US Open Tennis Championships

US Open Tennis Championships US Open Tennis Championships

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0:09Crazy winner from OTHER side of the net! 👀
3:09Maria Sakkari | Top 10 Points | 2021 US Open
6:58Novak Djokovic | Top 10 Points | 2021 US Open
2:00Lloyd Harris | Top 5 Points | 2021 US Open
3:27Emma Raducanu | Top 10 Points | 2021 US Open


  • Come to our country, become anything you want :)

  • If you compare the players' parents in front of the camera, Leylah's parent is more aggressive and Emma's parent is calm and down to earth.

  • Emma put in her sweat and blood. When you are in complete devotion towards what you want and keep an unwavering focus, no one can deny you the success! It is waiting for you! 🎉🎊🙏

  • Terrible crowd

  • oNeDiMeNsIoNaL :D

  • One of the most exciting matches of the last USOpen, where Leylah demonstrated she is among the best young tennis player, including Emma, Bianca, Swiatek, Cauff, Kostyuk, Tauson, and few others. WTA Tennis will be fun to watch in the future with all these new players.


  • 🌹🌸🎁🤍👸👑💎🧚‍♀️💙🎾🏆🇬🇧🙏✨🎉🎊🎈💖💞💗♥️💯🥰

  • Literally the freshest and prettiest face in tennis now! She is intelligent, smart and knows how to speak and face the public. She should represent women's tennis, not that other one who has a sad and weird face, talks like a 7 year old, cries a lot and says she's mentally sick but shows up at hollywood parties looking like a clown! I think she will be the richest tennis player ever, if she continues to win....Congrats Emma!

    • @CyrgCeyjClhsCgnj are you a saint? LOL

    • What a mean thing to say about a fellow human being. Sad. 🙁

  • Leylah what a fighter that girl is, what a joy to watch. Love from Poland.

  • Leylah's matches are more exciting because she grinds those wins out and makes for more exciting moments. Emma just destroys and demoralizes her opponents they just give up and they can't wait for the match to be over. Leylah was the only one to fight back against Emma but her gas tank was already on empty.

  • I think some of these shots are up there with Federer’s genius, just that Medvedev makes them look super awkward 😅

  • I didn't see the match live (I'm not in the USA) but until I watched this, I didn't realise just how much the crowd were with Leylah and against Emma. That Emma put all that out of her mind and focussed on winning every point she could, as a qualifier on the biggest court in the world at her first final is (IMHO) remarkable

  • If you watch the speed and depth of the ball, significantly slower than today’s new power hitters. At least the mechanics are still evolving.

  • Sometimes when a question amuses her, her face slowly grows into a full smile, like the morning sun gradually rising over yonder hill to dispel the dispiriting darkness in the valley here below.

  • they both were using the same Head racquet

  • What happened to line judges? Has Skynet taken over already?

  • I love both Emma and Leylah and what they did...but when i watch Leylah i get soo emotional at her fight and perseverance..going 3 sets with these top quality players and winning them all!!!!

  • Why leylah complain when emma get medical time?? I don’t get it

  • It's so weird to see Novak getting out hit from the baseline. Also, weird to see him coming to the net so much too. Congratulations to Medvedev.

  • Were is the epic 53 shots rally?????? I can't believe you left it out of this video!

  • Bianca Andreescu and Leylah Fernandez on the Canada Fed Cup team??!! Don't know about you but I am looking forward to seeing that. 😀😀😀

  • 😃

  • 4:45

  • Kerber is an excellent defender but she's not a young girl anymore Fernandez made she run as never


  • Something wrong with the ball bounce 🤔

  • we want ALCARAZ vs TSITSIPAS !!!! match highlights...

    • I want the full game!!!!!!

  • Spoiler alert: Emma is a winna -

  • Too early to judge her. She was swinging freely as she had nothing to lose. Now she has something to lose..lets see how she performs in AO. Dont be shocked if she is not even going 2nd round of AO.

  • Djokovic is the best

  • The girl in the red t shirt is my new hero

  • I don't know why Stan does this but it's annoying: keeps looking up to the stadium video screen to see if he's on camera.

  • Angelique ❤❤❤

  • Shot after return should have been approach shot into volley

  • Love Watching EMMA Knowing She Won , Makes it Enjoyable 😉 Pure Class , Little Emma UK 🇬🇧💕💙

  • Sinner has Set point in 3rd set and somehow still not able to take 3rd set. Either way great performance sascha zverev!

  • Leylah would have won over a million more fans if she had just gracefully sat through Emma's injury time out without whining. To her credit, afterwards she admitted that she was wrong to complain, but sorry to say, by that time she kinda already lost me as a fan.

  • Emma Raducannu is the best.

    • Let see who handle the pressure in a better way. I believe Layla has right now less pressure. Just watch Emma playing with The Real Family and signing contracts with many sponsors. Let see.

    • why do you feel the need to constantly take something away from Leylah?

    • Well she show

    • no my boy

  • Easy DRAW for Medvedev....

  • 😳😳

  • 2000 US Open > 2001 US Open

  • Frk ! The first set Medvedev took control , Djokovic sank .

  • love to see Aryna losing....such no sportsmanship behavior, arrogant, rude, screamer

  • Rojer in noncence. Now

  • Is Lopez wearing Philip plein

  • Leylah is a little cute tennis 🎾 player with a positive attitude.

  • 13:21 Right on the line!

  • I think the main reason for Kerber’s loss was her weak 2nd serve. Fernandez took full advantage of it and attacked with sharp angle.

  • Roberta Vinci was 28yrs old when she did this, she had not aged well, need cosmetic surgery.

  • Pitta patta tennis. No intensity, just get it back into court. Boring compared to what we have seen at the US Open 2021 just now.

  • when you just have more money and you fired your coach to bring you to fame ? come on

  • 😃😃😃

  • what a match 👏👏👏❤

  • Someone get in touch with Webster and let them know the new definition of insanity.

  • Daniil beat all the odds in this tournament...the fans in the stadium so disrespectful when he was serving..but am glad he kept his cool and won his first grand's time to earn yours!

  • Russia : Serbia 1:0

  • Just wow!!! Leylah 👏👏👏♥️♥️♥️

  • 53:57

  • Shelby really needs to learn from emma

  • I hate biased highlights. How we jump all the way to 5-1 in the 4th set and have no indication how we got there😒

  • I love how Murray is the thumbnail when Tsitsipas won 😂

  • Two weeks on and I am still smiling. I hope this sensational young woman knows what joy she has given aged old gits like me.

  • She's very entertaining to watch. Hope she sticks around and stays competitive.

  • finally...

  • Sweet revenge by Emma 😍😍😍

  • Wow 🤩

  • Well done way to go Dylan

  • Sofia Kenin's serve is probably the cutest ever xD

  • 🤞🤞🤞🤞💜💜💜💜💜

  • Tennis won!

  • Dan should be winning more grandslams

  • cool .....

  • Emma is so composed, came to win. Leylah looks more young, came to play.

  • 1:54:17 Даша говорит "Можешь, можешь,можешь, давай". Умница, Даня. Конечно может. И дальше сможет!!!!

  • 6:47 El mejor punto, sin lugar a dudas

  • 再接再勵!更上一層樓!加油!

    • 支持支持 💪💪💪👍👍👍✔✔✔✔✔✔👏👏👏😊😊😊😊😊