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6:23Honest Trailers | Jungle Cruise
Honest Trailers | Jungle CruiseVistas 529 milHace 16 horas
6:12Honest Trailers | Clueless
Honest Trailers | CluelessVistas 619 milHace 14 días
8:33Honest Trailers | Iron Fist
Honest Trailers | Iron FistVistas 1,1 MHace 21 un día
6:41Honest Trailers | F9: The Fast Saga
Honest Trailers | F9: The Fast SagaVistas 916 milHace 28 días
6:55Honest Trailers | The Suicide Squad
8:25Honest Trailers | Loki
Honest Trailers | LokiVistas 1,6 MHace un mes
5:57Honest Trailers | Black Widow
Honest Trailers | Black WidowVistas 2 MHace 2 meses
7:11Honest Trailers | Ted Lasso
Honest Trailers | Ted LassoVistas 804 milHace 2 meses
5:20Honest Trailers | Demon Slayer: Mugen Train
4:44Honest Trailers | Luca
Honest Trailers | LucaVistas 1,3 MHace 2 meses
4:41Honest Trailers | The Fast & The Furious
4:55Honest Trailers | Cruella
Honest Trailers | CruellaVistas 1,4 MHace 3 meses
5:24Honest Trailers | Invincible
Honest Trailers | InvincibleVistas 2,1 MHace 3 meses
5:28Honest Trailers | Army of the Dead
Honest Trailers | Army of the DeadVistas 1,2 MHace 3 meses
8:11Honest Trailers | The DCEU (400th Trailer)
5:47Honest Trailers | Mortal Kombat (2021)
8:16Honest Trailers | The Oscars (2021)
Honest Trailers | The Oscars (2021)Vistas 883 milHace 5 meses
6:07Honest Trailers | Godzilla vs. Kong
Honest Trailers | Godzilla vs. KongVistas 2,1 MHace 5 meses
5:28Honest Trailers | Raya & The Last Dragon
8:13Honest Trailers | WandaVision
Honest Trailers | WandaVisionVistas 2,1 MHace 6 meses
4:10Honest Trailers | Kung Fu Panda
Honest Trailers | Kung Fu PandaVistas 921 milHace 6 meses
4:22Honest Trailers | Coming to America
Honest Trailers | Coming to AmericaVistas 910 milHace 6 meses


  • I wonder, now that you already made trailers for Sherlock and Doctor Who, are you going to complete the Tumblr SuperWhoLock trifecta with a Supernatural trailer? You managed to go through all Doctor Who episodes, it will be so much easier to go through only (!) 15 seasons XD

  • Did anyone else also wait until the credits rolled to say "Bad Robot"! I remember doing that almost every episode when I watched it with my parents.

  • We want honest trailer for fear street trilogy ✨💥😈

  • I'm rewatching Lost... Just finished the first season and came here to decide whether I should keep watching or not... still can't decide..

  • wow, this looks like so many dad jokes.... not sure Brendan Freshier could have pulled it off.

  • Make Honest Trailers about The Orvill !!!

  • Taylor swiiiiiiiift HAHAHAAHHA

  • This is the worst movie in existence. There is No Way Illumination will do worse. Please tell me I haven't jinxed it.

  • do you think screen junkies will ever do a honest trailer for the office?

  • Could you make an honest trailer for Lucifer?

  • "Kong bows to no-one" Kong at the end of the movie Godzilla: So you ready to go for the next round? Kong: *Drops Axe* nah bro we good

  • I still love emily blunt

  • You should do the cornetto trilogy

  • This movie was so bad. I wanted to leave but I wasn't the one with the car keys.

  • It would have been far more enjoyable if Cole wasn't a fanfic OC created for the purpose of the audience understanding stuff, what was the writer thinking? they do realise that Mortal Kombat has been a franchise for 30 years and that if someone hasn't took an interest in it in that time they probably never will (I've played MK for roughly 20 years you'll find my opinions agreeable if your a fan)

  • Please say, "Pour milk on cereals!"

  • "Saveee Martha?" lamo

  • It is, kind of a movie about animals.

