Publicado el 3 jul 2020
I can't believe I literally painted on my Lamborghini with ZHC...
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  • I hope you can buy another lambo

  • it’s like an astro lambo

  • Like

  • Bro everybody go to a park with a Lambo and about 10 grand you will have the best car of all eternity LOL :)

  • BABY

  • 💛💚💜🔥🔥🔥

  • 0:28 me and my friends when mom says “foods ready”

  • I follow you guys on Instagram every single day I thought so I’m animals like I’m only six sold poop head and faze rug night for that and then and I love your videos if you hear that thing right now that is my brothers playing Fortnite so that was this current soul

  • Done

  • Nice video

  • I love Michelle

  • Bro faze rug i love your scary vdeio

  • Done

  • Wow this amazing when I just see this i am like wha- I died

  • FaZE Rug wassup brah

  • WHAT

  • We he said: I JUST YELL ALOT I was like it’s the life of an ESmainR

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  • Ur left handed broo! Never know that ur left handed lol

  • Hi

  • This will pass the cocane prank in views

  • i love your video

  • Ok I’ll drop a coment

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  • Oh my God

  • Woow 😍 lookingat that Lamborghini felt like heaven on earth thanks for the positive vibes ..God bless you.✌

  • Can you please tell Michel to stop spoiling the art it's disgusting if that's how her name spells😟😟😭😭

  • i can not follow you on ita because I dont have it.

  • ZHC hi I love you

  • the lambo looks so cool

  • COOL

  • Mushel. You. Are. Stopit.

  • I like the car bro it look sick bro 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤭🤑☠️

  • i would draw a soccer ball. I would draw my fav ESmainrs names. Love your videossssssssss

  • I followed you on instagram

  • omg i love it?🤩

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  • what is that song in the beginning called?

  • Are u arab

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  • This video does NOT deserve to beat the cocaine prank in views

  • Subscribed to you

  • I can’t follow you on Instagram for all of you because I don’t have it but I subscribe and put the Location bell

  • Omg the lambo looks cool

  • I have always wanted to have a sun burn but I can’t

  • Cool 😄😄

  • here you go i got the message

  • FaZe Rug is kinda showing off because he could’ve put we coustomised my car in stead of lambo

  • The 5.8 m who did not sub 🤡🤡🤡

  • Ok I dropped a comment why did I have to do that.

  • Wait i didnt know he had a mclaren ;-;

  • How do you draw a big moon how do you draw a moon or anything

  • ok

  • Your brain is a genius

  • If this happened... Mall security: your getting kick out ZHC and Faze Rug: we dont think so ESmain security be like: Sir do you have permission to kick these people? Mall security: Uhhhhhhh YT Security: Thats a No, your kicked out boi Mall security: Nooooooooooo!!! Mall security was banned lol

  • Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this Comment”🏆

  • Draw a among us player

  • Cómo estás o ESmain So How Times Facebook en el fondo te busque ayuda en el video Will da miedo Don vi Said hace Name Of The me despido que hay un Mail Aisa odio pero pues dale mi amor

  • so cool i love

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  • FAZE RUG Comment

  • Red2020

  • Yo it’s mad

  • Yo

  • Not jogin

  • I like space

  • I subscribed right away you are a sick baby wow nice you guys are amazing amazing amazing amazing thank you for posting videos you guys are the best you guys are my new favorite ESmainrs are you

  • Oh that’s so cool you guys are the best I was actually looking for my friends channel but then I found you and I watched video bro God you are sick

  • are you rich

  • Omg love love that lambo it’s so pretty

  • Love your ve video and ZHC video please your arts a amizing !! Love you guys your so cool

  • bla

  • OH my car . beautyful. fun. la la la unbielie👍😂😘🤩😋🙋‍♂️

  • It’s so cool

  • Nice

  • Its ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎

  • It's alright you did your best by a kid haha

  • It is banging🖕

  • I sub 2 u man

  • Hey what’s up

  • Ur amazing And I love ur lambo and u r the nicest person ever

  • That car is beautiful One of my favorite🤣👏

  • Hiiii

  • Y they all drawin circles zach’s looks the best plz like this faze rug

  • I ordered my sister a Lamborghini and It was lighting up rainbow 🌈

  • hey faze my BFF's birthday is coming up and to surprise him I have commented on 15 ESmainrs videos if you reply then he will be the happiest person on the planet if you see this it will be the best surprise of his life special thanks, kallie uk

  • Here’s what I love bedtime and Quincy what about you your bedtime and 25. There’s something on sorry

    • That was by accident sorry I didn’t mean to do that my grandpa was talking when it was on

  • i got punsht

  • You are my favourite ESmainr

  • So cool 3:44

  • Ok Lol Cool


  • Thank you for inviting us bro!

  • OMG me I never had one of those I only have a small phone 📱

  • OMG I love this video I love it I hope you drop something on it because it’s so good!!!!

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  • 20Years later and I’m still doing customising

  • Holly fuck