we need to talk about the drug culture on tiktok

Publicado el 15 abr 2020
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problematic nurses on tiktok | esmain.info/goal/v-deo/n65kp9Cnoat3o68
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  • i post about being a drug addict and prostitute on tiktok and have accumulated almost 20k followers, I hope all the kids who see me on their fyp are inspired and grow up to be drug addicted prostitutes like me! drugs are so cool and im honestly embarrassed for everyone who doesnt do the hardest ones

    • Ketamine is the best everyone should shove it up their b holes everyday people who don't are such losers honestly

    • but yeah it's the complete lack of perspective or experience yet having so much bull**** to say about it for me

    • at least she knows alcohol is also a drug just like any other tbh

  • Never apologize for the cute cat sounds

  • people who shame other people‘s experiences, like having a bad trip ON ACID make me so angry. i had several bad trips on edibles, where people would tell me „oh that doesn‘t count, they‘re just edibles“ like ... so you‘re telling me the times i was panicking so badly i thought i was going to die due to edibles don‘t count? nice buddy

  • Coming here to say that Oregon recently decriminalized small amounts of street drugs like heroin. From what I'm seeing, it's set in place to make it easier for people to get help.

  • Yeah i've done all of them benadryl isnt hallucinogenic its a deliriant, but i will say though i did spend hours having Toto the dog from Wizard of Oz on the floor besides my computer chair looking up at me, and various other places throughout the night and on my lap. its fucking terrible for your memory it didnt take that many times for me to just give it to a friend whod benefit from logical use of it for his withdrawl symptoms of heroin. I've done basically every drug known and unknown to man and i notice specific things DESTROY memory and are borderline asking for early dementia, the oldest woman who ever lived was a smoker, so you cant put blanket statements on bad things equalling bad results in all cases its just a matter of theres many more people who dont have a leash on use or dont want too. But posting it jeez, my lord thats a terrible idea!! but if its legal than you cant jump on there back for it, it wasnt that long ago that'd youd be looked at as evil or disgusting if you pulled out reefer in public and smoke dit, yet in California,Chicago and Amsterdam, nobody would blink at it now. so i think the over indulging of peoples morale high grounds make younger people go ''fuck it'' because nobody thinks there narrow minded

  • If you get it you get it but you Clearly don’t

  • i think tiktok should be 16+ not 13+

  • OMG THE HOMEMADE RECIPES ARE SO DANGEROUS. If you try to make homemade alcohol and the yeast doesn't ferment and it dies...And you drink the liquid anyway, you can get extremely extremely sick. Teenagers are so dumb I swear to god

  • Good on you for never even having a cigarette. They stink lol.


  • There’s also a literally one where you OD on Benadryl and someone has died

  • I really feel like when it comes to things like drugs and sex, giving out ALL of the risks and possible downsides is a must. Its a personal choice, but make it an informed choice🥰

  • Dmt is wonderful you are so ignorant

  • Let us also consider that those who suffer from chronic hallucinations and delusions unwillingly, say someone with psychosis, would probably not recommend it for recreational purposes

  • Meme I remember: Stay in drugs Don’t do vegetables Eat your school


  • Sarah I actually love u ty for this

  • is anybody else the mom friend in the group who tells everybody else not to do this

  • My dad Told me DMT is the death drug. Not because it kills you, but because it basically is the chemical your body produces when you die. So taking it makes your body think you're dying I think. Apparently what you hallucinate when you do it is super intense and often traumatizing. My dad is terrified of deep water and the ocean. He said he was floating in a black ocean with no end. Another girl who accidentally took a small amount said she had the weirdest, most twisted alice in wonderland horror show. I'm unsure if the DMT the video mentions is the same, but if it is. It is not a fun drug.

  • What the shit is ketmine am I spelling that right


  • Alcohol is such an overlooked drug. Where i live you can legally drink at the age of 16, but most people get drunk for the first time when they are 13. There are so many kids that get alcohol poisening and who go to the hospital, but because it´s not sold as drug it canßt change

  • I applaud you for this

  • I was dumb enough to try to eat nutmeg, OH GOD ITS DISGUSTING 🤮, I puked VIOLENTLY and thank god nothing got digested, I NEVER EVER LOOKED AT IT AGAIN

  • Do a video on the TikTok Autism Challenge + the guy who came up with it who talks about it here on ESmain.

  • I just heard on the radio that a young girl overdosed and died from Benadryl. So scary

  • Honestly I'm gonna sound wicked old, but This generation is going to shit.

