TWO Months with the M1 Macbook Air: A Long Term Review

Publicado el 29 ene 2021
This is the M1 Macbook Air. One of Apple’s computers to use the new M1 Apple Silicon processor. It looks nearly identical to the Macbook air from early 2020. But the similarities are only skin deep. So, the question today is, should you spend your hard earned money on the first generation Apple Silicon macs? Here are my thoughts on these new M1 Macs. Let’s get started with a little review.
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0:47 Physical Features
3:41 Day-to-Day Performance
5:08 M1 Specific Performance
8:13 The Bugs and Glitches
9:48 M1 MacBook Air vs M1 Macbook Pro
10:35 Conclusion
Now let’s talk about usage. The webcam is still 720p but the colors and details look a little better than before thanks to the image processing of the new M1 that it adopted from the iphone and ipads, it’s not a drastic difference though. The mic I would say is okay. But because the macbook air is fan-less you will never hear the blaring of your laptops fans whirling up into maximum overdrive. The screen gets nice and bright. The keyboard no longer has the keyboard backlight controls on the function buttons and if you want to adjust the backlight, you’ll now have to open the quick settings panel by pressing this little sideways nintendo switch looking logo on the top right corner. As a previous owner of a 2016 Macbook pro with similar design, I’d be careful of the following things. 1. TSA, 2. Bracelets or watches. If you’re considering these macbooks, just know while these machines are built really well, with very little flexing on their bodies, they’re not prone to scratching or denting, which some people may love or hate. Now let’s talk about performance. The only times I managed to get it to thermal throttle or get hot is when I export a 4K youtube video kind of like the one you’re watching right now. That usually happens around 8-10 minutes into the export and performance drops.But in everyday usage, like web browsing, photo editing, and even video editing before exporting. It’s only warm. It’s only in those long sustained 100% cpu and gpu usage situations that it ever gets hot or throttles the performance. If you were looking at this for school work, or general computing, then I think you’d rarely throttle it. There’s also the fact that you can download iphone and ipad apps onto the M1 Macs now. Having support for these apps are cool, and I’m sure some of them are useful but because Macs in general don’t have touch screen displays, it makes it super difficult to use iOS apps that were made with touch in mind.
When a company makes a significant change to their product and how it works, and at the same time tries to maintain the same level of features, there has to be some issues right? This isn’t an extensive list, but just issues I’ve personally encountered. I’ve experienced the laptop crashing completely when downloading iphone and ipad apps that restarted the computer by itself. When I had the M1 Macbook pro, there was a large black spot that appeared in the bottom center right of the screen. It only went away if I restarted the laptop. I’ve had Final cut pro, cut the audio randomly while I’m editing. The only way to fix it is to either just wait a few minutes, or close FCP and re-open it. I’ve had issues with the trackpad going fully unresponsive, with the only way to fix it was to restart it. I’m sure with time these issues will be fixed, but it’s also fair to say, these issues exist right now, so as a buyer you should know about them. But luckily those seem to be all software issues that can be fixed over time.


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  • Watched tons of reviews and this is my favorite by far. I mean, you didn't focus only on the good stuff, you also told us about bugs and glitches. That's the type of review I like! I'm a Mac owner since the rainbow apple logo and I own an iMac late 2009, my warrior. Unfortunately I'll have to upgrade, get a new one and I wanna know which is better: a new iMac that will stay by my side for years to come or a Macbook that will follow me everywhere I go?

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  • Would you recommend MacBook Pro 13 inch 8gb and 512gb for a graphic design student who uses a computer a lot every day and have like google chrome app and one of the app adobe like photoshop? I bought it because mine from a 2017 start having black lines at the bottom randomly appears and it disappears Hope someone can help me

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  • I just upgraded from my mid 2012 macbook pro to the M1 Air and I am in love

  • hi there I am your ESmain subscriber and I bought MacBook Pro m1 under your guidance and thoughts on it ..but after using for almost one month I am facing an issues regarding the cursor lag what happens is that whenever I restart my Mac the cursor gets frozen at one place.Please guide me to fix this issue

  • The biggest question I have is M1 VS Intel, which Is better? Or well more worth it in the long run? >:)

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  • I'm kinda worried whether the pro will last longer than the air because I want one that can survive like 5+ years and I had an ipad air 2 that survived like6 years now I want something similar

  • This will sound crazy, but I still use final cut 5 on a 2006 MacBook Pro... I know. But I still love it. Would I be able to use that version of final cut on the M1? I tried using the latest version and man it’s completely different. Would take me some time to get used to.

  • Everyday use for me is programming with at least 6 heavy apps opened.

  • I am editing videos in davinci resolve, usually 1080, casually 4k. Rendering daily for about 40min each day. Planning to buy Air 8gb 512gb instead of the basic pro model. What do you think? Will air be enough? Not gonna change my device for at least 3-4 years.

