Unboxing Donnie The Drift Car's New MOON REVVING Solid Roller Texas Speed Engine!! (very spicy)

Publicado el 11 may 2021
Can't wait to have Donnie back... he's a ripper and he's going to be SPINNIN this new Texas Speed engine to the moon!
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  • Yo guys! Grab tickets to the Freedom Factory drift night on June 5th right here: tickets.thefoat.com/FreedomFactory/Freedom+Factory+Drift+Night/tickets/event-37982/

    • My birthday!! And I'll be at the freedom factory couldn't ask for anything better

    • Where is the Dale Truck ???

    • ok n

    • what the fuck is a "Arma felony 6s with upgraded castle 1717 8s motor combo"

    • You need to let Kevin loose on Leroy after he's finished on Mullet and build a 2.0 version of Leroy and bring him to the next level you know it makes sense and he deserves it being the og car

  • Awwww, look guys. Cleetus finally became a grown-up and got a real cam:-D There's only one kind of camshaft;-)

  • i wanna see a kong blower at some point, switch it up from the spooly bois

  • Can we get a car update???

  • I find it funny about them talking about the shaft mounted rocker arms....yet my Mopars are all shaft mounted and makes 20% of the power

  • my favorite Cleeter videos are the ones where they talk technical details with James and he's just casually shooting the breeze but dropping all the knowledge on how to make power

  • Cleetus we can tell when your hand is over your phone mic

  • Did someone say 427?

  • Do a 8 to one header

  • As I've always said....."Juice Lifters" are for PUSSIES! ROLL SOLID! 👍

  • Please use mic!

  • The incompetent grip worryingly heap because ronald analogously separate among a wakeful pet. crazy, romantic peace

  • That 427 needs 2 huge turbos lol

  • Seems like everytime you-all run your GM product they break . It doesn't look good for your mechanic skills or GM products

  • Dual Plane Leroy when?

  • It's bad getting 😕 old now I have to go find what happened to Leroy I remember driveline issues but didn't know it was terminal

  • Honesly should get built motors and put them in the skis

  • Bout time Donnie got an engine that doesn't suck!! ❤️ Go destroy some tyres for us bro 😁

  • you have a hole tire shop set up down there from drift to drag tires lne all the walls lol

  • Run boost with methanol on drift car and heat will not be an issue especially if your running E85 on top.

  • brother solid roller is the only way to go we have a 79 351m solid roller with a 651 lift cam and alot of other upgrades and we make 590 na

  • Jack Stand and Cleet must puff a lot of doobs.

  • When is kills-b getting his turn to burn rubber

  • Woooooo weeeeeeeeee!!! Look at the big ole holes in the heads! Please don't run another motor in a circle track or drift car without an accumulator at the very least.

  • 👍🏽👍🏽

  • I hope yall have a nice dry sump and swirl pot on that new motor.. . at least a Accusump and a really good pan.

  • Where is the Dale Truck ???

  • "We'll keep it N/A... maybe some nitrous" haha

  • Love Donnie! 2nd favorite car next to Leroy!

  • I love how excited James gets when he starts talking about building stuff. One of a handful that talks about doing things then does the hell out of it. 🤘🏻🇺🇸

  • “So much room for activities” best quote ever lol

  • Please put kinsler itb’s on it Cleet, let those bald eagles scream!

  • What happened to Leroy, I forget.

  • Why would you make a video about a new engine and not put it in

  • Who’s Dale?

  • If your worried about heat you should consider methanol

  • 👍

  • Now i know why it took so long to get my cam crower was working on yours 😂

  • I would love to see a video of ol' Jackstand assembling his engine for the Nova!

  • Whats going on with the MKIII supra in the background by the shop?

  • Donnie is by far my favorite car in your garage! I feel like you need a c5 or c6 road course car

  • Is there gonna be a ppv for the drift night ?!

  • C5Z with 700hp N/A Texas Speed 427 7.0 Liter!???? Yessss pleasseeeee

  • I did not know the 4 door Broncos had a soft tip option???? Didn’t even know the roof was removeable on the 4 door???

  • “...SO MUCH ROOM for activities!!!”

  • Do you assume we want to listen to you yelling, just so we can hear james get goddam mic's

  • wheres the mcfarland marine shirts!

  • Fire me up!