  • a movie nobody needed or wanted. Pure leftard propaganda

  • Starring: that guy from Fortnite

  • Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions are good movies. The second one is my favorite

  • No I can't "unsee" the wish wang... :(

  • Lebron. Your better then this!


  • You should do the insidious franchise or the Annabelle trilogy!

  • “Rhinestone” (1984) honest trailer

  • We need a trailer for sandlot and terrible 2nd sandlot

  • I love this movie lol

  • "Friday Nein Lights" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Yep. Tough at least the Rock is less insufferable to watch than Johnny Depp.

  • I've rewatch FF franchise after watching these honest trailers. Now I can't watch it without Laughing

  • I am Robin Roverdam

  • I am Robin Roverdam

  • Could you say: "Imagine... a disease so deadly the media has to report infection statistics, but not number of deaths because publishing death statistics would undermine the narrative stating how deadly the disease is...."

  • do you have how i met your mother ??

  • Amber: “I know you’re a superhero but I’ll still get mad at you for not spending time and paying attention to me even while you’re saving the world or my life.” At this point, she’s objectively overused and just badly written. Nothing to do with the diversity insert.

  • Turns out that Jame Gunn's name is found on the Jeffery Epstein list.

  • Do one for Rurouni Kenshin!!

  • Has nobody asked yet? Where the heck were Heart's soldiers during the opening scenes?

  • I still think it's better than the Sonic movie.

  • I kind of want Friday the 13th now...

  • This movie was way better than I was expecting

  • The sparks aren't random.

  • Honest trailers shang chi!!

  • Please say, "That's all I really wanna doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"

  • Pirate of the Caribbean should've made on HBO.

  • Making fun of the late Gloria Foster when she was playing a fantastic completely non-boring character... Seriously?

  • This video reminds me of my dad and I.

  • Onee-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

  • Make one on Free Guy.

  • 5:50 That high school drama teacher joke was the actual knock out of this whole video!

  • Then because successful movies become TV shows, we have *TOOKED* made in Canadia in the Provincial Province of Onterrible with Gummint Ontar -- Onterrible Trains. Will GO Transit _ever_ be the same?

  • Say what you will about this movie, but you have to admit that they absolutely nailed it with the songs.

  • I hope Bowser sounds like Jack Black’s imitation of Dwayne Johnson

  • Everything about this is great.

  • Say: Crikey, it's the rozzers!

  • 1:03 She was 18 at the time. Do you consider 15 year olds to be in their 'adult life' when the age of majority in Arendelle is 21? Anna spent 13 years away from her sister if you want to be accurate.

  • 0:50

  • Movie fights was truly amazing I can't believe it went away. I'm trying to bring my podcast to somewhere near this level.

  • More bad puns than the starring, mostly true. It can be brilliant puns at times, practically puntastic, a regular worldwide punomenon. Anyway great vid guys! Stay safe and punny!

  • I JUST got this damn song OUT of my head!!! Thanks guys......

  • Jb is awesome. 🤟

  • Sadly never forget Scientology

  • It really triggers you Stacey Dash is Conservative that you felt the need to highlight / throw shade on something so irrelevant. Screen Junkies is desperate for material I guess.

  • The Halle Berry 👍🤘

  • "That's an eel fact." Is Ze Frank helping with these now?

  • Exactly how many pearl necklaces did we see break in total?

  • Uhm, up to this point i'm wondering why did he needed that Russian mob boss from the 1st movie's permission to leave his assassin life behind when he got married. Also, i'm suspecting he's using aimbot.

  • Too hard to pick a favorite. A real solid episode was Life on the Fast Lane where Marge nearly has an affair with Jacques.

  • Hahahaha

  • Really hope Brendan Frazer is in the second one

  • Still waiting on a Free Guy trailer

  • Please do season 7-9

  • someone needs to tell Rock and Blunt that its ok to say no to some movies. Rock hasn’t made a good one yet. YET.

  • Im getting heavy Mad-Max Vibes from the Music

  • DO SANG-CHI!!!!!!!!

  • Please do Batman Beyond!!!

  • Where can i find the full vid?

  • 3:59