    • If you're daily rendering I think the Pro fits your needs better or even the rumored M1X chip in future Macs. Especially if you're planning to keep it for awhile!

  • Final cut pro randomly cutting audio happens to me with my intel mac too and it sucks 😞

  • Hey Jimmy great video - quick question, can you speak to the performance of the Macbook Air M1 for streaming (non-game)?

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  • The issues can be resolved with updates.

  • Hi! Is it possible edit one hour video 4k 60fps in the macbook air m1 8/256GB with final cut? The videos are from the drone mavic or a gopro 8.

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  • M1 macbook air screen a bit dim compare to other macbook machine and the speaker sound also not to loud ... both are noticeable .. I am using the USD 1299 macbook air ... however performance is amazingly fast

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  • Do you ask the same question when you find “made in China” stickers on your products? That’s the reason Apple prints designed in California on their products. It’s not confusing at all. It helps consumers to understand the origin of their products. Why would anyone wish to remain blind to production?

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  • it's my first Mac. I am only a bit disappointed with the battery life. I have to use it for online classes, so that's hours of Zoom/Teams/Skype. I also use Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. The battery does not last all day long. Can anyone tell me if you should only charge it when it is really low on battery, or if you can leave it charging all day while you use it without it screwing up the battery cycles

    • Hello, currently I have a windows laptop and I bought it it 2019. It is always plugged in,I only used the battery two or three times since I bought this PC in December 2019 and guess what? The battery has 0 wearing. If you use your Mac at home I personally would keep it connected to the charger,using the battery(draining and reloading)will use up the charge cylcles. PS:I owned a couples of Macs before,my last Mac was a MacBook Pro 13/2015,so I know what I am talking about;-)

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  • Anyone else notice the keys vibrate and make buzzing sounds etc when the MacBook reaches a certain frequency on high volumes? When it's past 70% or so volume it can buzz and such sometimes. Especially noticeable for me at the start of Radiohead's No Surprises. I assume it's because the laptop is so slim and the speakers are so close to the keys, still a disappointing design flaw nonetheless. Aside from that I love this laptop.

  • I didn’t look through the whole video, but does people really spend their days playing games including editing videos on this piece of equipment?

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  • I brought an Air, I needed to replace my refurb lenovo that was underspeced but brought on a budget, I was going to do same again, but get an i5 this time with more ram, after my budget drifted up to about £500 in the research phase, started thinking about an iPad as well as my parents seemed only comfortable with Facetime and my old one was cracked and wouldn't charge. Long story short it was about the time the second reviews were in on the M1s after the hype train had pulled out of the station and it was clear that they were best value on market, no point in upselling to a new i7 or saving a 2-300 on a cheaper big box perpetual sale model that would fall to bits and run slow for some stuff. These things (MBA) are so sweet spot now for value its difficult to buy anything else.

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    • Only via usb-c. So you’ll need a dongle for hdmi or DisplayPort

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  • Ended up returning my base model M1 MBP for an Air with 512GB SSD and 16 GB RAM because they cost about the same. I rarely ever need 100% CPU performance for more than 2-3 minutes and for the week I’ve had my Pro, the only time I could get the fans to turn on was during Cinebench. Air is the best value for sure given the excellent thermal performance of M1

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    • @alex bond For me, switching to Mac was a bit of a pain. for starters my courses in college were mainly windows based, not a lot of support for Mac, and what was on Mac was not the best. However programming isn't so bad on Mac, the screen size is to small though, overall I have mixed feelings, but I will say its not so bad. I may get the 16 inch and go with a windows desktop best of both worlds.

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    • @Kiel Enrique what? Factual statements?

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    • @Project Sirius ahhh. I thought you meant Outlook was a paid app in the app store. And yes I have a 365 sub so that makes sense.

    • @Lahiru suraweera Good for you. But it says on the download page "A qualifying Microsoft 365 subscription is required for this application" so that is why I am not using it.

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  • Is it worth waiting till later this year to get a 2021 m1 air like with the pro or will there not be many changes between the 2020 and 2021 air?

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    • Some of the “Apple tax” is actually an Intel tax. They take a big cut and will only reduce it if the manufacturer puts Intel stickers on the machine. Apple refuses, so they pay full price minus whatever volume discount

    • Probably cheaper to make because they have similar processors to iPhones and iPads.

    • @FUCK OFF uhhh no

    • watch the reviews on the SSD'S IN 6-12 months. Apparently it writes a RIDICULOUS amount of data and can potentially cause the SSD to need replacing... this said i have the 2020 intel based macbook air and it's a REALLY good machine.

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    • In the states, TSA requires all laptops be removed from your bags for inspection.

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  • Got a HP envy few days back with the AMD processor and it works fab. Also paid half the cost of macbook