Wonder Woman 1984 | Young Diana Takes on The Amazon Games | Warner Bros. Entertainment

Publicado el 30 mar 2021

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About Wonder Woman 1984:
From visionary director Patty Jenkins comes the second iteration of the Wonder Woman saga. Seventy years after the events of the first film, Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman has settled in America at the height of Reaganomics. One of the beacons of America's prosperity is billionaire Maxwell Lord, who claims he can fulfill man's deepest desires. While it seems to good to be true, his mysterious abilites do seem to resurrect Diana's lost love Steve Trevor from the dead. While Diana is thrilled to have Steve back in her life, will the price for his return be too high for Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman 1984 | Young Diana Takes on The Amazon Games | Warner Bros. Entertainment

Warner Bros. Entertainment


  • Learn More about the iconic legacy of Wonder Woman here: esmain.info/goal/v-deo/aHl2i5d3qLGUack

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  • Quelle co**erie ces films !!!

  • Poor girl

  • this was the story of little becca




  • Seriously this scene doesn't make any sense to the movie

  • Congratulations 👏

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  • What a place ....

  • Baparo murtu

  • Just one more withe woman

  • go Diana

  • What is the name of the movie please

  • You ladies are so Beautiful

  • 03:07 the colombian flag

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  • Keep your eyes in your goal 💕💕💕

  • I recognize the location. Canary Island, my motherland.

  • Am I the only one who thinks the speech at the end is utterly awful?

  • Styczeń nie ma co się stało i nie ma nic lepszego niż te które są dostępne

  • Looks so dumb

  • Cc

  • Very sweet

  • par bhai ham palase ye thdak chu ka ha

  • It's funny how trained, adult Amazon warriors with long legs can't even overrun her.

  • Moral of the story: when you are winning, don't look back 😉

  • So garbage.


  • I'm sure grabbing someone's staff or javelin is as much cheating as going a short cut.

  • See this part was amazing... the rest of the movie after this was trash

  • Haha. All those wonder women. Guess shes not so special.

  • Very nice moovie, the message is so beautiful and true. The Amazon women were so strong and hard.. The modern women sould take the example of not cheating and keep walking in the thruth.. the rest on the set of sinema.

  • let the women come. Welcome to the RED WEDDING lolsies

  • hahahahaha that was legit me as a kid oops

  • مغزى القصة : ان الدنيا ليست عادلة وأنه مهما جرى لا تلتفت للوراء الانه مهما كان مزالت هناك فرص

  • Amazing

  • Enquanto isso o jovem Bruce perde os pais assassinados

  • Moral : A single scene can't make a film blockbuster 😀😀😀

  • meringankan tubuh=seipi angin hilangkan angkara murka dan nafsu ...penyemangat kehidupan...

  • Moral Lesson: Be patient, the right time and place will come.

  • Messager per me?

  • yes young diana is a little queen 👸👑 and yes she runs faster than the other amazons and yes she did do better than the other contestants

  • yes young diana is a little queen 👸👑 and yes she runs faster than the other amazons and yes she did do better than the other contestants

  • Nosotros los hombre somos los amo y dioses de la tierra y las mujeres están aquí para servirnos y punto..

  • Odio estas película de súper mujeres héroes cosa que nunca ocurrió en la vida real ya que son débiles que ridícules de película...

  • 😅😅😅

  • If they had this in the Olympics, I'd watch it.

    • Agreed! I would watch this too...

  • I guess falling down and injuring yourself and having no choice but to take a short cut also means you a cheater too. Why did they even let a 8 year old perform with adults anyway? 😂

  • Un vrai bon gros navet que je vous déconseille vivement. En plus cette jolie actrice (c'est tout ce qu'elle a pour elle) joue excessivement mal. Film à ne pas voir.

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  • Diana is the first here was not first because of obstacles she is the one

  • yes young diana is super cute and a force of nature

  • yes young diana is super cute and a force of nature

  • yes if the amazons pushed young diana off then yes they would have gotten a mouthful just because she is a child and a little girl in this scene

  • yes if any of the amazons tried to push young diana out of the way then they would face antiope and hippolytas wrath

  • yes the horse is like where did you go diana and yes it is not such a big deal that young diana runs she can run and that is all that matters

  • yes young diana is the best runner in this world

  • yes young diana is the best runner in this world

  • No se hace trampa..... Tramposa.....!

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  • Pena que esta em inglês

  • Muito bom o filme,pois mostra as consequências das mentiras e dos desejos desenfreado dos seres humanos👍

  • This is just absurd.

  • Iba bien y terminó como el culo

  • وااااو جميل ♥♥♥

  • yes young diana is the best than the others and yes Wonder woman is the best Amazon

  • Wow Amazing Girl❤🔥💪

  • I suspct none of them is natty.

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  • One of my favorite scenes!❤️

  • nice wonder women. nice movie

  • Ultra shortcut

  • Al principio forma los colores de la bandera de colombia

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  • Why did her aunt interfere?

  • The lesson here is that taking a shortcut made her miss an important detail. That missing detail cost her the victory.

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  • Sexist movie

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  • It is very very weird and scary to see that there is not even a single man there. 😭


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  • هل من عربي مر من هنى !!✌️

  • yes diana is a beautiful name and yes Lilly aspell played the role better than some of the other little female actresses because no one else would have done a much better job at it except for her and that is the truth and yes she is a symbol of power

  • yes young diana is better than the other ones

  • yes young diana is better than the other ones

  • She had an obstacle and found a different solution for it, sadly got punished for being better than the other ones.

    • She skipped a marker. You can find cool new ways to get your goals but a requirement is you release all your markers.

  • That was cheating she just pushed a little girl out and they won that’s rude

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