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2:55The Bundesliga Boys - Powered by 442oons


  • hummels = most underrated defensive maestro of the decade


  • Welcome to Chelsea

  • 36:36

  • Haland: Brace in 10 mins Lewy: You still have a long way to go kid

  • Haaland welcome to Chelsea

  • Lewandowski and Paolo Guerrero, the best "9" in the world.

  • Gonna be really hard to beat Bayern when they are motivated for any team. Dortmund played well but Bayern is just an non stop attacking force. No 1 candidate for champions leauge victory once more.

  • Haaland: almost gets hat-trick lewandowski: and i took that personally

  • farmers legue all the best for bundesliga

  • Comeback

  • I can see Haaland and the world's best striker.....♥️💛♥️

  • Halland : ..👁👁👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Thanks robert

  • 10 goals to go

  • Again made all goal and assist son heung min

  • Dortmund vs Munich 2-0.. Just only Haaland... Wait...Dortmund vs Munich 2-4....it's joke...

  • Haaland's goals gave me free motivation - Lewangoaski

  • That borussia goalkeeper bro :/

  • Haalaandowski

  • What a man fi score goal...he's gonna break is own record😁

  • ??? Stop lewi or stop bayern???Everyone knows lewi just depends so much on the power of bayern:((,

  • dortmund's story of each season shown in one highlight.

    • So true

  • What a match lewandowski is an 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Two monsters

  • Bundesliga clubs need to buy defenders from the English premier league, these bundesliga defenders are joking. How can you give so much space?!! No wonder bundesliga attackers find it hard to shine in EPL

  • #Sabitzer

  • 31 Goals😈🤫

  • Legendowski.

  • Haaland : "I'm brace.." Lewan : "wkwkwkwk....."

  • Munchen memang mental juara

  • This is the kind of football me and my family like to watch together. High class non-stop attacking football with a lot of goals.

  • Haaland.. you need better Club.. 😁😁😁⭐⭐⭐.. Talking Bayern.. is Another Level with Champion Mentality.. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Haaland will do well at Liverpool

  • Yeeeaaayyyy no scores at the title!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • This was literally more interesting than Real Madrid vs Barcelona

  • Haaland scored twice Lewandowski *comes out from the front door with his wife. She fixes Lewa's tie. He kissed his wife in her forehead "Bye, Sunshine" he says, "Bye, Honey" she replies Lewa gets inside his car and goes to work

  • Dammit what are we gonne do with bayern in ucl as a madrid fan im terrified of bayern

  • haland bi lekk anjir tuh sih lewan nyetak hattrick😂

  • Haaland should have finished it

  • Brandt lounging around doing nothing was my favorite detail

  • Lewy vs Dortmund

  • Haaland hustled 100x harder than the Bayern defense on that second goal

  • A Borussia Dormund le hace falta un mejor portero, un lateral por izquierda otro central de garantías para hacerle más frente al Bayern

  • Sule, the linebaker , who doesnt play for NFL

  • I feel for haaland man he tries his best but still his team lets him down

  • Halaand is more than ready to go to a BIG club, this kid is no one hit wonder...already demonstrated that. He's not going to do nothing at Dortmund (and I'm sorry, no disrespect but its a fact).

  • lewy: you got me in the first 10 minutes

  • tall guys can play soccer too

  • Super Bayern 🤩❤😘😍🥰

  • Dortmount payah sekarang mah kaga kaya di jama klop

  • Straight to the point highlights. ❤️ it

  • Halaand es tan robot que se le intentaron barrer y el que se barrio fue el herido🤖

  • No love for Sane? And the rest of midfield?

  • halannn

  • Bundesliga highlights: Shinkansen mode

  • Well everything will be bayern at the end

  • Admin supports Bayern

  • Haaland c'est manghnifique joueur

  • Now i know why this to strikers were so hyped for this game haha

  • Lewansdowsky still the best..

  • Lewangoalksi is real 😘

  • The best channel on ESmain. #Adminho

  • Don't be too proud of yourselves Haaland!!!....you're nothing in these games

  • Nice job Bayern