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35:00Miss Monte-Cristo EP.59 | KBS WORLD TV 210513
28:09Be My Dream Family EP.28 | KBS WORLD TV 210513
48:23Dr. Evacuation EP.19 | KBS WORLD TV 210402


  • lia's ending fairy made me forgot abt my break up. she is too cute ajgsjshsks

  • Jake is so good for this comeback!!

  • renjun doesn’t have a mic what?! 0:58

  • ❤🧡💛😍😘🥰🤩💖💕💝💗💓💞😉👍👍👍

  • Best song

  • Perfeitos💞

  • na jaemin wheew 🥵

  • im sorry but *sunoo using a hand mic is-*

  • Joo Hyeonu is so cute

  • Just amazing!!

  • choa: "look how nervous i am" me: YeS i SaW iT gOrL

  • Renjunn gapapa sayang

  • Computer you same me

  • Precious gyu 💗

  • done watched and repeat all his performances .. will repeat again n again.. 😂 just hope he can win a few more trophies soon 😂..

  • Renjun u deserve all the love!!!

  • stray kids nct dream collab when

  • bravo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Lisa jacekt

  • The outfits though

  • What can we expected anything from them .. western countries where discriminating Asians .. and Koreans are the one who feel aahamed to tell foreigners that .. where they are from .. as a asian they forget the discrimination they faced. And did they actually forgot that we are global market.. after doing things like this would affect the demands of there products .. like what happened to china.

  • in my eyes, this performance looks like the Black Panther and the Tigress are trying to capture the whole stage with their charisma, charm, harmonious voices on stage, and they did it!

  • all about of them are not a joke. they just be perfection of idol group on this era.

  • Perfection

  • La primera vez que escuche esta canción lloré xd de la emoción y del talento que tienen, ya que creo que cantar en otro idioma no es fácil, los amo, We are one y EXO CB

  • I didn’t even notice renjun has no mic... Him performing on stage is more than enough 💕

  • Damn SM not even hiding the fact that their artist use AR Live all the time anymore lol

  • jisung looks perfect with purple+specs+earrings💜


  • Love this song! Wish they could do "My Doll" too! All the songs are amazing

  • if youre mad that they had palyback you REALLY dont know how kpop work.

  • Sé que Renjun se habrá sentido mal por esto:(( thank you Mark🥺💚



  • Hermosos

  • YEJIII😍🙌🏼💖

  • The way they treated BTS at 2015(RM, V) and this is really different!!!! Any one noticed the same?!

  • Yeji all kinds of swag

  • Come to Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷


  • Renjun you've done well we're proud of you

  • Yesung oppa is really sweet man. Someone misunderstand when they look at him because of his cold face, even myself long time ago haha. After that, I've ready known he is the gentleman, Korea's best man

  • God V jin jhope this was your era

  • Lipsing is not a sin. It is common on stage performances. Don't you think that your idol always sing in live. Nope nope. And for the mic, oh cmon people made mistakes sometimes. I believe there's a misscommunication between the staffs and renjun himself so he should perform without the microphone. I also proud of renjun for his profesinalism to sing until the end with his smile on his face and unbothered. And mark, thank you for your sensibility to save renjun on the stage. You guys really a pro. That's how pro singer do when there's problem on the stage. No need to worry renjun, dreamies. Just believe that nctzen trust you and proud of you all. Love you guys

  • The best member of nct dream is Jisung, Chenle, Jaemin, Haechan, Jeno, Renjun and Mark, that's right, they are all the best.

  • can't wait to see them perform live together again

  • Lucky girl, they cam meet yesung.. his voice somehow can makes my heart feel calm. 😍

  • jisung and glasses are deadly

  • 0:55 creo que me convertiré en una bad girl 🖤😎

  • What happened to our injun? Why doesn't he have a mic?

  • Every girl's crush! -that's right

  • Daehwi never disappoints the audiences

  • this is our vitamin D..ream <3


  • 런쥔아~ you did well ❤️

  • Binnie long hair ❤️

  • Amazing!!!!

  • bisa-bisa nya renjun ga bawa mic😭 sama aja kaya sunbae nya baekhyun waktu itu😩😭

  • GOLD ONEUS SUPREMACY I SHALL KNEEL idk i could watch them in this outfit this fast bcs im too devastated by them in the mv ಥ_ಥ

  • I'm a blink but I really love BTS especially jin❤️

  • Smiley baby Heesung😍😍 Noona melted by your smile💙


  • Nct was feel life

  • Renjun ♡ No sé qué habrá pasado, pero espero que sepas lo mucho que te amamos y cuan hermosa es tu voz. ¡Eres increíble!~~~~ Edit: Y muchas gracias Mark por prestarle tu micrófono~ Best leader~

  • dont worry renjun i will punch out all the bad and nonsense comments

  • Baekhyun Renjun

  • I came for jessie and RM...but The first part disturbed me a lot!!! How did they laugh at the unkind words of the mother about her daughter!!! Only one good point was set your timelimits... Every words other than that were shit!! Who knows how she is doing now!!

  • 2:31 is my favourite

  • Hahahaha the best Trio so far HAHAHAHA and the one of the funniest episode HAHAHAHA they really looked liked Brother's and sister's they look so cute 💓

  • you did it well renjun, and good job mark lee you can lead them perfectly. thanks for being my idol who give me a lot of happiness.

  • No noté el incidente del mic hasta el final, cuando note que Renjun no tenía mic. Tus fav son así de pro? Porque los míos sí. Todo se vio impecable.

  • haechan knows himself that he's freaking dangerous.

  • You did well, renjunie markie.. all of you guys!! Love u so much

  • Ahhhh I'm really happy there's Sayuri and Jen here 🤗😍😍 Jen is so cute and looks like Ben 😍😍😍

  • Congratulations itzy ❤️ and midzy we did it ❤️🍓

  • gakuat meleyot gua

  • Omg is that Haha? One of the commentators?

  • dang liaaaaa'a expressions for the whole song in this stage just ✨iconic✨ keep up the good job workkkk lia!

  • Wait a sec... did I just hear Jai Ho !? That’s pretty cool . I’m just curious who edited this thing now . Makes me pretty proud tho ngl ... even if it’s totally random .