Why is Ukraine the West's Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer

Publicado el 24 sep 2015
UnCommon Core: The Causes and Consequences of the Ukraine Crisis
John J. Mearsheimer, the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor in Political Science and Co-director of the Program on International Security Policy at the University of Chicago, assesses the causes of the present Ukraine crisis, the best way to end it, and its consequences for all of the main actors. A key assumption is that in order to come up with the optimum plan for ending the crisis, it is essential to know what caused the crisis. Regarding the all-important question of causes, the key issue is whether Russia or the West bears primary responsibility.
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Comentarios: 15 061

  • Amazing explanation........simple and clear.

  • I would never have watched this video when it first came out, but now that events are getting serious, I am so thankful I found this because now it makes sense why things are happening the way they are, and where we are headed, and it scares me because I feel there's nothing I personally can do about it.

  • Truly American approach. Talking about "making" other countries into something without considering their interests and opinions.

  • I am Ukrainian myself and it is truly sad of how my country struggles to clean itself up. Just leave it alone. we need time to build up.

  • Thank you, excellent presentation! I am watching this video on February 5, 2022, 8 years after the fact.

  • Love this speech and thank god he has the freedom to speak openly and sometimes even negatively about his own country. He definitely changed my mind about this conflict.

  • Recently stumbled upon this talk. Prof John J. Mearsheimer's thoughts on Ukraine, on the West, and on the East are as relevant now as they were when this talk was given. A valuable and enlightening talk. Thank you for sharing this.

  • It is very interesting to watch in 2022, knowing how events played out.

  • I like his talk a lot, and he explained the psychology fairly well of both western EU countries and the Russia from a historical point of view that traced back to WW2. Ukraine people certainly has a lot of sad memory about WW2. This is really a messy situation now.

  • It's extraordinary how (at the time of the gulf war) it was repeatedly stated that this conflict was NOT ABOUT OIL. But 20 years later an academic can casually drop the fact that it was all about oil into a lecture.

  • Very interesting lecture. I’ve never heard of John Mearsheimer before this. Sounds like a wise man here. I wonder if he’d still be saying these same things now? I’d like to hear him now. He’s only 74 and I’m sure still with it enough for at least a discussion. Love to hear from him now.

  • I wasn't watching but listened with my headphones while working around the house. When I saw it was the article was published in 2015 I couldn't believe it. I had the feeling it was posted if not yesterday, then not more a month ago. This man is a genius! Period.

  • I so wish this man had more influence on the American government. This was very worth watching. He is an exceptionally talented lecturer.

  • If you review lectures by other eminents, one frequently encounters contradictions after a period of say 5 years. But this Professor is consistent in his remarks with regards to events unfolding. I find him to be relatively intellectually honest as well, a rare trait in these times.

  • Well thank you so much! This was amazing, something has not sat right with me when it came to the issue of Ukraine and I’m so glad I came across this video has really helped me to understand and confirm in my heart what I’ve been sensing and feeling this whole time.

  • Brilliant talk. Wonderful to hear someone not only speaking sense but doing it so clearly. Thank you.

  • Prophetic! Thank you so much for such a clear, informative and insightful talk. I learnt a lot from it.

  • An effortlessly brilliant exposition by the Dean of International Relations! Mr. Mearsheimer, whose 'Tragedy of Great Power Politics' and the 'Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy' are masterworks (and must-reads), is one of the splendidly provocative IR theorists at work, whose books force you to think hard.

  • 'Conventional wisdom' is the easiest way to obtain information and it surely misleads. One really needs to understand issues on a fundamental level before simply believing 'conventional wisdom' Great lecture Prof John J. Mearsheimer!

  • I do love his explanation of core strategic interests versus economic interests, and of the balance of resolve. As this guy says "we don't actually care that much about Ukraine, but the Russians really care".