TWICE「Perfect World」Dance Performance

Publicado el 28 jul 2021
TWICE JAPAN 3rd ALBUM『Perfect World』のリリースを記念して、ESmainにて行った発売記念イベントのパフォーマンス映像をプレイバック!

TWICE JAPAN 3rd ALBUM『Perfect World』
2021.07.28 Release!

TWICE JAPAN 3rd ALBUM『Perfect World』全曲配信中:

TWICE JAPAN 3rd ALBUM『Perfect World』特設サイト:









  • I love jihyo😭

  • ملكات المسرح

  • Momo's dance is soooo beautiful. Seeing it, we can know she is the main dancer But Jihyo, OMG. Imagine you are in vocal line but also (unofficially) in dance line at the same time..and her dance is sooo powerful, so it's so perfect for this kind of music

  • Coolest dance!

  • They all a main dancers😍

  • モモパートっていつもこんな少ないの?

  • 末っ子ちゃん今回露出激しいねぇ、、 ツウィ手足長いから余計に目立ってなんか個人的には微妙というか😓 可愛いし美しいんだけど

  • jihyo omg


  • not mina being elegant as always

  • 10M

  • モモは安定の下手やな、

  • I see no one talking about JEONGYEON ONCES forgot her so easily that's not okay

  • Fun fact: most people doesn't notice how Chaeyoung is literally an all-rounder

  • Hbh

  • Hhh

  • ミナはその衣装の天使のように見えます。

  • 2番のはじめのツウィのパートめっちゃメルティーキッス笑


  • I want jihyoXmomo dance collab !

  • 0:40

  • The choreo was so goood

  • 다 좋은데 역시 정연님 빈자리 넘 커서 아쉽다ㅠㅠ

  • Jihyo kept yelling at him. I like it when he sings calmly

  • 2:29 GO JIHYO

  • حسبي الله عليك يا جوايبي ماخليت تزويو تقول غير اووه

  • I’m a new fan of twice can anybody plzz tell me the names of all the members T^T

    • Sana momo mina nayeon jeongyeon chaeyoung jihyo tzuyu dahyun

  • 이 노래 너무 좋은데? 한국어 버전은 없나요?

  • This concept is perfect for Jihyo, she nailed it 😍

  • Why no one is talking about momo she got least lines doesn't mean she doesn't get any attention

  • TWICE全然詳しくなかったのに再契約目前にしてハマりそう。 ジヒョはダイエット成功したアイドルってことくらいしか知らなかったけど本当にすごい。ダンス、歌、表情だけじゃなくて、迫力とか色気とかいい女感とかそういうもの全部が初めて出会う感じ。

  • rewatched after watching La Chica reaction video. La Chica hehe

  • God jihyo❤️

  • a little lousy except for Jihyo

  • So sad 😢 jeongyeon is not here we hope that will get back soon


  • funny how this is a japanese song and sana barely had any lines

  • ジヒョかっこよすぎて鳥肌たった

  • we miss you jeongyeon

  • up

  • 00:30

  • Nayeon 95/9/22

  • 10M Soon!!

  • 8.805M

  • Hhbj

  • twice really said ✨mic on✨

  • 最近マジでTWICEにハマってる

  • 2:28

  • Jihyo are sk stunning i dont know what to said...

  • NO SANA NO LIFE! 💜🌼🌸🌺💛🧡😊🌞🦋

  • Twice killed the game

  • 0:27で歌ってる人力強くてすごい魅力的

  • Jihyo really proved that shes the leader , the aura that she has omg i can't

  • slaying with hard choreography

  • モモちゃんの声好きだわ…💘 onceになりかけてる自分がいる。

  • This is a performance in Japan, and I think it’s still pre-recorded. In Japan it’s illegal to lip sync but I think everyone knows twice their real vocals don’t sound the same.

  • TZUYU ♥♥♥

  • I can't take my eyes off momo help 😭😭

  • Jihye definitely owned this era, but Nayeon’s vocals also completely surprised me, they were on point! She hit all those high notes!

  • Falta alguien son 8

  • Im literally happy that every one is praising God Jihyo❤️ She is just perfect... Don't understand why some are blaming her as an overdancer.. 😒 Her engergy and facial expressions are incomparable

  • just found out that la chica choreographed this. i hope we can see more of their choreography on twice songs.