  • a kid actually died from od’ing on benadryl from tik tok

  • the acid one... like this is real life not the perks of being a wallflower babes you're missing third period

  • Tbh this is tiktok community is kinda a reflection of the glamorization of drugs, and it's probably not helpful that the biggest opposing side isn't informed ppl who want to give accurate info about why u should avoid hard drugs or even the possible bad side effects of softer drugs and harm reduction, it's just megachurch priests and d.a.r.e officers yelling inaccurate scare stories about how weed immediately kills you if you smoke it once and don't inhale, even if you don't have any sorta real world condition that may cause adverse reactions to weed, and how G-d can see every drug you do and hates you for it.

    • It's a big crockpot of shame/guilt/criminalization and glamorization in at least American culture that just leads a lot of people doing drugs and no one with a serious drug problem getting help cuz they're worried abt the people around them making them feel even worse about their issue

  • How can you tell if someone is one of these drugs?

  • Those meows are soooo cute I want ur cat lol

  • As someone who had an aunt that died from a drug od, and how it ruined my cousin’s life, people normalizing drugs is disgusting, even weed should only be used in medical watch. Please don’t do drugs, DONT, or I will come over and steal your favorite stuffed animal

  • No wonder tiktok has been banned in some countries 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • I never heard of a person or ppl who want to hallucinate. WTH....is with these ppl !! Benadryl will put you to sleep ( depending how much you take).

  • I'm a teenager, but I find you so right

  • Have none of them seen the movie Thirteen? I understand drug abuse isn't as glamorous as movies make it look, but what they have fun promoting now will harm their health later. Same with eating disorders.

  • I use benadryl to sleep when I'm depressed because I just hate being awake most of the time. :( I don't take more than one at a time tho... But I do take it often... And now I'm hella anxious.

  • Sarah:*speaking* Her cat: imma destroys this womens whole career

  • You commenting on hallucinogens and spitting out straight facts is something worth a lot of to me. I did hallucinogens to escape reality as a late teen aaaaaaand obviously it fucked me up. FOR LIFE. Y’all I’m 21. Why did I have to do this shit @ age 16. So dumb. SOOOO DUMB!

  • As for someone that abused of drugs during my teenage years, and some pretty bad ones @ that, don’t do drugs kids. Trust me, it’s not worth the brain damage. Edit: People on Tik Tok really need to stop gglamourizing hallucinations. I have them, as one with psychosis does. And it sucks. IT SUCKS.

  • 'ket' can mean 'dude' in certain Flemish dialects here in Belgium haha

  • did this bitch just show me how to make dmt

  • i think we should eliminate the stigma around shrooms and acid bc if u do research they're some of the safest drugs. what we should be focusing on alcohol and prescription drugs and how many more people die from alcohol consumption a year.

  • I respect you for making this video. There are a lot of important things you touched upon. However, I think it would have been important to talk about the need and importance of comprehensive drug education. Even if you choose to not use drugs, recreationally or otherwise, I think it’s integral for any and everyone to know what to do to keep their friends safe and know if emergency services need it be called. Honestly, it could be a great way to disseminate comprehensive drug education if Tik Tok stepped in and worked with a nonprofit organization or health care professionals. By eliminating those videos, sure you’re decreasing accessibility but the problems still exist. Comprehensive drug education is, in my opinion, the best option in harm reduction.

  • Tienes una cara muy bonita

  • I know very little about tik tok, but NO you are not overreacting. I'm shocked, this is so dangerous

  • Can you please do a video on how so many people romanticize kidnapping on tiktok

  • Ok so TW for mention of suicide/death So this one kpop singer committed suicide in 2017 and on TikTok there are actually people making jokes about him and his death. TikTok needs to be more aware of this shit

  • I searched up for the song drugs on tiktok and found this i didn't know this was going on

  • I’m going to turn 12 this year, and I’m really sad that i am the same generation as the dimwits.

  • Where I'm from drug use among teenagers is literally normal. 12 year olds consuming alcohol? Normal. Weed, Xanax, MDMA , mushrooms etc. are also drugs teenagers consume without it being a big deal. The funny thing is that these people come from wealthy families and their doctor / lawyer /whatever parents don't even care.

  • as a 15 year old, the amount of people i know who want to do drugs or do them is sad.

