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2:46FP3 Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
FP3 Highlights | 2021 French Grand PrixVistas 691 milHace un día
7:02F3 Race 1 Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
2:39FP2 Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
2:57FP1 Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
17:03Weekend Warm-Up! 2021 French Grand Prix
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3:275 Feel Good Moments At The French Grand Prix
5:05Grill The Grid 2021: Geography
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5:24F1 Hand Gesture Compilation!
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7:20The Key Role Of The Sim Driver In F1
The Key Role Of The Sim Driver In F1Vistas 474 milHace 7 días


  • 2019: everyone sh.ts on him, because of what williams and media were doing 2020: in barcelona testing he sets the time 1:16.9 that would put him on 6th place in Q3 of qualifying

  • he must have been watching aarava alot

  • Why is gasly up there

  • the 2 main factors for verstappen's faster lap are staightline speed and kerb usage [he exits the corner faster by using more kerb]

  • Mazepin and the Japanese lad a race to be the most embarrsment to f1 in history it's a tight race

  • What did Honda do to that engine? The car in the straights is faster than the Merc.

  • Music to my ears🤣🤣

  • V-TEC Kicks in yo!

  • Goooo max !!

  • “I think Erricson hit us”...

  • Japanese Friction

  • Hamilton be like: and if you no longer go for a gap that exists you are no longer a racing driver

  • Brundle voice, very recognizable

  • Red bull have been cheating! Heating their tyres to 150 in the blankets instead of 100

  • No rpms shown ... no km/h shown (to compare exact speed) ... no shifting gears used displayed... no G forces shown ... no throttle usage shown ... no brake-usage shown ... WHY?

  • Torpedo comeback.

  • VTEC kick in😂

  • Imagine 3 schumachers...

  • Victor Martins is a future F1 race winner, maybe even champion. Dude is on another level right now.

  • Verstappen prioritize corner exit, Hamilton prioritize corner entry.

  • As a Hamilton fan, I waited so many days to build up my courage and watch the highlights, etc. It's really disheartening. Congrats to Perez though. He deserved his win. Also pleased with Vettel: he's had a very difficult start if the season. I predict another disappointment this weekend. Oh well, that's life XD

  • Podium: Checo, Seb, Piere! *Everyone Likes it*

  • Buemi its an ******

  • The straightline speed of the Honda engine is incredible😮.

  • nice video game, nice streamer ^^

  • Ok the massive difference in the straights is really quite something. The Mercedes is blistering in the corners though but its not enough to make up for the straight line gap. The RB make the mercedes positively crawling its almost unreal to behold! ...i dont think theres going to be any serious fight tomorrow, the RB is just way too fast!

  • Best type of video

  • I just really hope these monstrous Honda power units are reliable enough to take the championship fight to the end of the season. All it would take is one DNF more than Mercedes to make all the difference.

  • No overpowered car, no fastest, greatest Sir Hamilton.

  • Apart from max, Pierre Gasly is the Mr. Saturday of 2021 season 🙌

  • How is no one at the press conference asking Hamilton the question: "WHAT ARE THOOOSE!?"

  • If Hamilton can win this championship he is for sure the GOAT

  • Stroll... ... 🤭 not able to get a time set in Q1...

  • I don’t what Lewis and Mercedes complaining about straight line speed of RB... Max leading points having too bad race baku DNF and earlier Max has to away to Lewis due track limits..if max had both those points he would been far away from Lewis..that I say Lewis is the luckiest F1 driver ever unlike bottas who so unlucky..

  • Love the visual representations on this video. More of these please!! Itd be very interesting to see these with teammates

  • 0:05 hahhah i can't no more

  • Look like Hamilton seems to have more down force

  • What kind of drama will happen?

  • why are some drivers wearing masks and others not?

  • Red Bull looks soo strong on the straights

  • who's still re watching this 9 months later

  • verstappen to win

  • Simply put: Hamilton is still the mastermind; RedBull has got crazy straight line acceleration

  • So the start, pitstop and Pirelli are the most important today.

  • People being all like "Honda engine faster" like no... That much difference on the straights are mostly from RedBull setting their car up properly for this circuit, hamilton was running higher downforce, hence why he was so much sliwer on the straights but caught a bit on turns. They should have gone with lower downforce like RedBull did.

  • I miss watching him and Ricciardo duke it out in the same car. Was really entertaining because they were both so great in those red bulls

  • When Max says he'd do a faster lap in Lewis's car, I actually think Lewis would do a faster lap in Max's car

  • Update on "most important thing forgotten" list of Lewis Blessed Hamilton after Baku: turning off the magic brake.

  • Redbull is so fast that's 🔥🔥

  • 6:00 Baku flashforwads

  • Easy to get pole when u have the fastest car 😂

  • redbull + v-tec = champion

  • yes boys come on

  • F2???

  • Amazing onbord ...great lap

  • Max is really matured now..His ready for the championship now..Winners mentality💪

  • Its amazing how has where competing in the top of the midfield, compared to now

  • 0:20 off track?

  • Qualifying is better than races. Also 2:12 "only 13th fastest for George Russell" that sounds weird.

  • Some guys don’t have masks on first time I’ve seen this in awhile . Maybe theses drivers are fully vaccinated??. Just something I noticed.

  • Love this graphic so informative 👍

  • Red bull slapping merc on the straights but in the corners and braking the merc has it all

  • Jakarta: Are u challenging me bro? The sunny day here could produce 44 degrees celcius

  • Lol at all the clowns who said that the RB isn't faster/the better car than the Merc.

    • shammy fanboy with one brain hemisphere

    • you're the only clown here

  • TELEMETRY!!!!! Please

  • Again, no TELEMETRY Why? Everyone want it, please do it! Please!

  • So... Hamilton was actually insane in the corners and overall drove better but Ver just had massive advantage on the straights, basically.

  • The live gap feature is so very cool! The Red Bull F1 car is much faster this year and especially through the corners.

  • The VTEC really kicked in on those straights

  • that new engine is a beast

  • OH DEER!

  • Team Redbull 💪🏾💪🏾

  • 2:57 Ocon

  • The year of HONDA ! Let's gooo