Twitter's Massive Pedo Problem

Publicado el 3 abr 2020
Twitter, please just stop.
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  • Yes I used beatsaber gameplay. A rhythm game in the background when you can't hear the songs I'm playing. Pretty epic big brain move right there if you ask me ➤Discord Server: Invite temporarily disabled ➤Twitter:

    • I don't actually drink soap btw

    • Who else here drinks dishsoap

    • Popopopopopopopopopopopopopopop

    • @Salt Machine They're not victims, they're scum. And you can quote me on that right now.

    • wot song tho?

  • Ageism.......ageism......AGEISM...WHAT THE FUCK IS AGEISM

  • I am wondering one thing though... Since pedophiles on Twitter say its normal to be attracted to children, and they only want to love them... What will happen when the Child grows up? Are you Just going to trow them away and look For another Child?

  • zoe laverne and tony lopez on their secret twitter accounts rn:

  • *ahem* they did mind their own business until Poland was invaded in WW2

  • I have a few choice words for those people

  • I feel like there’s a fundamental misunderstanding here. (Bare with me, and read through everything I have to say before responding, alright?) These people aren’t all criminals. They experience attraction to minors, but almost none of them act on it. For example, I saw on the news a video of a Bipolar who was off his medication and pulled a knife on a cop. Now, does this mean all Bipolars are just bloodthirsty killers waiting for the moment to strike? No! That would be a MASSIVE overgeneralization, and you would be witch hunted for saying that. And yet, speaking of witch hunting, I’ve seen image after image after tweet after post of people telling people with a mental illness they didn’t choose to have to suffer and burn eternally, completely unironically. I’ve heard stories of people who wanted to have children but gave up on that dream in fear that they would hurt them. I’ve heard of people who have turned to drinking due to depression after being defaced and compared to killers. These people are trying to live their lives as the people around them continue to think of them as yet unconvicted criminals. And about all this “Pro-map” stuff: you know deep down it’s fake. It’s the equivalent of unironically setting your Twitter bio to “Murderer and Proud!” Or “5 Confirmed Rapes!” Most child abusers aren’t pedophiles, and those who are are mildly encouraged, not guaranteed, to do it because of their condition. I have a condition of my own, ADHD, and I have been stereotyped because of it. Please, I beg of you, the world isn’t black and white. Look at all the evidence before coming to a conclusion, no matter which side is presenting that evidence. Edit: I’m talking about the people who have the mental condition, which are most/all of the Anti-Maps. All pro maps are either fakers or genuine abusers piggybacking off of the publicity, illness or (probably) not. The genuine criminals can suffer for all I care, but again, those people (Or at least the ones presenting themselves on Twitter) are _very_ few and far between.

  • The age of consent in the Philippines is 12. And I'm telling you, it's a sad and disgusting reality that MAPs don't want to face.

  • Nevermind I watched the video. The characters weren't ruined for me because I covered the screen while they were being shown

  • Of course all the maps have to be lib rights

  • “Age is just a number” So is 911

  • If they want respect, it would be better to say things like: "I think I may feel attracted to children. I don't like it. Please, someone help me because I don't want to hate myself for this or for people to hate me." instead of making it a "normal thing" and questioning wether or not kids can consent.

  • I'm confused. Do pedophiles get attracted to every child? Because, as far as I know, Straight, gay, bi, pan... they don't feel sexual attraction to everybody...

  • im literally just binge listening to all of savantics videos while i go on the internet. it's kind of like a radio show by now-

  • Me: finds a map tweet. Also me: slowly plays hisoka’s theme

  • Remember when saying pedophilia is bad was a fact and not a political statement?

    • @Lucy Williamson Clearly not to Twitter, lmao.

    • Still is a fact now, tf u talking about

  • i genuinely thought that pedofilia was the one thing we all agreed was bad

  • Can people just stop arguing over this? Children can't consent. Point blank period. There's no discussion to be had about it. *Children. Can't. Consent.*

  • Your very emotional about this and i am on your side 100 percent

  • Im 75% closer to suicide

  • It's official, I hate Twitter. I am so glad I don't use social media. SJWs are bad enough, but the fact that Twitter has pedophilia is shown on this site is just awful. I really hope God comes to take the righteous and let's the pedophiles burn in hell.

    • "Sjws" do NOT have any correlation with pedo encouraging

  • As a child, I think I should buy a gun

  • Idk, I kind of get it? Like, I'm definitely not a pedo, but the nomaps would probably feel a lot of shame for the way that they are, because they know its wrong. And I have some pity for that. And so I get that they'd want to group up with others who know how they feel. They probably need therapy. On the other hand, anybody who has convinced themselves that kids can consent is a bit of a danger to society, and shouldn't be tolerated.

    • @5K with out any Videos I agree. I have pity for them, but it doesn't excuse acting on it.

    • I feel bad for the people who are pedos. But they still need to contain themselves. If you make a pass at children THAT IS NOT OK. I just think they shouldn't say that it's "Beautiful" to have an attraction to children.