  • i find it funny how this is not the reason trump is banning tiktok, it’s because he thinks the chinese government is spying. very interesting

  • when it comes to drugs, many kids use them as an escape. Especially alcohol. I understand not glorifying, but there is a larger underlying issue of mental health and even possibly trauma that usually draws people to drugs and alcohol at such a young age. Some might try it to be cool, but the ones actively seeking an escape often need help that they may not be able to find at home.

  • Idk this might be a controversial opinion but I don’t think it’s the responsibility of platforms to shield specific types of content from children. That reasoning is used for so much censorship and while children should be exposed to age appropriate ideas there’s also a whole world out there and it’s just not always possible. I think parents should be having open conversations with their children (ESPECIALLY teenagers) about drug use, what it means, what addiction means in a non judgmental and ongoing way. And especially in the age of the Internet when information is so accessible. Tiktok is surely not the only source of that information. Shielding people from certain videos or information “for their protection” I find to be a really bad idea for a number of reasons. Tiktok has an audience of younger people, sure, but what if a kid was already in conversation with their parents about drug use and had the type of relationship where they could actually say “hey mom I found this video what do you think” or whatever. Then the parent can parent and not have an app just block everything that could be offensive. Edit: I forgot to make my point about younger audiences. Tiktok has a young audience but it’s not an app for children. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to serve you content that you might be interested in. To me, that would never be an app I would consider a kids app. That’s a heavy duty piece of technology.

  • Okok but like wow, an app made for teenager has a drug culture, What a shock!

  • people: posting videos of them shooting fucking heroine *nothing happens* me: posts a video that happens to have my (21yo) friend in the back blowing out smoke right at the end *it gets taken down*

  • bruh ketamine is one of the most dangerous drugs

  • I didnt even know this was a thing 😳

  • if i wanted to hallucinate i'd stop taking my meds where are my Schizoaffective bros

  • i know the topic of the video but lmao the camera focused on her cat at one point

  • Ok. I’m not trying to start anything but... yes children are on the app. But Tik tok customizes your fyp for what videos you Like. All my little cousins tik tok fyp looks like little kids dancing and Disney princesses. If you are mad about your tik tok having drug related stuff maybe you should do something about it instead of complaining to youtube. And I’m not saying that drugs aren’t bad. Because they are. It’s a serious topic.

  • The problem is definitely the glamorisation of drugs and alcohol. I'm fifteen and I know a lot of kids my age who smoke weed regularly and apparently even do coke. I know kids who have blacked out drunk and are super casual mentioning it but try to act cool about it. I think that children need to know about drugs but they should know all of the baggage that comes with it. My mum wouldn't mind me doing drugs as long as I'm in a safe environment. These kids aren't being safe because no one teaches them that they need to be.

  • We learn to make alcohol at school at 12

  • ngl i was fine with drugs from tiktok (i’m a younger teen) and after watching this i’m like 😳

  • anyone else pet the cat w their mouse when they watch videos like these

  • Your video just made it come back to my mind: when I was in high school we had a new person in our year who tried to impress us with telling us about her drug stories. (She's been into heavy metal, as my group of friends and I) Thank good we weren't impressed at all about her behaviour and didn't think she's cool. So after some weeks she tried to get into other groups in our year.

  • At the high school I go to there is a smaller drug scene. People take stuff like high BP pills and other medication which is ????

  • addiction and use trauma is real. when something with as many consequences as substances is so widely normalized and encouraged by a peer group, the repercussions can easily go unnoticed until the damage is long done. It pains me to think of those who will be tossed around by the cycle of abuse without realizing the damage being done. not everyone gets out.

  • these household things are FAR more dangerous than educating yourself on drugs like acid and mushrooms, seeking them out through safe sources, and even testing your items when you get them before you take them.

  • My partner's 7 year old showed him a video of Peppa Pig finding and smoking a blunt, tagged as "Peppa that's not a trumpet" all of the hashtags were relating to Peppa Pig so probably wouldn't have been flagged, she was absolutely laughing her head off at it. Seriously, what the actual F is wrong with the world!

  • Nutmeg is actually incredibly toxic when consumed in large amounts. 1 tablespoon could literally kill a medium-large sized dog.

  • I feel very much like Sarah, when we had a drug unit in health class and I heard your brain isn't developed until 25 I decided I'll never try drugs or drink until after that age. still don't ever want to drink or do drugs, idk I just don't see the hype plus I have anxiety about not being in control

  • Tiktok should be deleted

  • TikTok: Benadryl Me who has to take Benadryl 2x a day because I have extreme allergies: No, shut up, Benadryl is for allergies. It’s not fun to have to take it.

