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2:30What F1 Feels Like... When It's Not Your Day
0:11Lando Norris Does A Shoey!
Lando Norris Does A Shoey!Vistas 216 milHace un día
48:15F1 LIVE: Italian GP Post-Race Show
F1 LIVE: Italian GP Post-Race ShowVistas 933 milHace un día
26:06F1 LIVE: Italian GP Build-Up
F1 LIVE: Italian GP Build-UpVistas 393 milHace un día
41:30F1 LIVE: Italian GP Post-Sprint Show
F1 LIVE: Italian GP Post-Sprint ShowVistas 383 milHace 8 días


  • I didn't know which race Daniel would win... I knew he would. Yes!!!

  • you can really tell that it's Hamilton just by the way he drives

  • This is a perfect opportunity for Max to take his engine penalty.

  • Max Verstapen un corredor con mucha soberbia y arrogancia. Casi suicida por sus maniobras. Muchos pilotos han respetado sus locuras apradrinadas por Marko, para no estar accidentados. Es hora de tomar medidas por parte de la FIA. Ademas es un maleducado.

  • Mariana becker

  • 0:50 Lando is talking about when it was bwoken

  • Weird, they didn't ask Master Mazespin

  • Life lessons.

  • maybe...

  • Dump DRS

  • 0:52 That was a mess

  • Kimi: "Eh"

  • 0:58 I miss that chicane

  • call hamilton hehe

  • The greatest of all time, KEEP FIGHTING MICHAEL, we know you never give up. Love from us all.

  • Pablo hits Ralph twice then tries to blame him 😄

  • Alonso is much more better driver than hamilton,....this is cleat...hope Alonso will have more competitive car in the future to put everyone on his site.

  • 100% Vettle fault.

  • Who’s here after the Monza win 🏆

  • no penalty for HAMILTON? for hitting the gas pedal while max is trying to get out of the car....? really?

  • EXCEPT - if you are kimi. "i spun", " ye of corse its nice to win the championship", " i crashed", "no".

  • Love Seb

  • Saludos 🤗🏁🏆🏎

  • Seb is a very kind person. Impossible to hate

  • Verstappen's under a lot of pressure and most likely this caused his dangerous errors.

  • Just imagine if Schumi was driving with fastest cars then as Hamilton now. He would have at least 10 titles. It is the brilliance of knowing how to beat fastet cars. That makes Schumi the best of all time.

  • 3:06 inhales

  • Ya está viejo, de ese niño maravilla solo queda el recuerdo.

  • "end racism" - F1 also became woke political sports organization ? What a disgrace

  • The design of the halo has actually grown on me a lot

  • Daniel make me go all out aahahahah❤


  • 3:41 this is golden

  • Adelaide 1986...what a tragedy!😭

  • Nico just did a Schumacher and Ascari with 7 wins in a row.

  • This is easily one of the best starts in f1 history

  • Bad host👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • pongan subtítulos no les entiendo ni la mitad

  • mutiple moments proofing hamilton has an anger problem.

  • Hulk really deserved at least a win. He is a great driver

  • This video has to be updated with the 2021 Monza Grand Prix

  • Would love to challenge vik after seeing this 🤣

  • Such a lovely guy! Hope his time at Williams is awesome.

  • Lances engineer: Chequered fla.. Lance: WOOOOO YEA BOY!

  • Great review of the massively spoken about situation. I believe this is one of the clearest exaltation I've seen. Tnx

  • Why does max always push people off the track

  • In the past, we know for sure, McLaren are always the most saltiest team we have ever seen, moreover when it is the era when Hamilton and Alonso were at the same team at McLaren, but look at them now, the most wholesome team between Daniel and Lando 🙏🥺😂🔥

  • What about Daniel, where each race until Italy was not his race

  • Toto is 50 this year🤯

  • now russel next here call lando

  • F1 wont be the same without Kimi 😔 Thanks for all the memories from your first race to your last

  • Should have keep that one for the friday 13 or air it seven days earlier.

  • Maybe there will be a part 2, hopefully

  • You don't need to be an F1 driver to know what it feels like to have a bad day

  • Monza race day was not the day for AT, HAM, and VER.

  • How fast are they going in tangle zone?

  • whats the point in the spare car if they cant use it?

  • “no shirtless pics”

  • Charles in Monaco 💔

  • Notice how there isn't a single footage of Kimi. 😆 He doesn't mind.

  • Max is the only driver who hasn’t learnt his lesson. Since he started Formula One he’s been annoying drivers. He’s the new Maldonado but looks like Mr Beans son. The FIA even changed rules because of how much he annoyed (dangerously crashberged into Kimi. His problem lies within himself. He’s believed the hype. People are putting him up their with a 7 time world champion. Maxine is the most over rated driver in F1. Crashtappen is his own weakness.

    • Overrated driver.... ? Are you a little but frustrated, when you posted your comment?

  • When it's not your day it means hammie hit you

  • How did he do that? I think we know, Benetton was running illegal electric aids making it much easier for schumacher to drive in the wet conditions. That's how he got his first championship.

  • the vid editor missed an opportunity when george said you have to keep your cool😂

  • Remarkable Stroll says someone crashes into you and it's Hamilton v Verstappen..F1 is so anti Hamilton beyond belief

  • *Sponsored by Netflix

  • Just forget about 2012 Brazil huh?

  • They didn't interview Mazespin due to the time limit of the video. Cant spend half an hour watching his unforced spinning.

  • Redbull driver was wrong period he drove like a fool

  • To pick someone of the lineup to go and have a chat with a bunch of kids, Ricciardo would have been the first one that comes to mind for me too.

  • Can't remember the track he was racing on but I remember him overtaking Mansel on slicks on the wet part of the track. That man was a Legend.

  • Poor crushed pineapple 🍍 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hopefull the williams is not build for Latifi like the Red bull car that seems 100% build after Verstappen.... it seems

  • Shame on Hamilton

  • Mazepin: « It’s just race week »

  • All of the kimi comments make me want to cry. You’ll be missed

  • Wasn't expecting this, but wowzers.