  • "Age is just a number" *Hun you can't be 8 to go to high school. And you can't be 11 to have sex. Know that phrase is old and wrong... my friend once said age is just a number and I told him that age literally determines everything you do. Like, EVERYTHING. So yeah, pedos should go to jail and rot and children should be protected :)*

  • using fictional characters to justify kid diddling is the most autistic thing I've heard this week. More proof that we live in a world where mental illness is encouraged and not treated. No wonder we live in clown world right now.

  • Sav: talks about Twitter pedos. My tired ass: God damn 400 high score damnnnn

  • If you think about it, and here me out, age is a number. Not in a map way, but literally it is a number, now it isn't "just a number" it is a number. These statements are different because saying age is a number is describing the word age, or something like that (someone please help me with this part, I'm dumb). Saying it's JUST a number is saying it is only a number and doesn't mean anything else. Which age isn't just a number, it is a number, a number which means a lot in the human race. Please don't hate on me, I'm just trying to say something smart and I'm young and I find maps, wrong. I'll prolly delete this since people might think I'm on maps side but I'm not ;-;

  • Braindead people: "age of being a adult should be lowered" Me: the age of being an adult should be 20 because theres not a "teen" in it

  • Savantics: * talking* Me who's watched this video for the millionth time: i wonder if in that game you can hit a green block with the blue saber...?

  • im pretty young and ive accepted that i can think im mature all i want but in the end im not

  • If there’s one social media that needs to go down It’s Twitter

  • 10:35 i'm 14 AND I'M HORRIFIED, I CAN'T CONSENT!!

  • I'm scared..

  • Wtf

  • Hmmm, age is just a number? Court is just a room. Prison is just a building.

  • Ok this is scary. NOMAP is one thing but actually doing or trying to do these things is sick and awful.

  • 7:23 I remember I saw that clip in an episode when I was a kid, and it really left an impact on me in the best ways. Now this tweet is impacting me in the worst ways.

  • Idk if im too pesimitic but i have the feeling that they will manage to low the age consent

  • Saying that waxer is a map is like saying: you kiss your parents goodnight? Welp, your parent is an epic MAP! MAP people are trying to blend into the LGBTQIA+ community. I am part of that community and can strongly say they will never be accepted by normal people.

  • But we all know M ulti A nimator P roject

  • Whever your auth left, lib left, auth right or lib rig... Ok mabie not the last one but we all agree this is horable.

  • I’m 13, I know I can’t consent. Shut up.

  • I have to say something controversial. The Map from Dora the Explorer is a MAP

  • We need pedo concentration camps

  • They just updated Twitter. How about get rid of MAPs on twitter then update your app.

  • "Kids can consent" Ah yes, children, who's brains are literally still developing and haven't matured and become responsible yet and not even at the age when they're supposed to reproduce, can understand the possible repercussions of having sex at a young age and therefore have the ability to consent.

  • I wanna correct somethings said in this video children aren’t oblivious to sex- especially older ones. It’s just that their brains are growing rapidly and it isn’t fully developed yet. No I do not think children can give consent, although I should point it out since it sounding quite unknowing.

    • ​@Luci Pragmatically. It is safer to put them all in the same category, due to the fact that differentiating obliviousness is very difficult. and the fact that "children aren’t oblivious to sex" are safe from attacks like this but "Oblivious Children" aren't.

    • some children are oblivious, some arent. you cant put them all in the same category

  • This is why I support genocide against degenerates.

  • I feel dirty just watching this. These people make me sick.

  • If they say age is just a number. Tell em two things that are also numbers 911 and their person time.

  • Whats worse is that I have seen actual CP retweeted from some of these accounts

  • If I somehow become a president. I'm banning Twitter on my country.

  • Yall let's put 1 star on Twitter in the play store so it gets removed.

  • just like feminism and lgbtidkanymore got normalized this wasnt surprising to me, actually i was expecting it to happen over time tbh : )

    • @Luci wut? you only said "who hurt you" also judging a person from a comment is a mistake, you dont know the actual person behind to judge that fast

    • @double trouble that your only argument? lmao you're even worse than i thought.

    • @Luci you, in kindergarten :_(

    • @I didn’t ask its only a matter of time

    • who hurt you op?

  • Why do I feel like all these people kin anime Hisoka..?

  • *age is just a number* A jail cell is just a room.

  • But what about the people who are like 17 with another 17 year old?

    • shittyprotip: The lower age difference. The lower chance there is a pedo involved

    • that’s fine. They’re figuring themselves out, no adult that’s taking advantage is involved

    • Its kinda wrong but ok because they are the same age

  • what if the original map group was actually a joke started on 4chan just to trick pedophiles into admitting that they are pedophiles? oh wait it actually is

  • Jeffrey Epstein is my favorite map celebrity

  • These Teets give me the power to kill a stone with two birds.

