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Hey There!

The name's Lachlan, and welcome to my ESmain Channel!

Here I play a bunch of video games including Fortnite (Just kidding its pretty much Fortnite)

❱ Minecraft Account Username: Lachlan
❱ Pokemon Go Username: Lachlan485
❱ Fortnite Account name (PC): PWR Lachy
❱ Reddit Account: Lachlan_
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12:04The *RANDOM* Toona Fish Challenge!
The *RANDOM* Toona Fish Challenge!Vistas 1,3 MHace 7 días
8:40Welcome to Fortnite Season 8! (Chapter 2)
2:52Lachlan's Fortnite Season 7 Rewind (4K)
Lachlan's Fortnite Season 7 Rewind (4K)Vistas 656 milHace 7 días
16:44I Went UNDERCOVER in SypherPK’s Tournament!
11:00Using TikTok to Find my Fortnite Duo!
9:46Fortnite SUPERMAN Is Here!
Fortnite SUPERMAN Is Here!Vistas 795 milHace un mes
14:08The *RANDOM* Lachlan Skin Challenge!
11:41Revealing my Fortnite Skin Concept Art!
11:28Every Death = $100 to RANDOM Streamers!
Every Death = $100 to RANDOM Streamers!Vistas 569 milHace 2 meses
11:32Fortnite in 4K (Ultra HD)
Fortnite in 4K (Ultra HD)Vistas 988 milHace 2 meses
10:44*NEW* UNRELEASED Alien Gun in Fortnite!
*NEW* UNRELEASED Alien Gun in Fortnite!Vistas 602 milHace 2 meses
18:57The *RAREST* Skins in Fortnite!
The *RAREST* Skins in Fortnite!Vistas 1,6 MHace 2 meses
FORTNITE FISHING TYCOON!Vistas 497 milHace 2 meses
8:56THANOS is Back… Again!
THANOS is Back… Again!Vistas 1 MHace 3 meses
19:23I Got An *AFK* Player a Victory Royale!
13:20This Weapon is SUPER *RARE*!
This Weapon is SUPER *RARE*!Vistas 1,6 MHace 3 meses


  • It’s been 5 years....

  • That’s dangerous

  • Lachy I used your code when I bought banner bundle

  • 0:36 My main skin Fable is what I liked about this season ❤️🔥

  • That face during parkour with the trucks

  • The best season ever

  • Who came back for Lachlan’s reaction to orange justice?

  • yo lachy the mythic fish is back i was literally using it and i even have a clip if you dont believe me!

  • Lachlan “I beg that we never see the launch pads gone” Me in chapter 2 season 4 that’s not going to happen

  • there was no gray

  • Ngl 5:38 is my favourite face from him

  • Can I add you my name is zacko12543 and your videos are awesome

  • Lachy doesn’t win every fight?? 😂

  • I wonder if heavy snipers still one shot them, most likely

  • Brühl lazy lagoon was season 8 not 7

  • Tf is back

  • 9:50 no I’m cluless

  • Scenariooooooooo

  • Hi

  • Okay you can easily tell he was stream sniping

  • Gotham city is the best

  • י

  • נ

  • צ

  • מ

  • י

  • ח

  • Video starts at 1:09

  • Overstrand 4:58 exactly WhAt iS tHiS

  • 3:05. Amogus laugh

  • mummy

  • This was the good old days before the dream smp came.

  • Srry faze is better

  • 9:55

  • iT’S tHe GUy FrOm FOrtNiTe!

  • The music made it funnier when he missed the thunderpump also Lachy’s brother is the clutch

  • Lachy if you see this you should waste all of your gold to vote for the shockwave launcher or the rift to go just saying you don’t have to

  • I'm happy for you lachlan

  • Wonder if the Heavy Sniper can still one tap them 🤔

  • Lachlan is gonna flip when he realises that Dr slone stabbed us in the back in the event! 😂😂😂

  • But he still guy from fortnite

  • At least we still 5 out of 6 rip lachys minecraft career

  • 😔 wish we could back time to the good old days

  • It took me 1 hour to find this video

  • Btw there is redoploy with the carnage and the venom mythic

  • you are soooo annoying and I hope you stop uploading

  • Who is here after Sypher and Ali A won?

  • Been winning with the skybase already last season it’s really back

  • Little did he know it was SoaR Dylan all along…

  • lachy u can glider redeploy when u have venom or carnage mythic

  • The last editor was clean!

  • I love u Lachlan⚡

  • hi i am your fan

  • Yea

  • 🔥🔥

  • you forgot the grappler

  • Lachlan-"who take down the roof and doesn't open the chest? Me-" who open the chest and doesn't take the gun

  • Hope you had a great time at the uk lachy🙂❤️

  • Lachy: says to a guy: you have to die now Also Lachy: dies from the same guy Me: 😶

  • 16:29 lucky sassy 101010 scoreboard Me:that’s my birthday

  • The uttermost drill rapidly punish because latency ignificantly suspend of a ambitious rain. complex, sparkling shock

  • luchy i subscribe you if you say this it means use code lachy its a filipino word bobo ako lachy :)

  • Wow this was in my recommended

  • Oof oof

  • He would sell Shockwave bow for sure

  • Who is here in 2021 and this is on there recommend.

  • Memories.

  • -It's comedy is very interesting👌

  • I've been searching for a year and a half and I found it...

  • 9:44 lachy doesnt know who radius is then later gets him to join pwr

  • Can't belive Lachy predicted Superman in Fortnite

  • Lol I how at the Beginning he says skull trooper coming back confirmed then he actually returned

  • Welcome to Texas mate YEE YEE

  • I unsubscribed after dusty depot ngl

  • You missed grapple are in minis

  • OG Lachlan is way better who agrees?

  • 😎

  • Ttis was one of the worst battle pass that fortnite ever create

  • U should have got the iron man gauntlets they let u fly and they can long range.