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Avatar: The Way of Water, only in theaters December 16, 2022


1:00:04Spend an Hour Relaxing on Pandora
Spend an Hour Relaxing on PandoraVistas 64 milHace 10 horas
0:52Stream Avatar on Disney+
Stream Avatar on Disney+Vistas 86 milHace un mes
2:5712 Days of Christmas from Pandora
12 Days of Christmas from PandoraVistas 24 milHace 5 meses
0:53Becoming RDA
Becoming RDAVistas 18 milHace 5 meses
0:43Becoming Na'vi
Becoming Na'viVistas 64 milHace 8 meses
19:38The Sounds of Pandora
The Sounds of PandoraVistas 28 milHace 9 meses
28:12James Cameron's Avatar Q&A
James Cameron's Avatar Q&AVistas 399 milHace 9 meses
7:36Sam Worthington's Avatar Q&A
Sam Worthington's Avatar Q&AVistas 55 milHace 9 meses
21:31Producer Jon Landau's Avatar Q&A
Producer Jon Landau's Avatar Q&AVistas 16 milHace 10 meses
12:55Zoe Saldana's Avatar Q&A
Zoe Saldana's Avatar Q&AVistas 46 milHace 11 meses
7:21Reflections from the Cast and Crew | Episode 7
6:18Reflections from the Cast and Crew | Episode 6
6:25Reflections from the Cast and Crew | Episode 5
2:30Pandora - The World of AVATAR
Pandora - The World of AVATARVistas 55 milHace 6 años
4:09Avatar Featurette: Planet Pandora
Avatar Featurette: Planet PandoraVistas 966 milHace 9 años
1:04Avatar Featurette: DireHorse
Avatar Featurette: DireHorseVistas 108 milHace 9 años
4:18Avatar Featurette: James Cameron's Vision
1:10Avatar Featurette: Navi
Avatar Featurette: NaviVistas 72 milHace 9 años
1:08Avatar Featurette: AMP Suit
Avatar Featurette: AMP SuitVistas 55 milHace 9 años
1:07Avatar Featurette: Banshee
Avatar Featurette: BansheeVistas 27 milHace 9 años
3:36AVATAR - Official Launch Trailer (HD)
AVATAR - Official Launch Trailer (HD)Vistas 4,6 MHace 12 años
4:09Pandora Discovered
Pandora DiscoveredVistas 2,4 MHace 12 años
1:29Neytiri Interview
Neytiri InterviewVistas 1,7 MHace 12 años
8:40Avatar Featurette: Performance Capture
4:23Avatar Featurette: James Cameron's Vision
4:09Avatar Featurette: Planet Pandora
Avatar Featurette: Planet PandoraVistas 966 milHace 9 años
6:49James Cameron interview
James Cameron interviewVistas 870 milHace 12 años
28:12James Cameron's Avatar Q&A
James Cameron's Avatar Q&AVistas 399 milHace 9 meses
1:25Jake Sully Interview
Jake Sully InterviewVistas 341 milHace 12 años
3:28Avatar Story Featurette
Avatar Story FeaturetteVistas 227 milHace 12 años
1:28Selfridge Profile
Selfridge ProfileVistas 194 milHace 12 años
1:07AMP Suit Design
AMP Suit DesignVistas 176 milHace 12 años
1:15AVATAR iTunes Extras Special Edition
AVATAR iTunes Extras Special EditionVistas 173 milHace 10 años
9:56Daveyboyz interviews Avatar star Stephen Lang
1:50Grace Profile
Grace ProfileVistas 143 milHace 12 años
1:22Trudy Profile
Trudy ProfileVistas 134 milHace 12 años
1:05Avatar Featurette: Scorpion
Avatar Featurette: ScorpionVistas 134 milHace 9 años
1:29Quaritch Profile
Quaritch ProfileVistas 131 milHace 12 años
1:06Banshee Design
Banshee DesignVistas 118 milHace 12 años


  • It’s just an image with some added effects 🫡

  • Super maas I am waiting for movie I am big dream

  • You should have make it 360°

  • A handful of people will get this very essence of Pandora

  • Waiting ✋️ for Avatar 2!!💙 These types of movie are rare, so can't miss this masterpiece


  • Am waiting

  • I really liked this movie, I wish you guys could make a movie not about the avatars but with the Pandora's ecosystems, like the flora and fauna, the solar system of Pandora's location, or it can only be about the planet


  • This trailer legit brought tears to my eyes. Talk about a stunning combination of music and visuals. On a side note, I'm curious to what became of the Omaticaya clan. It seems that it's only Jake / Neytiri and their family that are traveling to these new lands.

    • I’d say they disbanded.

  • This is about to break the box office 😎

  • "This family" Dom: say no more

  • "This family......is our fortress" Jake Sully - 2022 Reference to that corporate guy that only real Avatar fans will get. 🔵🐒

  • became avatar adict .. watching this trailer.. again and again.. remembering the memory flavour of avatar many years ago..if it is a dream it should be like this movie, if it become real it should be like this, if it remains as a movie, a movie should be like this.. its really a PANDORA ..

  • The amount of times I’ve come back and rewatched this trailer 😩

  • I love avtaar

  • Hmmm previous version looks natural - here looks like computer graphics ( i know it is but here looks very artificiall )

    • Nah this looks more natural. Look up the 4K version and watch it like that in 2160p.

  • They should release uncut 4K edition of the original Avatar with all the deleted scenes also

  • Finally my waiting time is over. The whole world is waiting fir James cameran movie

  • Most pointless trailer I ve seen

    • Most pointless comment I’ve ever seen.

  • Beautiful

  • Bout time

  • The waters cool or whatever but can we talk about Quaritch and Wainfleet transcending death like total badasses?! Talk about sticking it to the people who killed you!! We'll just become smurfs! Checkmate!

    • Quaritch has so many great badass moments in the first film. Running out without a mask. Tapping out a fire on his shoulder like nothing. Dude is no joke.

  • So many fake trailers even this one still looks fake

  • 0:35 That slice was satisfying

  • I'm really hoping that all of the sci-fi lines up really well and that like Grace's reincarnated through awa and other awesome things like that.

  • I just can't wait for all the subnautica mods.

  • I have a feeling grace returns to her body after being with eywah. Or we get to see a bit into how the hive of the tree works. This movie could be so insane.

  • *The wait is almost over soon we will return to Pandora brothers and sisters*

  • It feels disturbing to be watching this trailer after so many fake ones