  • Some days ago a 31 year old man asked me if I like him. He already knew I am 16. When I got angry he told me, "Look, age is not a problem. You are a beautiful young woman who needs love and care. And I can already tell there's a connection between us" I was like:wtf!? We just talked for 5 minutes...... 😕And he's twice my age.... And moreover I look like an 11 year old

  • This literally made me throw up... I am feeling so uncomfortable. It is something I have to deal with like everyday.... 🤮

  • Hans... Get ze gewehr

  • 7:09 - these people are so unable to imagine a situation where they're not actively lusting over a child that a platonic relationship between an adult and a child is inconceivable. Granted, I haven't seen Clone Wars, so idk the specifics, but that's clearly not a romantic gesture in the photo wtf

  • I guess those MAP people stan Herbert the Pervert.

  • I love how a photo of Onision popped up when it was talking about how people who are pedophiles shouldn’t have a platform

  • Let's normalize murder, theft, arson, treason, warcrimes, and putting the milk first while we are at it

  • This world is fucked let’s start again

  • I- I just can’t anymore. I, a minor, HAVE A BRAIN THAT IS SEVERELY LESS DEVELOPED THAN YOU. It is immoral and flat out gross for an adult to do these kinds of things and then say children can give consent. We are incredibly susceptible to pressure and peer pressure alike- We. Can. Not. Give. Consent. *IF A CHILD HAS TO SPELL THIS OUT FOR YOU SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG HERE.*

  • 7:49 yo the real Jesus Christ spoke on pedophilia so if you're a pedophile prepare to be sentenced to a life in hell

  • twitter is the worst social media that i never seen

  • While watching this video, I figured out what songs you were playing. Heres a list of the songs she was playing in order, all of which are Panic At The Disco!: High Hopes Victorious Emporer's New Clothes High Hopes Victorious There's a song at the end that I can't identify, it could probably be a custom song with the same background, as I could not find a lot of similarities to The Greatest Show, at least according to Beat Saber's official gameplay videos of the Panic At The Disco! songs. I see you tried to be sneaky and repeat the footage of some songs, which is completely understandable, given that it's just meant to be background footage.

  • “Age is just a number.” And prison is just a word 😍 have fun with that

  • I knew the MAP infestation was bad but jesus nothing could have prepared me for how bad things really are

  • Everyone else is talking about the actual video while I’m more focused on how good she is a beat saber

  • That teacher though, Why would he congratulate someone for defending pedophilia

  • we need an app that has a map that shows where the nearest map is so that you can avoid them

  • 8:05 dont bring anime into this man... that whole person needs to be thrown away bruh

  • the only reason they support that stuff... is because they are that stuff

  • Miners when they hear about all the people who love them

  • Maps can change. here,this one changed into a blood pile.

  • Adult womens' bodies can barely handle pregnancy at full development. Who in their right mind thinks childrens' bodies are developed enough for sex!?

  • You’re now one of my favourite ESmainr. Good shit

  • Pedophiles are not accepted in my country and I'm hoping it stays that way

  • Holy shit twitter wtf

    • twitter is the worst social media

  • No contact pedophiles need help, but pro contact pedophiles need jail.

  • honestly, i couldn't be more glad that i never downloaded twitter...specially about all the crap happening about these pedos and cancel culture

    • same i'm very glad of me

  • I'm not a pedo

  • I hate being a young teen. I hate it. Get me off Earth.

  • Now, before you devour me, hear me out: Of course seeking sexual contact with children is wrong. Very wrong. And so is fantasising about it. Or even being attracted to them on any level. BUT it's still a mental disorder and we shouldn't shit on people who openly admit it (without taking action in that direction, of course, otherwise lock them up somewhere for all i care) and try to better themselfes. Because hating on them and treating them as non-humans won't make their mental illness go away. Therapy and treatment, which we should encourage them to seek, will. See it this way: which Pedophile is more likely to commit a crime, the one who gets support and encouragement to go to therapy, or the one that is cast out of society for something he has no control over, so he shuts himself in. AGAIN, i'm speaking about people who aren't glorifying their mental disorder or god forbid act on it, but can't help themselfes in their attractions. I think that's mostly what people mean when they say "Normalize Pedophilia". Normalize it as an illness like depression, where you should seek help before someone gets hurt. You may now shit on me.

    • Most non contacts don't need jail. They need help

  • That "rutto lääkäri"is Finnish account!

  • That "rutto lääkäri"is Finnish account!

  • That "rutto lääkäri"is Finnish account!

  • Pedophilia is not getting normalized, or at least not anymore than it already was. Most musicians from the 60s-80s have been creepy with children. I’m not saying this is a good thing, but what I’m saying is that the fight is getting stronger

    • yeah i agree with you

  • pedophilia is NOT normal and never will be. it's literally categorized as a mental disorder. if you're a pedo, stop. get help. seriously. if you act upon your pedophilic nature, encourage molestation in any way, insist that children can consent, or just generally support the act of pedophilia, you're disgusting. stop. you shouldn't be proud of yourself. you need help.

  • 14:30 I think he was trying to say that THEY should get therapy.

  • I cant afford to get arrested...then why tf you come to meet a kid.

  • And now cuties is on netflix, available to anyone. Society is slowly getting more and more acostumed to pedophilia

  • "Age is just a number" and Jail is just jail

    • omg i love this one 😍😍😍😍😎

  • As a child, I know kids cannot consent.