Premier Boxing Champions

Premier Boxing Champions Premier Boxing Champions

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A night at the fights used to be something big. Boxing meant flashbulbs, floodlights, and excitement, hundreds of voices cheering two men in the squared circle at the center of it all. Yes, there was a time when boxing was really something to see.

And now, that time is here again.

Introduced January 14, 2015, Premier Boxing Champions is a boxing series that returns the sweet science to its rightful place atop the sports pantheon. Featuring today’s best and brightest stars in their toughest, most anticipated bouts, Premier Boxing Champions airs on Fox, FS1 and SHOWTIME.

PBC is taking boxing back to its roots. This is boxing, pure and simple, where what’s brought to the fight, mentally and physically, is what determines who goes home the winner, and who just goes home.

Get ready for the fights, people. This is boxing at its best.


3:41Inside Fury Wilder 3: Episode 1 | Part Six
1:33¡Feliz Día de la Independencia de México!
39:20Sanchez vs Dawejko Full Fight YT
Sanchez vs Dawejko Full Fight YTVistas 93 milHace 7 días


  • canelo is going to beat plant easily.

  • Terrell never be winner,,,

  • plant is overrated and fights against weak competition.

  • Wilder does all this shit on the bag and pads but then will just go into the ring and windmill right hands as soon as Fury starts putting hands on him

  • Trash and going to get Knocked tf out!!!!!

  • Malik Scott the ultimate yes man, terrified of telling Wilder the truth and losing his job 🤣🤣🤣Wilder is getting knocked out cold this time by Fury

  • canelo broke a cheekbone in his last fight. plant better be ready

  • You got a loser training a loser

  • Biden style public profile

  • They’re feeding Caleb to Canelo. Dude has talent but he’s not ready. Like what they did to Canelo Vs Mayweather. That’s boxing though

  • Just forget Pacquiao. Lest focus now on Canelo Alvarez

  • It doesn't really matter if Caleb Plant has his guard up or down. If he has his guard up, Canelo will deliver his destructive body shots, if Plant has his guard down, better for Canelo. Canelo will send him to sleep with either an overhand right or a left hook. But better yet, Canelo can make Plant bring his guard up or down to do what he wants to do to Plant.

  • I can see why fury took it with wilder instead of AJ. AJ would of went straight through fury in this fight

  • Should have been a rematch

  • I thought the title was `Plant vs Zombie` 🤦🏻‍

  • I've watch some fights of the two brothers,they have talent and potential to be !

  • This guy looks like an amateur compared to Canelo. It was target practice for Plant.

  • Great fight Caleb but with this you can win over canelo you have to do more...

  • Beast mode 👊🏻 I like that! Work on the body shots and try uppercut!

  • Whistling through the graveyard.

  • fury cant beat wilder without cheating-- no cheating this time around

  • Floyd dominated canelo caneo is always gonna be Floyd’s little bitch

  • What are those people about in the background lol.. "Thank you sir" When he jabs a bag...

  • It's a shame because if wilder wasn't so emotional and wasn't so baby like and actually listened to constructive criticism and willing to learn new things ages ago and let his ego go he would be an absolute beast of a HW champ but because he was so reliant on just landing one punch he got caught out because he didn't work on anything else the bully got bullied against fury

  • What's he gonna say if fury beats him again I believe he will disappear

  • What a set up:)

  • This is the hardest fight of canelo.

  • Canelo is HURT 😢


  • Seen it all before. His confidence is a facade. Coming off 2 loses, barely won a round. He is expired goods. Take your money and retire.

  • Ready to get knocked out ! In November??

  • Why is he learning the basics if Tyson Fury cheated last time? 🤔 All he has to do is make sure the gloves & water are checked and not wear a heavy suit then he should be good 😂

  • The first step to overcoming any problem is acceptance. When Wilder dismissed his Fury loss as "he cheated!!" my suspicions were confirmed. Wilder, like a crack fiend, is in denial and therefore has not addressed his problems. I can only see a repeat in the ring. Hopefully Wilder isn't too badly hurt.

  • One of my favorite fighters of all time. SO happy to see him recapture the title. Congrats my man. Much love to the Bay.

  • Let the man finish his answer before asking another question.

  • Broner didn't hurt Manny, because that would only make him angry. 😅

  • PBC do not sell out to Canelo! Do not let Plant get cheated by the judges!

  • This is embarrassing Malik Scott, you are a whole fam boy. Congratulating him on every punch!!!

  • All Rivera maporma lang at sobrang bagal, bugbog sarado KY Juarez, paano Kya nanalo?

  • What’s the cheater thing about? Metal in the gloves? Spiked water? lol 😂

  • Wow, Fury is going to eat him alive this time for real

  • You know someone is going down when Bayless eyes are wide like that.

  • The knockdown of Fury on the first fight is shockingly amazing and Wilder 2 knockdowns is obvious and he was bruise and battered as a fighter.

  • 1 of the best fights I have ever seen. If you have not watched the entire bout please go watch. Nothing but respect for both of these fighters!

  • I might say that Angeletti was kind of reckless in there. Like he wasn't worried about anything coming back his way, but Salido landed a few clean shots on him.

  • Broner is a bum now sad

  • 2:55 gimana sih ini jurinya orang berpelukan malah dilepas

  • Boxsiador mas maleta ese Caleb El canelo solo bulto busca Boxsiador desconosido

  • Garcia vibes off other fighters, so if u aggressive so will he, but if u stationary then he won't portray anything. My favorite Danny bout is the Thurman vs Garcia fight. My favorite full of action and power punches

  • sounders is way better than this dude look at him running scared in the las 3 rounds, and yall should check when he met benavidez my mans was talking all scared he a pussy boy

  • Canelo first round knockout ..

  • I'm no Fury fan but I hope he knocks Wilder out for being an excuse maker. Instead of manning up this clown blamed his costume, the gloves and then Mark Breland for his ko loss. That is a weak, weak move.