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Making videos about the craziness that is football down south. Videos by Robert Clay and Josh Snead.


2:30SEC Shorts - Texas wants out of the SEC
SEC Shorts - Texas wants out of the SECVistas 894 milHace 7 días
3:02SEC Shorts - SEC Teams go through Drivers Ed
2:28SEC Shorts - How Georgia fans deal with hope
3:57SEC Shorts - Top teams speed date the Playoff
2:18SEC Shorts - Teams get a medical check up


  • These never get old! 🤣

  • I adore SEC Shorts!!

  • Oh man! That was good! I love how SEC shorts keeps it real! War Eagle! ? !

  • This is 100% facts as a UGA fan I have experienced nothing but pain my entire life

  • I was expecting LSU and Texas [email protected] lol


  • Seems like all of the youtube links have nothing to do with the SEC shorts video or discussions of it

  • SEC 😂.

  • Gonna break ribs wearing seatbelt like that!

  • And the SEC is scared to play Iowa ask Missouri about the bowl game they pulled out of not Iowa.

  • Perfect….go ‘bama

  • Knoxville: "Peyton, you will forever be the greatest QB to wear Volunteer orange" Peyton: "Why does that sound weirdly like a threat?" Knoxville: "forever......"

  • Are u not teaching them to screw arkansas cmon man

  • Alabama should join the pac 10, troll tide

  • SEC refs are banned for life from entering PA...but their daughters are welcomed because they feel sorry for them...that was hilarious..a dark comedy..

  • sports. Looks over at professional soccer...<weeps>.

  • As a lifelong Gamecocks fan and student since 2018, this hits wayyy too close to home haha

  • We all know how USC won. Pete Carroll got the hell out of Dodge before the NCAA started sniffing around.

  • Tennessee was kicked out of the battalion because they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a BB gun

  • That was so mean! 😃

  • As a Bama fan. If there's anything to remember about 2019. It's him

  • You know what they say. There's always next year.

  • I've never understood why Oklahoma doesn't catch more flak for always rolling over in the semis

  • We are use to the disappointment. It's Georgia sports in general.

  • Placing the ball on the wrong 45 yard-line was pretty bad. 😳😁

  • You tried your best

  • Take you’re daughter,to how to become an incompetent official day.Just ask Mike Leach!!!!

  • I always say my season as a Georgia fan doesn't start until the 4th quarter of the sec championship game if we make it

  • Glad they had the good graces not to include Army and Navy.

  • Yeah I expected this when they announced we would be joining the SEC lol...but to be fair, it's warranted haha

  • All this talk about Auburn, did anybody even here about what happened in State and Memphis game!

    • Truth is more BRUTAL than fiction.

  • I had flashbacks on that fourth down. The refs gave Colorado a fifth down at Missouri. That wasn’t funny, they lost the game and I’m thinking Colorado split the National title that year.

  • Sad day. They got ole frosted tips over there doing bank commercials. SAD

  • Better if texas sunk

  • At end of season, B1G will own the 2021 Top 10 with Ohio State /PSU/Michigan/Michigan State /Wisconsin/Minnesota/Iowa... as usual in NORMAL seasons... Alabama only makes PlayOffs every other season... wasn't in 2019...

  • Poor Pac 12. I mean they have powerhouse teams they really try ok!

  • Where tf is the Mississippi State references we got hoed last weekend

  • They should have shown Coke and Jack Daniels showing up to Pepsi's house causing problems.

  • Just think if this crew did NFL

  • This whole Big 10 and Pac 12 introduction is aging very weirdly lol

  • Notre Dame should be next hahaha

  • That Sam pittman joke actually did turned out very well.

  • You forgot to add Appalachian State. Not only did Michigan let them win. They gave them 2 million dollars

  • Wow! Urkel’s now identifying as a white nerd!

  • I wonder how many Auburn games have had these bad officiating refs? I remember last year's Arkansas game where a fumble was ruled an incompletion backwards pass. . .

  • 0:44 the irony

  • Auburn is run by goobers.

  • Cadbury whispercats 😂😂

  • There is a serious point buried here though - as bad as officiating may be, piss-poor coaching lost those games in Happy Valley and Memphis. Play to the whistle. And don’t run a play where your best outcome is DPI. Simple, really.

  • Texas joining the sec huh THERE GONNA GET DESTROYED

  • I have to look this game up

  • Texas Gonna Texas…🤣

  • Why don't you come out from behind that tree and I'll show you what a real targeting headshot looks like.

  • The Dynasty is so not dead! RTR

  • That doo doo water, I’m thinkin Galveston.

  • what is the background music in the video? If more than one piece, I'm thinking of the one at the end. Totally classic video BTW

  • Not flagging Georgia players committing obvious hands to the face penalties is definitely a state of mind!

  • 2008 lord saban arrived? More like UF blew the doors off them 49-10 on their way to their second natty in 3 years

  • The 6 year old SEC shorts video with 9 comments (10 now)

  • You know what would make it even better with Nick Saban besides all of those championships. Beating Auburn and LSU every year

  • way to win over Tennessee is to do nothing but Holy Roller the ball?

  • Vandy should field an all girl team, that way when they lose, fans can say, 'big deal, you just beat a bunch of girls.

  • This is so accurate that I can't even laugh hahahaha nvm lol why would they allow own conference refs in a game like this? So sad. I would have expected a ref from a non involved conference. Like how it is done in soccer

  • Ohio State is very grateful for your efforts 🤣🤣🤣 savage

  • As a Georgia alumni who was a freshman in 1982 when we lost to Penn St in the Sugar Bowl to lose the Natty, I've been waiting ever since. I have to watch this SEC Short weekly to remind myself of who Hope really is like Pennywise in the gutter wanting to be my friend. Or as the late, great Larry Munson once said, "Lady Luck just slapped us in the face, kicked us in the stomach and rolled us in the gutter....." How will it end this year? 2021. (At least we beat So. Carolina!)

  • Poor Tennessee

  • So SEC shorts just talks shit about everyone except Bama?

  • 1:43 “People have made so many terrible calls…they won’t remember this one.”😕 Reminds me of the Saints vs Rams 2018 Playoff Game that cost the Saints the victory.🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Auburn is literally a trash team that’s only ranked to keep interest in an iron bowl because it makes the corrupt ncaa money. Sec as a whole has agreed that you screwed Arkansas last year. We don’t forget this stuff

  • Playoff committee: OSU has no right to be in the playoffs, they have not met the required number of g.....wait....what is this big bag of money? You know OSU really should be in the playoffs, they deserve it.

  • We only give targeting calls to Arkansas and we don’t give alabama any calls because they utilize the corrupt Ncaa headquarters being in alabama. We also give auburn wins to validate a false ranking like their notredame so we can create false interest in a beat down of an iron bowl

  • No No, he's got a point. Alabama should've hired Rich Rod.

  • Seriously a group of 5 team deserves a chance.

  • JT Daniels was injured and then got outshined by his backup. I'm not sure if that is a win or a loss for Georgia.

  • These are great

  • The committee should have put UCF in the playoff. I mean they did beat the team that beat Bama.

  • Love ?? love ?? ?? the video

  • SEC Shorts in itself is another reason the SEC is just better than the rest.

  • my top 10 BEST IN CONFERENCE rankings 1. Ala (SEC)2. Penn st (B1G) 3. Oregon (PAC12) 4.Cin (AAC) 5. OKL (BIG 12) 6. BC (ACC) 7. BYU (IND) 8.Coastal Car. (Sun belt) 9.SDS (MWC) 10. UTSA( C-USA)

  • 100 lol