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For 18 incredible, eventful and sometimes life-changing seasons, Ellen has been making audiences laugh all over the world with her signature brand of humor and her powerful message of kindness. There's nobody better at making you laugh and brightening your day. You never know what funny can do!


8:48tWitch Celebrates Juneteenth
tWitch Celebrates JuneteenthVistas 14 milHace un día
4:00Kalen Allen Surprised His Mom with a Tesla
5:51Do Offset's Kids Want to Become Rappers?
5:32David Harbour Loves Being a Stepdad
David Harbour Loves Being a StepdadVistas 19 milHace un día
5:49tWitch Meets Innovative Teen CEO
tWitch Meets Innovative Teen CEOVistas 10 milHace un día
8:24Heidi Klum Fails to Scare Ellen
Heidi Klum Fails to Scare EllenVistas 132 milHace un día
2:58tWitch Has Become an Uncool Parent
tWitch Has Become an Uncool ParentVistas 23 milHace un día
2:22Bryce Vine Performs 'Blame It on Me'
Bryce Vine Performs 'Blame It on Me'Vistas 20 milHace 8 días


  • You all are enough and beautiful and bring joy to millions. Live your best truth.

  • Such an important topic! Love Kalen!

  • So cute all he wanted was snacks

  • lisa kudrow wears two lamp shades on her head

  • "your character realises that SHES non binary" .........

  • If he just shaved his beard he looked so good

  • That was impeccable absolutely loved it I have never laughed so hard in a long time thank you to all of you

  • I like your sanpuku eyes

  • Who else came from tiktok

  • She is still gorgeous. 😍

  • Chris Pratt Secret spy ninjas vy qwaint Chad wild clay Melvin Regina Daniel gizmo 😃 clue 🗝️

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 so so dope

  • Man if i was in the audience, i would have shouted my undying love to Namjoon and how i simp for him 24/7 😭

  • Getting better than Jeff Dunham

  • Shes so talented, her acts on agt were funny and had a comedy element to them, plus she can sing while doing ventriloquism!

  • It's great he is doing so good.

  • No mention of Lord Cornbury, governor of New York colony? Or have we decided he was a straight cross dresser?

  • If you would've just Hodl Ellen .... He sent 3.455.000.000 xrp to your wallet which worth 4 million at the time 1 XRP now is worth 0,78$ So 3.455.000.000 *0,78= 2.694.900.000$ 💔

  • Twitch Everything You Said About Juneteenth was very powerful.

  • No one literally no one.... I was paying attention at 2:50 that did i misheard about RM answers while pointing towards jimin that.... "I think he has " Rm said that or Did I misheard 🥺🥺 plss pay attention and tell me guys

  • garbage

  • minh rât thich phim nây...coi hoai kg ngán

  • When no one cheered for Namjoon made me so sad and it broke my heart

  • Somebody get her some sunglasses!

  • jesse williams look like ahmed salah hosny

  • Does anyone see a Donald Trump in this boy? Give a like if you agree

  • It and stranger things jajaajaja

  • The Ellen Show should become the Twitch show or The Boss Show

  • When they started making the bird noises I lost it

  • I’m glad that you mum(Catherine)💕care about you,India to help you out the cult♥️♥️♥️

  • no wonder ellens channel mostly comments are disabled - not funny at all. Just Sia n Maddie is great.

  • Sana so cutee

  • "i'm open doors" i'm dead

  • Yes Queens of kpop

  • Dance machine MOMO

  • Omg Jihyo

  • Waaaa

  • Scripted

  • Wich one is sinig

  • “Almost all the time” 🤣

  • Ellen shut up... Am here for Heidi Klum

  • ellen: *squeak squeak* andy: tHERES ENOUGH GOING ON

  • Amazing!!!

  • two hypocrites

  • My first real crush was ✨Harry styles✨

  • Lizzo is incredible in this 🤣

  • 🥳 Soooo talented!

  • Set got him a pair of ghetto twins 😂❤️ But he an amazing father

  • Eooow

  • Wow - I'm deeply impressed! Thank you all so much!

  • I LOVE BRIE 😩😩😩

  • 3:47 Offset -Came a Long🔥

  • I was not expecting her to say “..and pray” 😍 She’s so sweet. Ughh.

  • Pero Don Antón mundo porque Así de rápido en mayo entregar hice ese mensaje pero perdón a todo el mundo

  • Así que buenas tardes a todo el mundo

  • ew ellen

  • Buenas tardes a todo el mundo me preguntaba porque no hice Esa primera pregunta ahí y Bueno buenas tardes a todo el mundo que está escribiendo acá

  • Se vieron mi mensaje si alguien por favor vio este mensaje por favor dígale a él que hizo el video que haga más vídeos porque quiero ver y también bueno

  • Soy Ana Paula si no me recuerdan Pues bueno

  • Buenas tardes

  • He is so scared until he sees that short guy and goes 'aw hi' first of all my reaction 😭😭😭😭😭😂 Second of all then he goes ' oh it you I like you' Like SISSS😭😭😂😂

  • They’re twins

  • Great video, great message, thanks for being so authenticly beautiful 😍 😘 Love the power and clarity. "Feel the moment and enjoy it all." "Every step of the journey is necessary... is worth it." Happy Juneteenth! 🥳😎💃

  • 35chestnut sreet

  • My address is 35chest but street

  • Andy is so childish 😀

  • Ellen tell Justin Bieber to surprise my daughter

  • So cute!!💙💙

  • Ellen looks a little different here

  • Maddox is the cutest!!! Happy Father’s Day!!!!

  • She has a stunning voice!

  • Realy so not good

  • I really hope they stay together ♥️

  • Yvonne is so funny! I love how she was comfortable to talk about Jesus and her faith. That inspire me so much🦋 She will be a great day show host.

  • Ay se ve como un stiker que feo

  • Love

  • Que dirian ellos si ben eso se ve bien que eso es mentira que feo

  • I was never all that impressed with her to begin with. Her puppet voices and her normal speaking voice sounds the same. I don't hear any differences at all in this video.