  • 👍

  • Jihyo was really doing it, in this dance that's why she stands out here because she had the facial expressions and it didn't look like see was just moving just to move, she moved because that's what she knew she could do. Before anyone of y'all say something every member did great but jihyo really made me satisfied

  • 愛想なくて I apologize 君とは これで おしまい さよなら ただ Already enough “悪かった”って 後悔したって 今さら It’s too late Ah 砂の城みたい 音もなく 崩れてく Perfect world 空虚な思い出に 未練など Nothing I don’t need your love 言い訳やめて No Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah 機嫌取りなら Stop Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah 君に捧げる人生はない Don’t make me hate you more, Oh I just want you to keep away Get out Get lost この心から Rejection Get out Get lost 君の帰る場所ない Shut down The bad end 見送ってあげるわ Bye Bye Bye, Oh I just want you to keep away 街行く恋人は 出逢った頃の二人ね Did you forget that shine? 残酷な結末を 誰が想像したでしょう Oh Uh 嵐の後は 昨日までと 違って見える Brand new sky 君のいない未来に 希望があるの Noticed ‘Cause my life goes on 言い訳やめて No Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah 機嫌取りなら Stop Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah 君に捧げる人生はない Don’t make me hate you more, Oh I just want you to keep away Get out Get lost この心から Rejection Get out Get lost 君の帰る場所ない Shut down The bad end 見送ってあげるわ Bye Bye Bye, Oh I just want you to keep away Ah Ya Ya Ya Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La La Wanna keep away 一体どこで Judge & Choice 誤ったの I was wrong 夢を抱いた 私の罪と罰 Get out Get lost この心から Rejection Get out Get lost 君の帰る場所ない Shut down The bad end 見送ってあげるわ Bye Bye Bye, Oh 並べた綺麗事 Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah 嘘に聞こえる All Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah 君に語れる愛はない Can’t stay here anymore, Oh I just want to be far away Get out Get lost その心から Escape now Get out Get lost 嫌気がさすほど Let me down Never again 交わらない世界 I hope so, Oh I just want to be far away

  • yay

  • 1:15 😳✨

  • 👍🏻👍🏻

  • ダヒョンの黒髪ストレート可愛すぎる🤦‍♀️

  • Jihyo dance is no joke im sure she's the second best dancer in twice🥰 love them from morocco 🇲🇦❤

  • 鳥肌がブワーッて立った!めちゃくちゃかっこいい!!特にラップのとこ!

  • This song is powerful, but listening to TWICE members sing very softly, it doesn't suit this song, except for Momo, Nayeon, Chaeyoung, Dahyun, who sing well and powerfully along with the song.

  • やっぱりこのダンス、ジヒョにめっっちゃ似合う

  • jihyo dancing like the rent due

  • Twiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Queens

  • No supero el minuto 2:28 Ni el rap de dahuyn con chae Ni el yea yea yea lala lala jaja

  • Vamos por los 10 millones de esta genial coreografía!

  • TWICEん中で1番ダンス激しくない?かっこよすぎんのよ、モモりんめっちゃ楽しそう

  • ジョンヨン……😢

  • Sana...❤️❤️

  • Tzuyu 😇😇

  • Jihyo é incrível

  • Se la dedico a Josh 😡😡

  • 0:40 Jihyo pegame en la cara y te pido disculpas por ensuciarte las manos


  • みんなカッコいいし、可愛い❤️が混ざってる感じ❕私も将来こんなtwiceのみんなみたいにキレキレでオーディションとか受けれるように頑張ろー!

  • まーじでかっこ良い

  • 1日に一回の聞いているこの曲😀

  • tzuyu maam

  • Twice

  • Queens

  • WOOOOW. Jihyo and Mina's stage presence is on another level!

  • yes, they sing live, while performing a difficult choreo and maintaining synchronization. stay mad, haters. whatever you throw this group will throw it back TWICE the impact.

  • This is by far my favorite Twice song. I feel lucky that I've been able to watch them grow from cute girls to amazingly beautiful & strong artists.

  • I came back here to say that 00:13 Mina is disrespectful 😥😥😍😍

  • この曲でミナにどハマりしました。

  • 8MIL🍾

  • They even left space for jeonghyeon