a Mini Bar. Sooo yeah Doug😎🤌🏻

  • so the theme of the room is medicine and fish..?? why

  • Why does this feel like April ludgate designed this

  • I have a salt room

  • this why Damien Hirst is one of the richest artists in the world

  • my dad watches this dude videos on cars

  • Juice wrld wishin he came her before he died 😂

  • Yeah... people have too much money

  • dont do my boy Doug like that

  • I'm sorry but doug moves his mouth like oliver tree in his music videos

  • "This is quite a controversial art piece" yeah cause its ugly and wasteful as hell the fuck

  • who the fuck would willingly stay in that room lol

  • Mad e me smile mentioning Charlie

  • I think Doug really wants to do a travel show on PBS or do journalism for NPR

  • Doug sounds like Emo Philips lmao

  • I knew it. I knew Damian Hirst was involved. Those dots on the pillar and the shark are both well known art by him. Your basically living inside a Damian Hirst art installation.

  • This reminds me of the banana peel art worth 4 million

  • i hate all the random shit on the walls this place would look way better if they removed all those fucking stickers and painted the walls white

  • i have more of an issue with all that wasted unused ppe they just wasted on a fucking table, what a dick

  • I don't think you realize that this is the MOST LEGENDARY car ESmainr on earth

  • I mean not to brag but my masterbath in my mobile home has a bench too..

  • I can only imagine the wall of "pills and pills and pills" thats so amusing is a statement on big pharma. Which is exta "amusing" when big pharma players are the people who would stay in this room

  • That is the absurdist waste of money I have ever seen. Speaking of sharks though, i've been to a brothel with a live shark in a tank. Not sure if it is still there since it was a couple of years ago but it's behind the bar in said brothel and it looks pretty cool.

  • Why is the design full of…butterflies

  • Doug is the goat

  • When I saw he was reacting to Doug demuro I nearly shit my pants

  • i so wish cody would react to a video from doug’s main channel holy shit

  • just know the lucky person you gets this the day the apocalypse happens, he will have enough supplies to make a wonderful survival kit.