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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.


2:13Marvel's Wastelanders: Hawkeye | Teaser
Marvel's Wastelanders: Hawkeye | TeaserVistas 164 milHace un día
3:31Fly Away - Luna Snow | Marvel Future Fight
5:54A Healing Warrior | Make Me a Hero
A Healing Warrior | Make Me a HeroVistas 32 milHace 14 días


  • Yes Ororo Munroe /Storm ❤❤❤ She is the best fighter for me alongwith her evil brothers :Albert Wesker and RE8's Chris Redfield ....... She is married to her husband T'Challa /Black Panther (King of Wakanda ) , She is now Queen of Wakanda :Ororo Iqadi T'Challa :Her Married Name ) ....... I am so Incredibly proud of her right now 👏👏👏👏

  • My favourite 😀 song for now....

  • When you realize for 18 whole years Tobey still hasn't payed his rent

  • Please tell me we get a dancing zero Easter egg in that wolverine game

  • Good looking gods versus ugly gods

  • Jaden perfectly fits mil role.

  • Have I been sleeping and just woke up after many years? Don't get me wrong... I love that character, and Tom does a great job, but I thought Loki died. Didn't he?

  • Lady : Who are you ? Shang chi : I'm Bat...

  • Lot of "Marvel fans" watched Sam Raimi's Spiderman trilogy for the first time in 2021 only because of NWH trailer

  • The mainline movies and “What If…” scenarios made me feel bad for Hawkeye. Hope the man actually finds his peace this time. lol

  • she is indonesian, right?

  • Yippee ki Yay, Motherf...

  • Finished the first season highly recommend if your into the x men!!

  • Finally finally FINALLY!!!! I need to make a contortion bow and arrow routine before this comes out and FINALLY HE HAS THE HEARING AID!!!!!!

  • 1.25x speed makes the song so much better omg

  • Me watching the spider man no wayvhome trialer for the 100th time Doc ok says 'hello peter' Goosebumped me fpr the hundered th time😱😱😱😱😱

  • Wow im excited ! I’ll miss the original six though 😭😭

  • love this song so much

  • Is it available on Spotify

  • Thares hulk but right hulk wont came out in this movie

  • so this is what jung's been up to..

  • I wonder how flash took it when he found out Peter was Spider-Man

  • saya mencari komenan bahasa indonesia

  • Memories :(

  • Still the best

  • yeah i like the athers but still good work

  • 1:01

  • We can see the hulk in trailer 😂

  • Still my favorit trailer 🙌

  • Die hard?

  • *Seb 2 seconds after entering the room:* I’m already not liking this

  • this movie sucked

  • Is spiderman no way home in netflix??

  • I can already imagine what might happen if this character was in the Black Widow movie along with literally 1 thousand more Black widows

  • Look, I just came back and sealed Spider-Man Miles Morales, and the end was Mr. Oscorp took his son out of the device and forced the one who was supervising him, so he had black threads, so Oscorp made him come out and caused a problem, and the story continues only now

  • Obsessed

  • Indonesia so proud of you 🇮🇩


  • When is it gonna be on disney plus cause i cant wait to rewatch it

  • Are these people HIGH!!!! They are complete Idiots who wants to play a Marvel game that is card based???, I mean SERIOUSLY!!!?. They majorly screwed this up!! Big time, OMG!!! :(

  • 1:28 Yelena?

  • I can't even begin to explain how excited I am for this show. I just- ohmygod

  • If rock lee had a movie: This would be it

  • wow fun stuff!

  • 2:27 if we turn the video 0:25x we can see the black suit of spider man Tobey

  • Amazing ha ha.

  • Hello you, I'm really like your video...

  • queen behavior

  • Is Harry Wil be the venom's host?

  • Looks amazing

  • this is the best thing to binge over christmas! also three days after my bday😆😆😆

  • I'm so simping on that chubby girl with the red gown.

  • how much jing dong paid you?

  • Why'd you have to go.... Why'd you have to die. You're strong in the movies. But you're stronger in real life.

  • DAY 31 of watching this trailer until this movie drops in theaters

  • In the comics it was Spider-Man’s enemy the rhino instead of the juggernaut that went to Africa. Why they changed it I will never know.

  • Remember this guy use too be im stock photos

  • This was wonderful to see, though I have very mixed feelings about how much they clearly derived from Black Panther. Sure there are plenty of other elements that remind me of other stories, like Altered Carbon at the very least (like the scenes with his sister). But it's (at best) tacky to copy so much stuff from Black Panther (dragon scales like vibranium, Ta Lo like Wakanda) and then to try to drum up the exact same excitement about Black superheroes for an Asian one. The second thing is that Chinese culture and Chinese diaspora experiences can't necessarily stand for all Asians. Sorry, but I gotta be the Chinese downer for all my other Chinese friends who are hyped about this. We make "Asian" content that's all cringey jokes about disappointing your middle/upper-middle-class Chinese parents, meanwhile our Viet and Cambodian and Pinay friends got whole genocide survivors in their families that we just never mention. I loved Shang-Chi, I'm going to see it multiple times, but I ain't going to lie about what it is.

  • Wow… I literally felt nothing from this.

  • This game should’ve been made by insomniac


  • Ip Man will still win

  • This interviewer was probably the best out of all of them. He's so cool and did a great job. Not a single pointless question.

  • What if iron man vs wenwu please

  • Wait a where's Coronel Phillips????

  • Diba may bayad yan

  • Mamma mia

  • Hi. My name is Awkwafina. And I. Am. In the. Movie. Shang chi

  • Anyone who thinks this show is going to be good is deluded. It will be a lecture to the audience and further destroy the continuity of the MCU, all wrapped in mindless gags hoping you won't notice.

    • Say that to the comics run inspiration of this series. Lol

  • 0:47

  • thankyou marvel, very cool

  • This movie was sooooooooo funny

  • Hola ami tambien me gustan los funko pop ,tengo los siguientes: rescue ,hulkbuster ,war machine ,vulture ,iron man (i am iron man) ,spiderman superior octopus y spiderman normal y tambien doc with helmet de back to the future

  • So now I gotta start listening to podcasts to keep up with Marvel content😒

  • Not if I see you first

  • Iron man dies

  • Definitely better than the film

  • wait maybe black widow would be in the robot to save the world with the avengers

  • Man i dont wanna wait till 2023☹️

  • Not going into oculus. Is it?