  • i find it ridiculous that my tiktoks of nature get banned for being "inappropriate" when there's nothing inappropriate about them lmao but then this type of stuff gets posted every day and stays up forever... what

  • It's almost being responsible is taboo these days.

  • As I don't believe you have any control or choice over what adds get added onto your videos.. .. But deffinatly you didn't get demonatized. And at least what I was shown. The very first add was actually for TikTok!!! So as much as you are trying to show bad trends or how bad Tik Tok is they are just piggybacking onto you video and probably driving just as much traffic back to their app.. Again nothing against you but a typical thing I see happening on ESmain

  • I m not gonna lie .. I was actively involved in young adult/ teen drug use even though my mom went down a dangerous and dark path. I was 14. I had no idea what I was doing and almost overdosed twice. Don't sit on these comments and shame the kids using these drugs. I've seen people go down the rabbit hole and the people who didn't have the support and we're being shamed and called names like "junkie" unfortunately are far less likely to get appropriate help and get better.

  • here in South Africa, there are people dying because theyre trying homemade alcohol. your life is more important than being trendy...?

  • Just the thought that my 11 year old nephew, who is on tiktop sees videos like this on tik tok...

  • Before I had gotten help for my mental health I would've eaten this up, I was extremely depressed and I was looking for ways to feel better even if it was only temporary. I had turned to drugs (weed, cigarettes and alcohol not any hard drugs) and seeing this kind of content would've motivated me to try anything just for that feeling of happiness, I'm glad I've got the help and no longer seek drugs to feel good :)

  • You say “casual edibles”, but I have long lasting psychosis from have brownies ONCE I also had a massive flashback during most of the trip off it, it was incredibly traumatic

  • i'm so late but i was wondering if you had any thoughts on alcohol laws in different countries? i didn't really drink until i was 18 and that's the law here in the uk, but obviously the average 18-year-old brain development probably doesn't change much depending on which country you're in :)

  • Let's just ban straight tiktok

  • I did oxy in middle school (I was 11) with my ex (he pressured me into it) and I've been dealing with an addiction to it since. My mom has told me it's most likely because addiction runs on both sides of my family so I'm more likely to be effected seriously than other people (like my ex) Edit: tik tok takes down more LGBTQ activism and black creators content than the drugs

  • *watches this before hitting bong*

  • It makes me sad how many kids want to do drugs. It’s apparent education is failing them in many ways, and also so indicative of the world we live in that gives them poor mental health that they already need that type of escape :(

  • I never thought of doing drugs until I saw people on tiktok doing it. Now I'm homeless and using.

  • nutmeg can kill you if you take high doses. please don't do this.

  • off topic but i really like ur shirt lol

  • So I’m in a group home where a lot of ppl have done drugs and lemme tell u a few things I learned 1) addiction is not nice. Sure u may say u won’t get addicted but there is a good chance you will and it’s not fun. There has been so many people in the one year that I’ve been in my placement that have had to leave bc they needed more help. 2) you really don’t give a fuck when your on drugs. You don’t care if you you get kick out and live on the streets, you don’t care if lose your children, you don’t care if you get raped, you don’t care if you almost die. 3) it’s fun for the first 2 times. After that you’re fucked. Your entire existence is now centered around doing that specific drug. When are u gonna get it. Where are u gonna from. Who’s gonna be around. How do I do it when I get it. How do I do it without being caught. In short: yes drugs will fuck u up.

  • THANK YOU for covering this!

  • I've always been way too fucking scared to do any kind of hallucinates because I already have a very depressive, suicidal, sad and dark mindset that I have to battle with every day of my life. I KNOW I'll have a horrible and scary trip sooo no thanks lol.

  • There is whole trend on tiktok if people showing their used vape cartridges and cigarettes packs. Like literally hundreds of them

  • Love how tiktoc can't find these drug videos but the censor and find and flag *ugly, dark skinned, and disabled tiktoc users Lol aight tiktoc

  • Oh ho Benadryl is crazy, a small bottle will straight up kill you in the worst kinda way. Sure it'll make you see shit but it'll fuck you worse then some illegal drugs

  • Taking a hallucinogen once has the possibility of causing lasting effects on you, you can have flashbacks to your hallucinations throughout your life--and at least from what friends that have experienced this have told me, it is absolutely mentally and physically terrifying and devastating.

  • Like MR.T always says "don't do drugs, drugs are BAD"