  • Who couldn't take there eye off that thing growing on cleetus nose?

  • The intro got me today 4th of July.

  • TO THE MOON!!!!

  • Cleetus, please for the love of god just keep this motor N/A and make it a reliable LS based ripper for the next couple years! 🤙🏼

  • 666 mark of the beast

  • Cleetus has 666k views 😂

  • "Our HIGHEST REVVING ENGINE..." Don't tell the people how high lol

  • Anyone else wanna see Cleetus have a killer shop at the FF??

  • awesome at 4,23 backward bendy thumb, legend

  • A turbo rotary in them Seadoo's would be awesome! Probably fit too!

  • Deff make that break-in-case box. Make some sugar glass, it's what they do in movies.

  • That OSB crate is worth more than the engine 😳

  • Is that a Foxbody coupe sitting out back?

  • RTR bronco just chillin behind Vaughn :o

  • Klutch Kickers?



  • Send that cali engine to Texas speed

  • LS engine is not that strong? seem you killing LS engine every 2 weeks or so.

  • Welcome to eudm/jdm powerbands👌😂

  • The sound effects at 2:50.

  • A SeaDoo without an engine is a Sea-don't

  • Hoosier Profiles can hook you up with a bigger alternator pulley to keep you from killing alternators.

  • is neighbour a 427?

  • I wanna see you push that Humvee to 10 sec 1/4 mile

  • Did anyone else see those chunky ties at the end

  • "Welcome to the Crower Crowd,," Classic Jackstand comment :)

  • Can't even hear James sometimes he talks so low ?,speak up James

  • That dude already has the new Bronco?!

  • Wheelies for days in the Nova

  • tell james not to do a rear mount radiator if hes already struggling with keeping the front down getting more weight to the rear would only be worse? just an outsider perspective

  • Ole Donnie needs a dry sump so she don’t run out of oil on them big jobs

  • wish i had that junk block to fix and run

  • You guys should put a gsx-r or kawi 600 engine in one of the jet skis. That would be stupid quick on the water.

  • Missed a chance to LS swap a jet ski...

  • i spent like an hour scrolling these comments and i just have to say, wow. I have a whole new respect for cleetus taking into consideration the type of mentally handicapped people he has to deal with at his shows and events

  • You know it’s good when the ls has rectangle intake ports lool

  • I love the wrap on Donnie. it looks so good

  • I love it! Finally they went with an LLSR build. Can rev like a beast and sound so unique and crispy clean. Hopefully more people will learn about and embrace LLSR builds thanks to Cletus. Yeah it's a bit more work making measuring for every single pushrod, and more expensive than the typical LS hydraulic roller build, but worth it imo.

  • the crate is worth just as much as that engine. LOL

  • One say you guys have to go to race week whit allá the cars, Ruby, Nova, Leroy, Dale Truck, Camino and the Crown Vic and just full send it

  • 8:27 Maybe an opportunity to build Leroy a new chassis, swap in that SME 540 Dart BBC, and fit a custom front end to help out in the aero department.

  • Never watch when you have a headache, the moving camera fast made me sick lol

  • Are we not going to mind the supra in the back ground?

  • "Hi texas speed ? Cleet's here, we're gonna need another one of those spicy 427 brother!"

  • Just got my tickets for me my wife and my 5 year old. Can't wait. Hell yeah brother.

  • Oh cool another LS. Do something different. I'm working on a GM 4.2 swap, playing with the oil pan now...

    • @AUSTIN any engine that goes 9s bone stock isn't a "shitty engine." If you don't know about Atlas engines your not a car guy. And I didn't say anything about a LS swap did I, dip shit? I'm guessing reading and comprehension are a hard task for someone who has a vocabulary like you do. I'm not arguing with a 15 year old child who's never owned a vehicle let alone build one..

    • lmfao this channel isn't about doing dumb fucking engine swaps. if you want to watch someone deal with the hassles of putting shitty motors in perfectly good cars go watch a different youtube channel also that isn't a fucking swap, he's putting an LS into a car that came with an LS

  • We'll keep it NA. Well maybe some nitrous. How many times have we all said that...

  • FOR A CAR SHOP YOU HAVE "NO" MACHINES ..If you want to work on wood......

  • Toast in the back "am I a joke to you??"

  • Ruby is the real MVP.

  • Day 1 Galaxy come back!!!!